Game over.

Game Over, Charles
Season 6, Episode 10
Air Date August 11, 2015
Written by I. Marlene King
Directed by I. Marlene King
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Game Over, Charles is the tenth episode of Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. The episode marks the summer finale and the end of 6A. It aired August 11th, 2015.



Alison and The Liars are running through the halls of Radley Sanitarium towards the roof. They look around before spotting Charles, who is about to jump, standing on the roof. Ali begs, “Please don’t do this”, as police cars pull onto the street in front of Radley. Ali says she’ll do whatever it takes to help them and Spencer says that the game isn’t over just because they know who Charles is. Two police officers draw their guns and aim at the suspect, but Barry tells them not to as they have civilians up there. Emily begs, “Please don’t do this to your sister”, and Aria says “You spent your whole life trying to get back to your family. It’s not too late”. Hanna says that the person has been such a bitch to them, but they heard Charles’ story and they understand. Charles raises their arms and the girls scream “NO!”.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 031

Earlier that night, we see the girls at prom and Hanna calling the DiLaurentis house. We see the DiLaurentis’ living room and hear “open the door!”. Hanna informs the other girls that no one is home, causing Emily to suggest that Ali could be on the roof. Spencer says that they promised Toby they would stay where they were until Toby escorted them out. Sara walks over to them and says that the guys are talking to Clark and Tanner, who has questions for all of them. Emily says that they can’t just wait around; they have to look for Alison. Aria says that they have to believe that Charles won’t hurt Ali; however, Emily says that she believes Charles would hurt anyone who got in their way especially since he drove a car through her house. Aria hears someone walking behind them and says that they aren’t alone. The girls, along with Sara, follow the person wearing the costume and discover it is Mona. She says that she’s been following Alison since yesterday morning and lost her when they jumped the cop (Clark). Aria says “you knew he was a cop?”, causing Mona to say “Aria, you may have thought he was always happy to see you, but I could never get past the bulge in his pants”. Mona tells the girls that Ali has been getting texts from Charles and says that Charles has his own cellular network and the servers are located at the Carassimi Group, causing Emily to say that Rhys is Charles and she goes to leave. Sara says she’ll call Tanner and the girls follow Emily. We see Charles dragging Jason’s body.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 065

Alison wakes up in a room in Radley and sees a bunch of pictures of her family on the wall.  She realizes that she’s trapped in the room after seeing metal bars.  As she looks outside the room, she sees her father seemingly dead and cries “Oh my god, Dad?! No!”.  She also sees Jason and is devastated.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 082

We then see the outside of the Carassimi building and there is a man wearing a utility suit moving bags into a van, and Hanna asks Spencer: “You don’t think that’s Ali’s body chopped into pieces, do you?” and asks if that wasn’t what they were all thinking. Aria says “here comes the cavalry” and the girls quickly walk into the building.  The girls find a security pad and try to crack the code to enter the room, but wonder how they can outsmart A. Mona suggests they try Mrs. D’s birthday (December 18th), but that doesn’t work and leaves Spencer confused as to how Mona knows and Spencer tells her she’s a self-taught eideticer. Sara stays silent and Emily asks what’s wrong; Sara tells her that five days after he brought her to the bunker, he gave her a red white and blue cupcake but it wasn’t the 4th of July and a cupcake every September 7th. Spencer inputs that day and it gives them access, opening the door. The Liars and Mona enter the room, discovering it to look empty. The panel on the wall then opens, leading them into a futuristic style room. Emily sees that Sara hasn’t come into the room and Sara says she’s going to wait outside because it’s a little tight in there. The wall panel then shuts, leaving the girls trapped (minus Sara) trapped in. A hologram of the room Ali is in appears and the girls see Alison looking devastated. Alison asks “why would you kill them?”, and the girls then get a glimpse of Kenneth and Jason through the live feed on the hologram; they’re shocked. Alison then says “We’re family!” and the girls realize she is alone with Charles. We then see Charles turn around and say “Don’t be so dramatic, Ali” and it’s revealed to be CeCe Drake, and the girls gasp. CeCe informs Ali that they’re not dead and cryptically says “yet”.  

