Hadley St. Germain is a character who is a student at Rosewood High School introduced in Season 7. She is portrayed by Celesse Rivera.


Till DeAth Do Us PArt

Hadley was introduced in Till DeAth Do Us PArt. She is known as Maya St. Germain's niece. This was revealed by Emily.

Hadley is a student in Alison's English class. She is one of the 5 girls in Addison friendship group.

Emily tries to convince Hadley and Willa that they do not have to be friends with Addison.

Emily also reveals that Hadley is the new girl to Rosewood High School. Emily tells Hadley that she still has a choice on who she can make friends with. Emily shares to Hadley that her Aunt (Maya St. Germain) had a real confidence to her and that she was kind and that's what she loved about Maya.

They reply that it was Addison who chose them and that it is impossible to say no to someone like Addison.

At the end of the episode, Hadley wakes up to find Addison and Willa are missing, as Aria woke up to find Alison and Spencer missing in the Pilot. Hadley asks Ava where Addison and Willa are. Hadley gets up and calls out "Addi". Willa is walking towards Hadley and replies "She's gone". Hadley replies "What do you mean she's gone?" Willa replies "I've looked everywhere for her, I think I heard her scream".


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