We swim around in this fishbowl like we're in control, but we're not. There's always been somebody watching. Manipulating. We're out of our league. All of us.
Mona to Caleb

Farewell, My Lovely
Season 7, Episode 19
Air Date June 20, 2017
Written by Joseph Dougherty
Directed by Joseph Dougherty
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Farewell, My Lovely is the nineteenth episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on June 20th, 2017.


Convinced they know who A.D. is, the Liars gear up for a confrontation. Spencer, Hanna, and Caleb team up to investigate and discover new information about Charlotte’s death. Meanwhile, Mary Drake returns with a gift for Spencer and Alison.[1]. It was the Lost Woods Resort.


  • The flashforward scene from "Game Over, Charles" was revealed to have been one of Emily's nightmares all along, in which she and the Liars were hiding from an undead Archer Dunhill.
  • Mary Drake is giving Spencer and Alison the Lost Woods Resort to do with as they wish.
  • Mona is revealed as Charlotte's Killer. Knowing that she had not changed despite her therapy, she confronted Charlotte at the the chruch's bell tower in an attempt to scare her. They engaged into a fight where Mona accidentally killed Charlotte in self-defense by pushing her against a sharp pipe.
  • Mary Drake turns herself in for Archer's murder in a way to protect Spencer and her friends and gets arrested. She also reveals to the police that she is Jessica's Killer, much to Alison's shock.
  • The Liars have now completed Liar's Lament and the game is now dead. Although, A.D. had also saved the game pieces and drove out of town.

Title and Background

  • The title was revealed by Joseph Dougherty on Instagram.[2]
  • The title could refer to a book of the same name published in 1940 by Raymond Chandler. The book is about a detective trying to find a murderer while beginning an affair with a married woman. In the end, the woman is exposed as someone else and commits suicide after murdering her ex.

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  • The table read for this episode occurred on September 28th, 2016.[3]
  • Filming began on September 29th, 2016[4] and wrapped on October 11th, 2016.[5]
  • This is the last episode of the show to be written by Joseph Dougherty. With 34 episodes, he has the highest number of writing credits than any other writer on the show. This also marks the fourth and final episode of the series to be directed by Joseph Dougherty. He made his directorial debut on the show with "Shadow Play".
  • The episode's official press release was made public on June 2nd, 2017.[1]
  • The intro in this episode features Alison doing the 'Shhh'.
  • This episode was watched by 0.83 million viewers during its original broadcast.

Featured Music

  • "Without You" by Harry Nilsson - (The Liars leave the game behind at the Lost Woods; Montage of the board game; A.D. drives off into the sun with a set of game pieces representing the girls)

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