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 121
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 114

Ali asks how CeCe could do this to her, after she risked everything to help her. CeCe says that Ali gave her a passport and a plane ticket, which she hardly calls everything. Ali says that’s all she had, causing CeCe to say that if she keeps making everything about her, it’s going to be a long night and they don’t have much time. Aria asks the girls what CeCe is planning and the latter looks right into the camera at the girls and sings “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister”. Spencer asks if CeCe thinks that they came between her and Ali and if that’s what all of this has been about. Aria asks “shouldn’t the cops be here by now?” and Mona tells her they’re not coming because Sara never made the call. CeCe tells Ali that they never understood how much she loved her and that, from the moment Ali was brought home, CeCe never left her side. She says that Ali was her living doll and that when her doll was sad, it made her sad.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 131
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 138

We get a flashback of Charles with Alison, who was a baby, and she was crying. Charles walks over to the window and knocks on it trying to get Jessica’s attention, but she was talking to a neighbor, so she didn’t hear him. Charles, wanting to make his sister feel better, decides to run a bath for her and places her in there. Kenneth walks in and assumes that Charles was trying to drown Ali, and yells at him “What’s wrong with you?”. In another flashback, we see Kenneth and Jessica dropping Charles off at Radley. Jessica tells Charles that she loves him and that she always will, and he says “I love you more, Mommy”. Kenneth walks out without saying anything and he and his wife leave Charles there, without looking back although Jessica is more upset. As Charles watches his parents leave, teddy bear in hand, Kenneth tells Jessica that it wasn’t the first time and they’re doing the right thing.  

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 154

Back in the present time, CeCe tells Ali that she never meant to hurt her but that’s all that Kenneth needed to get rid of her. CeCe tells Ali that she’s sure he knew it was an accident. Ali is confused and CeCe tells her that, for as long as she could remember, she asked her mom to get her dresses but Kenneth wouldn’t let her so she played dress up in Jessica’s closet. CeCe tells her “Dad found out” and that Jason and Kenneth can hear, but they can’t move. CeCe venomously says that Kenneth never visited her, not even once, and then jokes “Thank god neither of us inherited the “bastard’s beady eyes”.  Mona then tells the girls that that’s what CeCe did to her: “My brain kept telling me to scream, but my body couldn’t move. Jason and Mr. D are living a nightmare they can’t wake up from”. Spencer whispers “Jason” and sounds close to tears at seeing her brother like that. Aria and the other girls agree that they feel bad for Jason but they could never feel bad for Mr. D.  

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Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 175

CeCe tells Ali that Jessica visited her as often as she could and their Aunt Carol visited a couple times, but for the next seven years she was at Radley, she was almost completely alone. Ali says how awful that must have been, causing CeCe to rhetorically say “You think?”. When Charles turned twelve, Jessica bought him a yellow dress for Christmas and that she would buy a duplicate outfit for Charles any time she bought Alison something.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 177

In a flashback, we see Charles standing on the top of the Radley roof wearing the dress and a scarf with a girl next to him. She tells him that he’s “beautiful, absolutely stunning” and the girl is revealed to be Bethany. Charles says that he wishes they could find a way out, but Bethany says that that was easy: the hardest part would be to stay gone. Charles tells her that Jessica says “Nothing’s more believable than a really good lie. We just need to come up with a great story – something fabulous and devastating at the same time. We hear a door open and see Marion Cavanaugh walk onto the roof. Charles, afraid that Marion will see him wearing the dress, pleads for Bethany to help him and she says she will. Charles hides behind a generator and Bethany walks over to Marion before pushing her off the roof. Charles, terrified, asks Bethany “What did you do?” and she turns on him saying “What did I do?  YOU pushed her. Freak!”.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 198
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 215

Back in the present, Ali wants to clarify if Bethany blamed Charles for Marion’s death and CeCe says that no one would believe the boy in the dress, not even Jessica. She paid off Wilden to make sure that Marion’s death was ruled a suicide. The girls are upset with the news and Hanna says that Mrs. D sacrificed Toby for Charles and Aria says “Now we know who taught A how to treat people like dolls”. CeCe tells Ali that Charles was diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder, then starts laughing causing Ali to ask why that’s funny. CeCe says that it was an accurate diagnosis … for Bethany. For the next couple years, they doped her up on tranquilizers until she almost drowned in her own drool and Ali tells her how sorry she is. Hanna is shocked that Ali would apologize, even asking if she forgot all A has put them through. CeCe then tells Ali that the doctors, who she referred to as “quacks”, felt bad for almost killing him so they let him out for a funeral and reveals that Charles died. After they buried Charles, Jessica accepted CeCe as her daughter. CeCe thought she’d get to go home, but she was taken back to Radley as Charlotte. The motion sensor goes off and we see someone wearing a red coat walking through the west wing, confusing the girls as they thought CeCe and Ali were the only two Red Coats. Spencer quickly realizes that that’s why CeCe is telling her story: because that’s how she’s going to end it, by blowing up Radley.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 229
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 243

