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I have lied about a lot of things.
Ezra to Aria


Free Fall
Season 4, Episode 20
Air Date February 18, 2014
Written by Maya Goldsmith
Directed by Melanie Mayron
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Free Fall is the twentieth episode of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on February 18, 2014.


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Spencer wakes up confused realizing that she slept the whole night at school at Ezra' s desk. Ezra walks in and is surprised to see her there. He asks her if she spent the night at school and tries to confront her on her drug addiction but Spencer quickly gathers her belongings which includes Ali's journal and rushes out.

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Spencer then goes to the bathroom to change into her gym shorts ,flip flops and a sweatshirt. Hanna and Emily meet her in the bathroom where they comment on her clothing.


Spencer says that it was not the time to talk about her clothes since they had an "emergency situation." Spencer think it's time they told Aria about Ezra being -A but Emily and Hannah think they should wait.

Emily asks her if that's the reason Spencer called her at 4 a.m. but Spencer does not seem to remember any of it.  Spencer tells them that they need to tell Aria about Ezra sooner than they had planned to because it is dangerous to wait any longer. But Emily and Hanna shove her off by saying that now is not a good time to do so and that they should wait until after school.

Later Ezra tells Aria that Spencer has a medical problem and she's taking drugs. Aria tells the girls

The girls confront Spencer.

and they confront Spencer about it. Spencer admits to taking drugs but says she's not crazy. The confrontation gets heated and to protect herself, Spencer reveals to Aria that Ezra is A. But Aria does not believe her because of her addiction. Even Hanna and Emily start to doubt Spencer, thinking her theories about Ezra are fake.

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Aria is at Ezra's Apartment where Aria is telling him about Spencer's crazy behavior when the liars confronted her on her drug addiction. Ezra wants to tell her parents but Aria is convinced that Spencer is strong enough to get herself out of her situation. Ezra accidentally let slips that Spencer broke down and got sent to Radley after she saw Toby' s helmet and Tattoo on a dead body. Aria asks him how he knew that considering it wasn't on the police report, Ezra claims that Aria must have told him, she reluctantly agrees but still seems uncertain.

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Aria goes to investigate Ezra's cabin in the woods. She pulls up the trapdoor and goes down to find what used to Ezra's liar empty. She then opens a book and finds a draft of a book that  Ezra is writing about Alison. She is still reading the draft ,when she hears Ezra's car pull up outside, Aria grabs the draft and escapes out the window but she forgets her keys. Ezra finds the keys and know its her.

Aria then realizes she doesn't have them so she decides to run to the woods. Ezra runs after her but doesn't

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find her. She then runs to the William Tell Lodge Ski Lift and Ezra gets on just as it starts moving. He explains that he was dating Alison during his college years and he started  writing a book on her after she "died". He wanted to be a great writer and to write a really good true mystery novel about Ali. He knew the girls before they knew him and he had originally dated Aria for research. He stopped writing the book when they got serious. After they broke up in season 4, he started his research back up again and that's how he knew Alison was still alive. Aria begins crying and he says that he's never lied about the way he feels about her. He offers to burn the papers and she says she wants to read it all to see what was worth destroying everything they had for. Ezra tries to take the papers from her but they fall to the ground below.

Meanwhile Spencer, Hanna and Emily are trying to prove Ezra's A. Emily was pretending to talk on the phone in front of Ezra at the Brew about going there to give Ali money that Shana was supposed to give her at Ambrose Pavillion, so Ezra would hear and show up at the zoo.

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Emily and Hanna arrive at the zoo to find that Ambrose Pavillion was a place where reptiles were kept. Hanna comments that only Ali would find it sexy to make out in a place filled with snakes . Hannah and Emily go in even though Hannah is afraid of snakes. The girls place the coffee bag  which is supposed to filled with  5,000 dollars but really isn't at the drop off location. It's not long before a tall blond woman shows up who they think is Spencer in her disguise.

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But they realize that it's not Spencer when the real Spencer in a blond wig shows up. The liars chase after the mysterious blond but she manages to escape,just before everything in the reptile room starts to short circuit. Before leaving, Emily notices the coffee bag with the money and picks it up.

When Spencer gets home Toby's there and he gives her a necklace which has a scrabble tile with a S on it (a reference to the time they played scrabble together shortly before their first kiss in A Person Of Interest.) He said "it was supposed to come with a dinner" but she bailed on him. He knows she's been taking drugs, because Spencer's parents had told him out of concern for their daughter. Mrs Hasting found out earlier after a call from her doctor about a drug subsription that Spencer had tried to organise for herself in her mother's name.

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Aria arrives home to find Mona and Mike on a date. Mona asks Aria if everything is okay or not but she goes straight to her room without replying. Mona then looks guilty or possibly sorry. Aria is then shown to be lying on her bed, crying. After noticing a poetry book she was given to by Ezra, she picks it up and throws it with huge force.

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In the final shot, A is seen picking up the fallen pages of Ezra's book that had fallen to the ground earlier.


  • Spencer will look her worst in this episode.
  • Veronica will have a "good" scene with Spencer.
  • Hanna and Emily will have a scene together.
  • Mike will have a really "sweet " scene.
  • Lucy posted a video of Ian taking care of her on set when she was sick and in the background there was a ski lift. There will be an intense scene between Aria and Ezra on it.
  • Mike will have a scene with Mona. 
  • There will be a scene at a zoo
  • Ezra and Aria will have an epic and emotional showdown
  • Spencer wears a blond wig to distract 'A'


Lily Lane: Nothing But Trouble (Spencer looking at her new necklace)

Title and Background

  • The episode title most likely refers to Aria finding out about Ezra's betrayal and the beginning of her decline.
  • It could also refer to Spencer's growing addiction to drugs and how it's affecting her.

Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • The table read was on September 17, 2013.
  • Filming began on September 18, 2013 and ended on September 25, 2013.
  • The entire script to this episode was leaked before the episode aired.


Spencer: Ezra tried to kill Ali. He's freaking "A" !

Aria (to Ezra): I don't even know who you are!

Mona (to Ezra): Look, I can't do this anymore...

Hanna: Em I can't. I'm sorry. Just looking at the sign gives me hebbie-jeebies.

Hanna: Only Ali would think it's sexy to make out infornt of a bunch of reptiles.


  • When Ezra arrives at the cabin, it is daytime. However, as Aria escapes the cabin into the woods, it is night.


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