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Eddie Lamb was a nurse at Radley Sanitarium until he suddenly quit and left Rosewood.

During his time at Radley, he befriended both Mona Vanderwaal and Spencer Hastings while they were patients. He had a protective nature when it came to his patients and had a known disliking for Wren Kingston.


Eddie was hired to work at Radley Sanitarium several years prior to "Pilot". His nurturing attitude helped many patients including Marion Cavanaugh, whose death he knew wasn't suicide. He knew that Darren Wilden had taken a bribe to write his report a specific way.

Despite knowing this vital information, Eddie stayed quiet and kept his head down so he could continue caring for his patients. For several years after Marion's death, he was Bethany Young's nurse until her murder.


Fiercely protective and loyal, Eddie was dedicated to his patients and abided by his ethical code when it came to talking about his patients. Despite his moral code, Eddie kept vital secrets regarding Wilden's less than ethical behavior and knew that Marion death wasn't a suicide - information he withheld from her son.

He seemed to form a bond with Spencer Hastings, and often played games with her or talked with her. She once called him sweet and kind. He also bonded with Mona Vanderwaal, whom he played board games with on multiple occasions.


Appearances (5/120)

Season 3 (2/24)

Season 4 (1/24)

Season 5 (2/25)


  • Eddie was the first nurse at Radley to help the Liars.
  • He worked at Radley during Marion Cavanaugh and Bethany Young's admittance.
  • Due to him knowing vital information regarding Marion, Bethany, and Wilden's bribe, it can be presumed that he knew about Charles DiLaurentis and later, Charlotte DiLaurentis.
  • He was the only character besides Charlotte and Jessica that knew the truth about Wilden and Marion.
  • He delivered the drawing to Ezra's apartment, later revealed in 'The silence of E. Lamb'