The Edwardian Ghost is the figure stalking Miranda Collins and Caleb Rivers. It's unknown whether what it's intentions are but she has been seen by Miranda Collins multiple times.

The ghost is portrayed by Corrina Roshea.


This highly possible that this ghost was once Rachael Willis who attended the original Caleb & Miranda wedding on June 21,1918 where she became one of fatal boat accident victims when their boat sank into the river. According to the Obituaries of the victims, her body was found on the shore half a mile away from the other victims. Due to the curse, she was trapped in Ravenswood until her and all of the other victims were freed from it by the present day Caleb Rivers and his friends.

Season One

The Edwardian Ghost was first seen in Pilot. It was only seen by Miranda at this time. First, it came behind her when she was reading, and when she and Caleb were getting ready to leave, it appeared in the window. The most significant time the Edwardian Ghost was seen, was when Miranda saw her on the road while in the car with Remy, Caleb, Olivia, and Luke. Miranda grabbed the wheel from Remy, swerving into a lake, and resulting in her death. The figure is seen once more on the bridge watching the car sink.

Physical Appearance

The Edwardian Ghost seems to be dressed in an Edwardian era clothing she also seems to be soaking possibly indicating that she drowned in the flood a hundred years ago.


The Edwardian Ghost seems to be very malevolent and dangerous as well as fixated on Miranda, Caleb, and their friends. She terrorized Miranda and at first for some reason only stalked Miranda.


Season 1 (2/10)


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