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I know that we drifted apart for a while. And we almost ended up with other people, which would have been a disaster. Because I would have spent the next fifty years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't imagine my life without Hanna. I don't want to. I wanna marry your daughter, Mrs. Marin. No bells and whistles just the two of us exchanging vows. And finally make this official.

Haleb is the name of the romantic relationship between Caleb Rivers and Hanna Marin. It is one of the four major ships in the Pretty Little Liars TV series.


You wanna share a towel too?
Caleb to Hanna

School Rat

While in their tent in the woods, Hanna loses her virginity to Caleb.

In "A Person of Interest", she and Caleb are now in a secret relationship. Hanna's mother begins to notice that someone has been in the house besides them and suspects Caleb. One night, Hanna and Caleb come home believing that Hanna's mother was out, and begin making out against the wall in the kitchen. Hanna's mother catches them, and drops Caleb's bag in front of them. She tells him to leave, which upsets Hanna. Hanna decides to leave with him, following him out and camping out with him for the night. While in their tent in the woods, Hanna and Caleb make out, which later gets more intimate and turns into sex. When they return home the next day, Ashley decides to allow Caleb to stay.

A present for Hanna?

In "Someone to Watch Over Me", Hanna finds an owl-shaped pendant in Caleb's backpack and believes it is a gift for her. Aria and Emily overhear Caleb talking to someone on the phone, most likely a girl, and tell Hanna that he might be cheating on her. Hanna refuses to believe them, insisting that they are wrong. Jenna walks by, and the girls see her wearing the owl pendant that Hanna showed them from a picture on her phone. Hanna then attempts to call and text Caleb but he won't answer. Spencer learns that the owl pendant is actually a flash drive and that Caleb has been spying on Hanna and passing information about her to Jenna. Later, Hanna, who doesn't know this yet, leaves a note and puts it in Caleb's locker, suddenly remembering the numbers 2-1-4. She goes back to Caleb's locker and enters the numbers 2-1-4 into the combination and it opens, shocking her. Near the end of the episode, Hanna confronts Caleb.

Hanna crying.

Caleb tells Hanna that Jenna paid him to spy on Hanna for money. He thought it was just a "pretty girls rivalry", but once he began developing feelings for Hanna, he quit his work for Jenna and stopped calling her. Caleb sees the disappointed look on Hanna's face and tries to hug her, but Hanna shouts at him and refuses to touch him. Caleb picks up his bag, looks sadly back at her, and leaves. Later, Hanna is seen crying by the window of her bathroom, betrayed and distraught.

Hanna sees Caleb in line to get on a bus.

In "Monsters in the End", Caleb begs Aria to talk to Hanna for him and tell her he is truly sorry. Soon after, Hanna reluctantly confronts Caleb to ask about what Jenna wanted, and he tells her she wanted a key. She seems content with this, but is clearly torn by her feelings for him. Caleb gives her a sad look and reaches for her hand, but she pulls away. He tells her softly that he misses her, but she snaps back at him, telling him he'll get over it. Later, Caleb goes to Hanna's house and asks her mom to give Hanna a letter, but her mom refuses and tells Caleb that Hanna doesn't need another person in her life to leave without saying goodbye.

Leaving Rosewood

Caleb searches for her at the carnival, and upon seeing him coming, Hanna quickly hides. Seeing Mona, he asks her where Hanna is but she says that Hanna stepped out, and won't come back until he leaves. Caleb asks Mona to give Hanna the letter, to which Mona agrees. When Caleb walks away, Mona opens the letter and reads it, clearly annoyed and upset by its contents. She then rips up the letter, throws it into the trash barrel, and dumps a drink over it. Hanna returns and asks what Caleb wanted, and Mona lies. The camera pans over the letter, which is shown to say "Please call me" and "I love you, Hanna." Near the end of this episode, Hanna sees Caleb in line to get on a bus (to Arizona) and is prompted by Aria to go talk to him. She pauses and considers it as he looks up and notices her, but given that she has not read the letter and doesn't know how he feels about her, she ultimately refuses and leaves.

Just hold me. Okay? That will help me.
Hanna to Caleb

In "It's Alive", Caleb goes to see Hanna at her house to apologize. But, Hanna isn’t thrilled, and she treats Caleb coldly, even when he makes eyes at her. She learns that Caleb tried to give her a letter (via Mona) and say goodbye. He has come to apologize, but Hanna does not forgive him. He says, "I love you", but her mind is made up. When he leaves, she cries.

