Currently, Emily Fields owns an iPhone 6 Plus.

Motorola V3i

In the "Pilot", Emily, just like Spencer, Hanna and Aria, received a text from "A" on her black Motorola V3i. It is also seen in "The First Secret", when she receives a text from Ben.

Microsoft Kin Two

From Season 1A to 1B, Emily owned a Microsoft Kin Two.


Samsung Intercept

From Season 1B through Season 3A, Emily owned a pink Samsung Intercept.

iPhone 4S

From Season 3B and onwards, Emily has owned a black iPhone 4S in a purple case.

In "To Plea or Not to Plea", when Hanna was arrested, "A" hacked into Emily and Aria's phones and deleted all the A texts, so there wasn't proof to get Hanna out.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

From Season 6B and onwards, Emily has a black Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in a butterfly case. The phone was run over by a car in Episode 17 and was damaged.

iPhone 6 Plus

In Episode 6x18 and onwards, Emily is seen with a white and gold iPhone 6 Plus in a white case. In 7x04 and onwards, Emily is seen with her iPhone in a green flower case by LUOLNH.

Apple Watch

Emily Watch

Emily also has a stainless steel Apple Watch with a silver Milanese loop band which she uses to receive messages from A.D in 6x20 and 7x01.



Emily's Ringtone

Emily's Ringtone


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