CeCe tells Ali that she couldn’t trust anyone after Bethany and we see a flashback of Charlotte in Radley. Charlotte found a way to escape Radley without ever leaving: math. Jessica visits Charlotte in Radley, giving her a hug, and the news that the Board has granted her permission to attend classes at UPenn. CeCe is speechless, but Jessica tells her that [Charlotte] did it and that she is very proud of her. CeCe tells Ali that she thought going to school would be fun, but she knew most of what they were teaching. She tells Ali that, one day when school was cancelled (because she called in a bomb threat), she showed up at Rosewood High where she found Jason taking a yearbook picture. She asked “Would it kill you to smile?” and he says “What’s it to you?”. Charlotte says “rude, much?” and he looks over at her and quickly apologizes. He asks if they can start over and introduces himself, before asking if she goes to school there and she says she doesn’t but she bets she’ll be the prettiest girl in the yearbook. When Jason says that she didn’t tell him her name, she introduces herself as CeCe Drake.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 251
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 256

In present time, CeCe tells Ali that she knows what she’s going to say: “It’s screwed up that I dated my brother”. Ali asks “Did you guys-”, but before she can finish, CeCe says “Okay, that’s just sick, Ali! Like I said, it’s my brother. Why do you think he was so mad all the time?  He was so frustrated. Who could blame him? I mean, look at me”. Alison looks disgusted and says she can’t believe their mom was okay with it, but CeCe tells her that she didn’t know that CeCe was Charlotte until the day they left for Cape May. In the flashback, Jessica asks CeCe “How could you risk everything that you worked so hard for?” and then says “So all of this time, you’ve been pretending to go to school while you were running around Rosewood with my children”, causing a hurt CeCe to say “I’m your child too. I just wanted to be with my family”. Jessica tells her that Jason asked Kenneth if he could bring his girlfriend and CeCe asks what would happen if Kenneth found out who she was. When Jessica doesn’t answer, CeCe asks again and Jessica tells her that he thinks Charles is dead. CeCe, hurt, asks “You told him that grave was real?” and when Jessica nods, says “All this time, I thought you did that for me but you that for you. You did that to protect you”. Jessica said she lied to Kenneth so CeCe could be her. Mr. D’s car pulls up and Jason introduces CeCe to Jessica. Kenneth introduces himself and CeCe says it’s so nice to meet him. CeCe says that she’ll just get out of his hair, since they’re getting ready to leave and Kenneth says that he thought she was joining them. Ali is ecstatic, saying it’ll be the best summer ever.

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 282

In present time, CeCe says she knows Ali went through a lot that summer but they had a lot of fun too. Ali tells her that any time she looks at something that happened, she has to look at it differently now and Ali asks why she didn’t just tell her the truth. CeCe said she was going to but Bethany ruined everything: she found out about Jessica’s affair with her father and she lost it. She stole CeCe’s clothes and snuck out of Radley because, CeCe believed that, she was going to hurt Jessica. In a flashback, we see CeCe wearing a black hoodie and a rock in her hand. She sneaks up behind a blonde wearing a yellow top and hits her over the head with the rock, believing her to be Bethany.  She soon discovers that she hit Alison by mistake and quietly screams “no!”. CeCe is sitting by a tree, crying, as Jessica buries Alison saying “What have you done?”. CeCe says she swore it was Bethany and that she didn’t know it was Ali; she then says “Please, mom. You have to forgive me, Mom” and, in present time, CeCe tells Ali (with tears pouring down her face) that Jessica wouldn’t even look at her. Mona starts crying and, when Hanna asks if everything is okay, reveals that she killed Bethany thinking it was Alison. She says that, even though she had been sending Ali threats, she didn’t want to hurt her; she just wanted to scare her, but when she hit her, all she could hear was every awful thing Ali ever said to her all at once. Mona says that she killed an innocent person, but Spencer says that Bethany wasn’t innocent.  