In "Blind Dates", Caleb follows Hanna to try and convince her to agree to the double date with Lucas and Danielle. Hanna, still disgruntled by Caleb, refuses, but then gives in her Lucas' sake, letting Caleb know that she is only doing it for Lucas. Caleb stills seems contented to be going with her.

That night, Hanna's place, where Caleb, Danielle and Lucas have begun their evening. Danielle isn't enjoying the situation and suspects Hanna of still being in love with Lucas, being that she did sell Lucas on Danielle by claiming that she was still into him. She sees Hanna as ruining their date by walking over so frequently and constantly looking Lucas' way, misinterpreting Hanna's intention to see that Lucas shows Danielle a properly good time. So, Danielle likes Lucas, but is worried that Lucas is responsive to Hanna's moves.

Later, when Danielle is not around, Lucas lets Hanna in on why Danielle is not enjoying their date, so to convince Danielle that she is not interested in dating Lucas, Hanna tells Caleb to put his arm around her. At first Caleb is confused but he does it anyway. Seeing them together calms Danielle's suspicions and she reaches for Lucas' hand. After Lucas and Danielle leave, Caleb says that was easy but Hanna assures him that she isn't.

Hanna warms up to Caleb when he visits her house in "The Devil You Know" after the discovery of Ian's death. He asks how she is, and she is initially cold. Eventually she forgives him and even threatens his negligent foster mother into giving him his money, which works. When Caleb returns to Hanna's house to thank her, bearing ice and takeout as gifts, she kisses him, letting him know that they are okay again.

However, in "Never Letting Go", she doesn't invite him as her date to the fashion show, insisting to her friends she "doesn't have a boyfriend". Caleb comes to the fashion show anyway. After the show, Caleb approaches Hanna, and asks if he can walk Hanna home, and she agrees, signaling that they may be back together.

In Surface Tension, Hanna is walking with Emily into school when she sees Caleb agureing with someone. Hanna walks over to Caleb and asks if everything is ok. Caleb says that the guy bailed on giving Caleb money. Hanna tells Caleb that if he ever needs money, she'll give him some. Caleb says that hes not going to have her take care of him and that he'll figure it out. The bell rings and Caleb takes Hanna's hand and they go inside.

At night, Caleb comes over to Hanna's house. Caleb asks if her parents are home and she tells him that they're out to dinner. He says oh which Hanna laughs at and asks what he means. He says oh again and then starts kissing her.

Caleb and Hanna go into her bedroom where they talk about Caleb's way of making money. Hanna is worried about him because he could get in trouble, but Caleb assures her that he'll be fine. Caleb says that she already know more about him then anyone else. Then Caleb tells her a huge secret about himself, he used to work for some hustlers who stole stuff for a living. He explains that he used to hack into computers to get some records and numbers. At one point Caleb wanted out because he was afraid he would have gotten arrested. Caleb says that the hustlers were angry but couldn't get to Caleb because he ran away. After Caleb tells her this, she is happy because he told her something he has never told anyone before.

In "Save the Date", Hanna sees Caleb conducting another shady business deal in the front yard of the school. Hanna walks towards him, and on her way, sees a man in a black sports car writing on a file with glossy pictures of Caleb attached to it. Alarmed, Hanna tries to discreetly warn Caleb by suggesting conducting business out in the wide open may not be the best idea, but he rebuts her idea, refusing to work in a lowly part-time job at a fast-food establishment. She sighs as the stubborn boy walks away, and the car speeds off.

So, Hanna decides to keep the stalker a secret so as not to lose Caleb, who might run away after learning this information. However, Spencer warns Hanna that she is jeopardizing losing him as it is, so she rides by Caleb in her car and grabs him off the sidewalk, while dressed as 1930's movie starlet with headscarf and glamorous sunglasses.

Hanna takes Caleb all the way to Spencer's family's log cabin. They light a fire and remove the furniture slips to cozy up. Hanna tells him about the stalker, but Caleb says that he won't hide from him. Hanna reveals her worries that he is going to skip town, but Caleb insists that he is staying in Rosewood. They make out.

Back in Rosewood, Hanna is disconsolate after finding out that her mother doesn't want to rekindle the relationship with Tom, so Caleb tries to comfort her while they sit together outside of "Lucky Leon's".

