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CeCe Drake, back from the dead.
Eric Kahn

Eric Kahn is Noel Kahn's older brother. He is portrayed by Robbie Amell


Eric is the older Kahn brother. He frequently throws parties at his cabin and his parents' house. He went to school with CeCe Drake and they have been romantically linked but from their behaviour in the episode "The Kahn Game," it was obviously not anything serious. He is a stereotypical bad boy with a narcisistic attitude. He is a bit of a ladies' man and enjoys playing Truth because he can listen to all of the scandalous thoughts of the person he's playing it with


The First Secret

He throws the annual Halloween party with his brother and invites everyone because that shows that he is a popular bad boy. He is only mentioned in this episode by Noel and never actually makes an appearance.

The Kahn Game

Eric appears on screen for the first time when he throws a wild party. His old 'friend' CeCe Drake invites Spencer and Aria to come along. He engages in a round of Truth with CeCe and later sneaks off to a closet with her to 'catch up.'

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