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 297
Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 307

Ali tells CeCe that Jason told Emily that he saw CeCe that night, but CeCe says that he didn’t and that he either saw Ali or Bethany. In a flashback, Jessica tells Wilden that he found CeCe on the highway outside of Radley and that’s all anyone needs to know. Wilden says that he wasn’t in Rosewood that night and neither was CeCe; Jessica then hands him some money and CeCe says that they’ll never let her out again, causing Jessica to say “Maybe that’s for the best”. CeCe says “Maybe dad was right about me. I understand if you never want to see me again” and Jessica says “Let’s just give it some time”, as CeCe hugs her. CeCe is then put in the back of the police car, and it drives to the station. CeCe says it never occurred to her that Jessica would never completely forgive her for what she had done. Spencer then discovers that Rhys was the real deal and that CeCe hired him as a decoy. CeCe tells Ali that the doctors at Radley took away her “out” privileges but the “craziest girl showed up” and CeCe says Mona was awesome and that she thought CeCe was Ali.  

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 352

In a flashback, CeCe walks into Mona’s room wearing a red bathrobe and Mona tells her that she did everything she asked her to. CeCe said she’s proud of her and Mona asks “You are?”. CeCe then tells her that she’s getting better, she just needs to keep taking her meds and Mona says “I will, Ali. I promise”. CeCe tells Mona that she needs to know everything about the girls. CeCe tells Ali that the only thing she looked forward to, after Mona got weaned off her medication, was hearing about what Mona did to The Liars. CeCe says that she could never trust Mona, saying “She was Hanna’s legit friend and she ran her over with a car. Where’s the loyalty in that?”. Mona looks over at Hanna and says she really is sorry and Hanna says she knows.  

CeCe tells Ali that Mona wasn’t ready to end the game, and CeCe made a deal with her: if she helped CeCe get out of Radley, she would play the game with Mona because she needed Mona’s help to stay gone. CeCe says her first assignment was making friends in Rosewood and we get a flashback of when CeCe first met Aria, Spencer, and Emily. CeCe then tells Ali that she was doing her best Ali imitation. Back in the flashback, CeCe tells the trio that she needs to get to work, but before leaving tells Aria that if she wanted to do some free shopping then she’ be happy to turn the other way. Aria says she’s confusing her with Hanna, and CeCe leaves the Brew, but watches the girls talk from outside before walking away with a smirk. In present time, CeCe tells Ali that Mona told her the Liars were happy that Ali was gone and it pissed her off. Mona says she doesn’t remember saying that, but someone sent her riddles and it got her excited to play the game again. CeCe says she knew that if Ali was alive, she’d show up if the girls were in trouble.

In a flashback, Spencer sees a blonde who she believes is Alison wearing a Red Coat and walking through the woods. CeCe tells Ali that she had sent a decoy. In the same flashback, Red Coat and CeCe meet in a dark area and the Red Coat is revealed to be Sara Harvey. Sara says that Mona thinks she’s going to see CeCe, but she doesn’t have a clue. Ali, shocked, asks “Sara was the other Red Coat?” and CeCe says “when I needed her to be”. All the girls are shocked, and CeCe says “That night, she was supposed to keep Mona busy while I trapped the girls. It was the perfect plan, and then Shana showed up and all hell broke loose”.  

CeCe sees the girls lying on the ground the night of the lodge fire and hears them discussing the possibility of seeing Alison. Three of the five liars are positive they saw Ali and CeCe silently cries. In present time, CeCe says she wasn’t crazy. Ali questions why CeCe kept playing the game if she really cared about Ali, and CeCe says “When your friends thought they killed A in New York, it was the perfect time to end it. I left the country thinking it was over, but the game is like a drug and I was really good at playing it. It felt good to succeed at something”. CeCe reveals that she attacked Ali, but only because she was going to leave and she couldn’t lose her again. CeCe says she’s not a bad person and Ali says “You almost froze Spencer and Aria to death”, causing CeCe to say “Almost”. Ali then tells her that she drove a car through Emily’s house, and CeCe says “Yeah, and I almost cut her in half too. But is she hurt? No. Is her mommy hurt? No. I only got mad when you didn’t listen”. Alison tells her that she can’t steal people from their families and lock them up to play with them like they’re your toys”, causing CeCe to turn right into the camera looking at the girls and say “Yes I can, and I DID. I know you won’t believe me, but I love all of my dolls; that’s why you’re still alive.”