In "Picture This", it is revealed that the stalker was a private investigator hired by Caleb's mother to locate her son. Hanna and Caleb check out Caleb’s mother’s online profile. They learn that she lives in California. Caleb is vague about whether he plans to call her and leaves to pick up pizza instead of stay and chat.

At the playground, Hanna locates Caleb, who has failed to deliver the pizza hours ago. He finally opens up to her about his feelings. Hanna wisely suggests that he at least call his mother in order to find out what happened; he can always decide never to call her again, or he can start a relationship with her. Knowing what it's like to have a biological parent abandon you for other children is something to which Hanna can directly relate.

Later, after talking to his mother, Caleb then enters the Marin’s foyer. He shares with her how his mother said that his voice sounds like his father’s and how she invited him to California for a reunion. Hanna is taking everything in when Caleb reveals that he is planning to fly to California that night; after waiting twelve years, he doesn’t want to wait a moment longer. Hanna feels dejected that Caleb will be leaving, but is overall happy for him. She wants to drive him to the airport, but there his mom had already arranged a car for him.

Hanna and Caleb will be conducting a long distance relationship until he returns, which date is unsettled. They share kisses and "I love you's" before Caleb leaves Rosewood to head for the airport. Hanna closes the door and starts to cry over losing Caleb for the second time.

Caleb returns to Rosewood in "Over My Dead Body" to attend Hanna's father's wedding with her. He knocks on her door to surprise her, and she is very happy to see him. She tells him about what has happened with Kate and her dad and Caleb does his best to calm her down by kissing her.

Hanna and Caleb are at the wedding. Hanna says that her dad and Isabel really do look happy. After Hanna goes to check on something, Kate tries to flirt with him (no doubt with the primary intention of spiting Hanna). Caleb plays Hanna's hero and insults the way Kate's dress gives her backfat.

Caleb seems to have been in California for much of the month that elapsed between "Over My Dead Body" and "Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares". He surprises Hanna by waiting in her house and she is very happy to see him. She runs into his arms and the begin to make out with Lucas staring at them.

In "A Hot Piece of A", Hanna's friends enlist Caleb to get information off the cell phone they found, though Hanna doesn't want to get him involved. When the owner abruptly shuts down the phone, Caleb agrees to try to unlock the files they do have if Hanna is okay with it. She reluctantly agrees.

Caleb works on decrypting the files on his laptop at school. Hanna is concerned someone may figure out what he's doing, but he assures her he hasn't told anyone. He tries to get her to tell him what it is all about.

Caleb cracks a picture off of the phone and shows it to Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria. It is a photo of 4 porcelain dolls sitting in a row on a wooden surface in front of green floral wallpaper. The girls pretend like the photo means nothing to them. They thank Caleb for his help and exit. Hanna stays behind trying to make a plan for Caleb's birthday, takeout perhaps, so he doesn't suspect a surprise party. He worries that her keeping the information surrounding this phone a secret could be a problem for their relationship. She assures him it is not important and they kiss.

Hanna throws Caleb a surprise birthday party at Spencer's lake house. She buys him a cake and makes him a banner. But it all goes wrong because Lucas tips the boat over and makes Hanna fall in the lake. Hanna swims to shore where Spencer and Emily comfort her. Caleb shows up and asks what is going on and Hanna says "surprise!" just as they see the boat that got tipped over.

In "Let the Water Hold Me Down", Hanna and Caleb are in Hanna's kitchen talking about Lucas and what happened at the lake. He wants to find him but Hanna doesn't and thinks they should let him be. He quickly picks up that she doesn't want to find him and this turns into argument about her keeping secrets from him. Caleb than storms out of her house. Later, Hanna tries calling him but he doesn't answer. When Lucas shows up, Hanna calls Caleb and he comes and helps her because he thinks she's in danger. Caleb finds out that Lucas lost all his money betting for a basketball game.

In "The Blond Leading the Blind", Caleb decodes more videos. Hanna wants Caleb to stop working on the videos because she's worried about him becoming A's next target. After Caleb decoded another video, he confronts Hanna in her kitchen about the cell phone having something to do with Alison's murder. Hanna doesn't want him working on the videos at all because it is too dangerous. Caleb tells her Garrett has been watching him. That is the last straw for Hanna; she thrusts the memory card from "A's" phone into the blender and holds the lid down while it spins and breaks into pieces, but it angers Caleb because he spent hours on it.

