Because she's fascinating. And elusive. And beautiful.
Greg to Spencer (about Alison).

Greg Messner is a character who befriends Spencer in Toxic. He turns out to be an Ali Cat, one of Alison 's admirers.

Double Agent

Greg first started emailing Spencer about bullying experiences and her blog, however he was also emailing her (as Dominick) sending her hate. This made Spencer feel more comforted by Greg as he stood up for her. They met when Spencer went to a bullying conference and "Dominick", really a friend of Greg's, said that some people deserved to be bullied. Spencer soon started to trust Greg and they became very close. She told him all about her plans of catching Ali. In fact, at one point she sees Ali in New York with him, but she goes unnoticed by everybody else.

When she and Greg were talking privately at the Rosewood Rallies charity event, Spencer realized that Greg was Dominick and an Ali Cat. She escaped, but found out he was killed the next morning (presumably by Alison) in order to hide the fact that Ali is alive.

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