CeCe tells Ali that she’d never let anything really bad happen to them and that it “sucks to kill someone, even when they deserve it”. CeCe reveals that she killed Wilden because he found out she was alive, but he was never going to let her come back and tell her story. In a flashback from Wilden’s funeral service, the Liars see Black Widow enter a car where CeCe says “You saw the body, right? Tell me he can never hurt my sister again”. Black Widow, who is revealed to be Sara, says that Wilden is dead. In present time, CeCe says “Sorry Emily, but not really” and Emily says “Oh my god”.  Mona shuts the hologram off and Hanna tries to convince Emily that CeCe is still messing with them and that Sara isn’t involved. Spencer quickly realizes that that’s why the cops aren’t there, because Sara never called them. Emily starts banging on the wall panel trying to get out, and Hanna tries to comfort a distraught Emily. Spencer finds the exit and Mona takes her heeled shoe and breaks the panel, finding a passageway. The girls all start to leave, except for Mona who says she needs to know how the story ends. Before Hanna leaves, Mona tells her to be careful and continues to watch.

CeCe tells Ali that before she left for New York, she went to say goodbye to her mom. CeCe says “When I got there, she was -” and we get a flashback of when CeCe finds Jessica dead. “Mom?  Mommy? No, Mommy. You can’t leave me”, CeCe says, and she starts crying. In present time, CeCe says that their mom was the only person who ever really loved her. An alarm goes off and the Liars call out for Ali. They spot Sara wearing a Red Coat next to some explosives and she says “Get out of here. All of you. NOW”. Back in Charlotte’s room, she grabs the detonator and Ali begs her not to do this, but CeCe presses the button anyway. Fortunately, nothing happens and CeCe says “Damn it!”. We see seconds later that Spencer managed to deactivate the explosives and Hanna says to Sara “Don’t even think about it”. Alison comes running over and yells “She’s headed to the roof, please help me!” Sara starts to run off, but Emily grabs her by the back of her hood. Sara says she tried to keep her safe and Emily punches her.

The police are outside of Radley, as the girls and CeCe are on the roof. The girls yell “NO!” and Ali says “Charlotte, please don’t do this!”. Hearing her sister call her “Charlotte”, finally accepting her, CeCe lowers her arms and jumps in front of the girls to safety. She takes off her hood and says “Game over”.

On Labor Day weekend, we see the five Liars packing their cars up to go their separate ways. Hanna asks if Emily brought enough flip flops and Emily says “Malibu”. It’s revealed that: she’s going to Pepperdine University, Aria is going to Savannah, and Spencer is going to Georgetown. Emily says that Sara got released from the hospital and Emily says that what happened to her wasn’t their fault, but Spencer says she doubts Sara sees it that way. The girls all hug each other goodbye, not realizing it would be so hard. Ali says that she’ll be okay and that she dreamed of getting away from Rosewood, but now that’s the only place she wants to be. They say they love each other and share a goodbye hug.  

Five years later, we see a woman writing “Mrs. Rollins” on a whiteboard in a Rosewood High School classroom. Aria rushes in and says “He’s coming for you”. Hanna and Emily rush in and the teacher is revealed to be Alison. Emily says “We have to go” and Hanna says “NOW, Alison”; Emily says that they all came back for her, so she needs to move it. Spencer rushes in and says “It’s too late, he’s already here”.


#FacetoFace Clues to unmAsking A

  1. You will recognize A when A is revealed.
  2. A is under the age of 50.
  3. The PLLs have seen A unmAsked before.
  4. A hasn't been in every episode of Pretty Little Liars.
  5. A is not a parent.
  6. A has many disguises.
  7. A is not one of the four Liars.
  8. A has lived in Rosewood.
  9. A has had direct contact with Alison and the Liars.
  10. A has only one helper.
  11. A is someone whose motives you have questioned.
  12. You've seen A tell a lie before.
  13. A has done both harm and good to the PLLs.
  14. A is taller than Aria.

Title and Background

  • This episode will mark the end of Charles'(Charlotte) storyline and therefore the title refers to the end of Charles' reign of terror. 

Main Cast

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  • Marlene began drafting the script on May 11, 2015. She completed it on May 21, 2015.
  • As of June 4th, 2015, the actor/actress that will be revealed to be Charles DiLaurentis has already been told by Marlene herself. Source
  • Filming began June 9, 2015 and wrapped on June 18, 2015
  • on August 8th, 2015 the 2 minute preview of the episode was taken down due to copyright issues.
  • Pretty Little Liars was Tuesday's top cable original with a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating and 3.08 million total viewers.Source


Featured Music

  • How Does It Feel by MS MR- Plays at the prom; the girls and Sara discuss what to do about Alison being missing; they eventually run into Mona.
  • Sisters by Vanessa Ray (Cover of Song by Irving Berlin)- CeCe sings to the camera.

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