Later, Caleb is in Spencer's house with Spencer and Emily talking about how Hanna destroyed the flashdrive. He wants to work on them because he loves her and wants to protect her, but he keeps it a secret from her.

In "A Kiss Before Lying", Caleb, Emily, Aria and Spencer work on the videos that they keep secret from Hanna. When they are working on them, Hanna calls Caleb but he ignores the call. After Hanna finds out what he did she is really upset. When he goes over to her house, she explains that she was protecting him when she destroyed it and then tells him about her mom stealing money from the bank to get them out of debt. She also informs him that he is the only person she has told this to and that someone else knows and is using it against her which upsets him.

He thinks it is Jenna and so, Caleb goes over to Jenna's house to get answers but Jenna isn't there which leads to a confrontation between Garrett and Caleb.

Caleb sticks up for Hanna against Jenna.

In "The Naked Truth", when Hanna and her friends are talking, she sees Caleb and goes over and they smile at each other. Later, Caleb is in the same group as Jenna who he still wants to talk to privately about he bothering Hanna and her friends. When Jenna talks to Mrs.Hastings about how she trusts no one and people around her always made fun of her, also bringing up the time when Hanna slapped her, Caleb steps in. He says that Jenna threw the first punch and reminds everyone that they are telling the WHOLE truth not the parts they only want remembered.

After that, Caleb and Hanna are on the roof top. They talk about Kate and how only four people believe Hanna didn't really do it. He offers to go through her phone to trace the address but she just wants him to hold her which leads them to kissing. Caleb is then seen working on his computer possibly trying to find out who REALLY sent the text.

In "CTRL: A", Hanna and Caleb are sitting on a bench while he is working on his computer. He says that he has his own wi-fi. When she gets up to see her friends, they notice the cops coming in. Hanna follows them to see them take away Caleb's laptop.

Later, they are in a computer lab and Hanna is freaking out because she's worried about what A and Garrett might do to him. Caleb says that cant get into it even if they wanted to. Hanna, worried about Caleb, tells him to try to log on to his laptop to delete the files. She sits with him as he types his password in. But he cant get into his files because either the cops haven't even tried to mess with the laptop yet, or they are smart enough to keep it offline.

"I'm in a really hot spot".

That night Hanna and her friends throw a party but Caleb can't make it because he is at the police station. He calls Hanna and says he is in a really HOT SPOT and needs her help. The hot spot means that hes going in to his computer and Hanna can delete the files. Hanna and Spencer try logging in to the computer to delete the files. Hanna can't remember the password and when Spencer brings up an anniversary date Hanna types in numbers and they are online.

After they delete the files, Hanna goes to see Caleb at the police station. They are really happy to see each other and they talk about how he used the numbers as the night when they slept together. They hug and when Garrett comes, Hanna rubs it in his face and starts kissing Caleb.

In "If These Dolls Could Talk", Caleb comes back from California and calls Hanna on her new phone. But her mom answers and says not to call because her mom is mad that Hanna has a phone when she wasn't supposed to. Later in the hallway, Caleb comes up to her and give her a kiss and says he is sorry if he got her in trouble this morning for calling.

After Mona tells Hanna that "A" wants Mona to break Hanna and Caleb up, Hanna tells Caleb that she wants him to make out with Mona (also to see if Melissa is "A"). Caleb is really freaked out about it and thinks it's a test, but he agrees to it anyway. While Spencer and Hanna wait in her bedroom, Spencer asks how she got Caleb to agree to it, and she says he loves her more than he hates Mona.

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In "UnmAsked", Caleb surprises Hanna at the masquerade party when he was supposed to be spending time with his mother in California. He is the complimentary Romeo to her Juliet costume. They kiss and dance.

How could you not talk about us? We're intimate.
Caleb to Hanna

Caleb has been taking cooking classes with Hanna during the summer. In "It Happened 'That Night'", Caleb and Hanna plan a dinner date. Hanna promises Caleb to make an unforgettable Dong Po for dinner. Later, when, Caleb and Hanna are cooking together, Caleb even calls them intimate, much to Hanna's amazement.

In Blood Is The New Black, after Hanna's friends ask her to go see Mona, she goes and find's Caleb in a class room working on something. She asks if she can have a rain-check on their dinner plans because she has to go to an appointment. He says sure and she gives him a kiss and says that she'll see him later.

