You look like my dolls.
Eliza to Hanna and Aria

Eliza is a minor character on the Pretty Little Liars television series on Freeform. She is portrayed by Macy Peele.


Eliza is an Amish farmer girl living with an old man named Elder Jacob, presumably her grandfather. She has met Charlotte DiLaurentis and Elliott Rollins before and witnessed their kiss. Charlotte gave her doll replicas of The Liars.

Season 7

The Talented Mr. Rollins

Eliza makes her debut appearance in this episode. She is first seen watching Aria and Hanna , who they notice, but continue walking. When they reach the barn, Hanna walks in a room to find the little girl, playing with a doll. Aria then follows her. She tells them that they look like the dolls that Charlotte gave them. Then, she shows them, saying that Alison is her favorite because she looks just like Charlotte. After that, Eliza tells them that Charlotte and Elliott used to come down to the farm a lot, and that they have kissed. Elder Jacob, a family relative, calls her and she has to hide the dolls so that he won't take them away. Shortly after, the father tells Aria and Hanna to leave.

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