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Greg is a recurring character in the television series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max. He is portrayed by Elias Kacavas.

Greg is Karen Beasley's picture-perfect boyfriend by day. By night, they share a secretly tumultuous relationship echoing that of Karen’s own parents.


Greg presumably grew up in Millwood and began attending the local high school. His status as one of the leaders of the jocks and the star player of the football team lead him to start dating Karen Beasley, similarly the most popular girl at school and the undisputed queen bee. Despite the appearance as a classic American sweetheart couple, her narcissism and obsession to be in control has led to a volatile point in their relationship. Nonetheless, Greg continued to date Karen, presumably out of reluctance.


Greg is the classic American jock on the superficial surface: arrogant that bordered on cocky, bold that was truly showy and flirtatious with hints of misogyny. A true "dudebro", he is a leader of a gang of Millwood jocks that share his obnoxious, sexist, and egotistical traits. Particularly, his interactions with girls around him show an alarming disregard to personal space or boundaries, preferring to shamelessly make his move without concern to her wellbeing or comfortableness. Nonetheless, Greg demonstrates a high self-esteem, which if not obvious enough, is shown when he refuses to be ordered about by the authoritative Karen.

Physical Appearance


Greg remains unseen in the first moments of the series, mentioned by his girlfriend Karen Beasley as waiting for her in the car. He presumably witnesses her screams as she runs out of the Adams house, having just seen Davie Adams' dead body. Over a month later, Greg jokes around with friends in the bustling cafeteria while grabbing some food. He sees Imogen storming in and confronts Karen in front of the school. She demands to know she truly did to piss Karen off, turning to Greg to admit the truth in front of her. Before he could say anything, Karen snaps as she doesn't want to here it. Later that night, he and Karen have dinner at Pinball Pizza. Karen instructs Greg to get a suit as she doesn’t want to be crowned Spirit Queen with Greg wearing his stupid letterman jacket. Greg questions why she’s giving him a hard time as he’s had a long day, and refuses to be like her mom, to be talked however she wants. Karen dismisses her mother as pathetic and her dad a cock sucker. Greg is dismissive ballet and her complaining, and after a second of shock she kicks him underneath the table. She admonishes him, saying she doesn’t question his football skills even though he loses every game and cheers him as the dutiful girlfriend she is. Greg isn’t in the mood to entertain her tantrum, leaving her alone for their audience to witness.


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