Caleb rings the doorbell to Hanna's house for their dinner date. He jokely says that the people gave him the wrong food so he had to wait a while for it. As they have dinner Caleb notices that Hanna keeps on checking the clock. He asks her if she has to be somewhere but she says no. After a silence for a little, Hanna tells Caleb that she wants to go see Mona. Caleb is shokced by this and asks her why because Mona is crazy and tried to kill her and her friends. Hanna says she wants answers as to why she did what she did and Caleb says that he'll go with her. Hanna gives him a surprising look and Caleb says he'll go because he loves her.

At Radley, Caleb tells Hanna that he'll be right here on that bench if she needs anything. He takes her hand and they stare at each other for a little before she goes in. He sits down and watchs her go in as she turns around and looks knowing that he is there.

In Kingdom of the Blind, Lucas sets his paper on fire and puts in the garbage bin with Hanna in the room. She tries to put it out with some books but Caleb comes in and puts his water on it and says "What the hell?"

Hanna and Caleb then go get some coffee and talk about Lucas. She tells him the Lucas used to be so sweet and Caleb jokes by saying no guy wants a girl to call him sweet. Hanna wants Caleb to try to talk to him but Caleb says he has not really talk to him since he moved out of his house. Hanna then begs him and Caleb then says he will talk to him but if she does something for him. Hanna asks him what and he says that he wants her to stop seeing Mona.

Caleb goes and talks to Lucas in the Chem Lab. Lucas tells Caleb to mind his own business and Caleb says he would but there are other people involved, meaning he wants to protect Hanna.

At night, Hanna doesn't listen to Caleb and goes back to see Mona at Radley. After she leaves, Caleb is waiting for her outside. He says that they thought they had a deal but Hanna tells him that the Mona she just talked to was the Mona she knew and grew up with not the one that ran her over. Caleb then questions her about Mona running her over and why she never told him this. Just then Lucas comes out and sees them but doesn't say anything. Hanna tries talking to him about why he is visiting Mona but Lucas doesn't say much. After Lucas leaves, Caleb walks over to Hanna and puts his hand on her back. When Hanna is with Aria, Hanna tells Aria that Caleb is kinda mad at her because he didn't say much on the car ride home, meaning he just wants to keep her safe from Mona.

Without Hanna knowing, Caleb goes and sees Mona at Radley. He says that he bets she is laughing at all of them inside her head. But Caleb gets right to what he wants to say and that is Mona better not be messing with Hanna because Caleb wants to protect her.


In Birds of a Feather, Hanna is in her kitchen looking over something when Caleb comes in. He shows her the two tickets he got for a concert someday. Hanna doesn't really look that happy and Caleb asks why because that was the moment where she was supposed to jump up and kiss him. She explains that she went to go see Mona but she went all crazy when some guy saw her so Mona cant have visitors anymore. Hanna says she is going to kill Lucas but Caleb tells him that the guy was him. Hanna asks why she went there without her and Caleb says he went there to tell her to stop messing with Hanna and then before he knows it she is flipping tables. Hanna explains to him that Mona is at Radley so she cant do anything to hurt her but Caleb says she is and Hanna doesn't see it. Hanna also brings up that Wren says it is good to go see Mona because it is helping her heal with losing a friend, and Caleb asks her why she is listening to some guy she barley knows over him. Hanna says she cant talk to him about it because he made up his mind about Mona. Caleb says that Wren doesn't know everything that he knows and tells Hanna to stay away from Radley. Hanna says that she gets that he is trying to protect her, but he needs to trust her. Caleb then throws the tickets in the air and leaves mad.

Hanna gets a text from A and a picture of a car crash in California, which is Caleb's mom. Caleb comes over because Hanna is going to tell him about this New A but then changes her mind after she sees the text. Caleb asks what she was going to tell him but Hanna says its not important anymore. Caleb then gives her a starnge look and says he doesn't understand because she told him she was hiding something from him and now she cant tell him. Hanna assures him that its nothing but Caleb walks over and says that he understands that she was lying to him last year to protect him but there is no more A. Caleb asks her if its about Mona but Hanna says just drop it. Caleb then walks away and says that he cant do this anymore because he feels like she has been pushing him away and he was hoping that things would go back to the way it was but he knows that won't happen. Hanna then asks him to be patient but Caleb says he has been nothing but patient with her and tells her that he feels like he doesn't exist in half of her life and that she keeps on pushing him away. Caleb then asks if he can give her the truth about anything but Hanna just stares at him in silence.

Tumblr m6debgjHYn1qdqtgoo1 500.jpg
Caleb and Hanna stare at each other for a moment before Caleb says that he is done and Hanna questions him about this and asks if he is breaking up with her. Caleb then has a painful look on his face and leaves but before he
Tumblr m6debgjHYn1qdqtgoo2 500.jpg
leaves he tells her that he didn't really give him much of a choice.

Later, Hanna is crying in Aria's lap about losing Caleb and Caleb is at a hangout place looking a little sad.

"He left me".

In That Girl is Poison, Hanna's mom asked her why she isn't going to school and Hanna says she is to depressed to go to school. Her mom also asks her how Caleb's mom is doing but he isn't returning her texts and is ignoring her. When Hanna's mom tells her to go to school, Hanna walks out the door is sweetpants and a t-shirt because she is to depressed to get dressed up.


In Stolen Kisses, Hanna is at The Brew when she sees Caleb come in. He buys a coffee and sees her coming over to him. They look at each other for a while before Caleb sees Wren. Caleb then thinks that they are talking about Mona and leaves The Brew.


In The Kahn Game, Hanna and Caleb are in the hallway at school when they see each other. They stare at each other for a while before Caleb walks up to her. He asks her if she has seen Spencer because he has the new log in for Maya's site. Their conversation is slightly awkward after that as they discuss how they are and how his mom is.

Caleb shows up at The Grille and talks to Hanna. Hanna wants him to leave but he does not go because he wants her to get in the car. Caleb admits that he was the one who sent the text to her about him. Hanna gets in the car with him as they drive to an alley. Hanna is freaking out because he doesn't know what any of this means but Caleb does because she can stop lying to him. Hanna furiously gets out of the car and tells Caleb about what the New A has done, like stealing the body, running his mom off the road and possibly killed Maya.

Caleb talks to Hanna about Maya's website and how if they find clues they can find out who killed her and then

figure out who A is. Hanna doesn't want to go down this road with him again but he asks her if she is prepared for the fact that this A could be someone close to her again. Hanna admits that she misses him a lot and it has not been easy for her. Caleb tells her that he is going to help her stop A and he is not asking for her permission. He pulls her in as they begin to make out.

Hanna and Caleb flirt.

In Single Fright Female, Hanna is in the computer lab at schol IMing Caleb about the flashdrive her mom found. She thinks she should steal it because it can't go to the cops. Caleb writes back that she should take a breath and that he is finding it really hard not to go over to her and kiss her.


When Hanna is at CeCe's shop, she goes into the dressing room to try her dress on when Caleb grabs her. Caleb talked to her mom and convinced her to not turn in the tapes to the cops or they may see Hanna in a bikini . Caleb doesn't know how much longer he can stay away from her so he pulls her in as the kiss. It doesn't last very long because CeCe comes in with shoes for her dress and wants to know how the dress looks. Caleb mouths the word "hot". Hanna repeats what Caleb said and they smiled at each other. They waited for CeCe to leave and then they talked to each other.

In The Lady Killer, Caleb shows up at Hanna's house as Hanna almost hits him with her lamp. Caleb has been helping them with Emily because he was watching her house but he left because her mom was home. Spencer shows Caleb the text "A" sent them. Caleb tells the girls that he is going with them for their protection.


When Hanna gets out of the shower, she sees Caleb packing some stuff up and also sees the gun. They get into a little fight over him not bringing the gun that night. Caleb wants to bring it because this A ran over his mom but Hanna doesn't want him getting hurt. Caleb puts in one of her drawers and will get rid of it next week.

That night, Caleb shows Hanna, Spencer and Aria the cell phone so they can just talk into it if they need help. Caleb hides behind some trees as he waits for A to show. He overhears a conversation between Hanna, Spencer and Aria about Paige so he leaves going to the Lighthouse hotel while the girls go the other Lighthouse hotel to find Emily. On the way to the hotels, Hanna calls Caleb to make sure he is alright and if he is there yet. He isn't but before they hang up they say I love you to each other.


When Hanna, Spencer and Aria show up at the Lighthouse hotel Caleb went to, Hanna sees Caleb getting into an ambulance because he got shot. Hanna breaks down into tears over him as Spencer and Aria try to comfort her. She is then waiting at the hospital with her friends until he gets out of surgery.

In This Is A Dark Ride, Hanna and Caleb make out in a supply closet. Hanna jokes by telling him he kisses good for someone who doesn't have a spleen, even though he still has there is just a whole through it. They kiss some more before knocking over toliet paper. They then talk about how no one has heard from A and the Ghost Train.


While Hanna goes outside the train for some air, someone dressed as the Phantom of the Opera follows her. Not knowing it's Caleb, she kicks him in the stomach. Caleb takes of the mask and Hanna is happy to see him as the make out.

In She's Better Now, Hanna finds Caleb on his laptop in the school courtyard. He gives her a weird look because they are supposed to be under the radar, even though they never were. They discuss the prank that got pulled on Mona and if she pulled it on herself to get attention. Hanna wants Caleb to talk to Lucas because he is walking with a limp, and she thinks that it's connected with Aria stabbing someone with a screwdriver. Caleb agrees to talk to him.

Caleb finds Hanna and Aria at The Brew where he shows her Mona's transcript. Caleb gives Hanna a kiss on the cheeck as he shows them page 2. It says that Mona begged her parents to let her come back to school, meaning she lied to Hanna because she said that her parents were fourcing her. Caleb thinks Mona is back to take care of unfinsished business.

In Misery Loves Company, Caleb does his homework at Hanna's house as she needs his help on what to wear for her interview. She shows him her clothing options and he thinks she should go with the dress, but just to be sure he asks her to try it on for him. When Hanna goes to try the dress on, she overhears Caleb having a phone call with someone about not letting "her" do anything to Hanna. When Hanna calls him out on the call, he blantly lies saying it was his mom. They discuss Mona and what she is capable of because Hanna had dumped her.

Later, Hanna asks Emily to follow Caleb around because she thinks he is going to do something stupid and she is worried about him. Turns out, Caleb and Paige are teaming up together to take down Mona and the rest of her team, so they can help the girls out.

In Cat's Cradle Hanna and Caleb discuss when Caleb returns from his trip to see his dad.Hanna asks him how it went, and he says that he told his dad he was sorry for accusing him of taking the bell from the church because they found out someone from the foundry did it. Caleb says he got along well with his dad, that they went fishing, and things seem to be OK. Hanna seems upset and Caleb knows why, and he tells her that people know her mom didn't kill Wilden. Hanna says "A" will make her look guilty, and they plan to find a way to prove that Ms. Marin was really in New York at the time of his death.

Hanna talks to Caleb about her mom not being in New York, and Caleb says all they know for sure is that she wasn't at the play. Hanna says she's going to end up without a mom or a dad, and Caleb asks if Ashley has talked to Hanna's dad about what is going on. She says no because her parents only communicate through attorneys. Caleb says it isn't a bad idea to talk to an attorney about this before Ashley gets finds herself in trouble with the police.

In Face Time Outside the schoolCaleb and Hanna talk. Caleb tells Hanna about the missing gun from Tom Marin's drawer, saying that it was a .38. He says that if the police find out that Darren Wilden was shot with a .38, it is most likely that Ashley killed Wilden. Hanna dismisses what he says, saying that she just wants to forget it all. 

At Hanna’s house, Lt. Tanner and Holbrook visit to question Ashley. Hanna and Caleb lie that she isn’t home and two cops leave. Ashley looks down from upstairs and turns away while Caleb and Hanna hug.

In Under The Gun Ashley reveals that she couldn’t get the kind of money that Wilden wanted to leave town so she took the gun from Tom just as a precaution. Wilden grabbed the gun out of her hands and Ashley ran. Caleb rings the doorbell, but before Hanna can get to him, Tom tells him to leave. Ashley says there is nothing he can do to help and also asks him to leave.

In  Crash and Burn,Girl! Hanna is on the phone with Caleb. She makes him agree not to do anything stupid. When they hang up, we see Caleb is over at Toby's place. They've put all the information they have about the night of the fire at theLodge up on a board and are preparing to investigate every lead. 


In The Guilty Girl's HandbookHanna and Mona continue perfecting her confession. Mona asks her the types of questions the cops would ask - where she got the gun, why her mother's fingerprints were on the bullets. Mona asks how killing Wilden made Hanna feel and when Hanna gets annoyed, Mona says this is the kind of question that will reveal if she's telling the truth or not. Hanna begins imagining the scene with Wilden, trying to make it as real as possible. Just then, Caleb shows up at the back door.

Caleb asks why she's not with her father, and Hanna lies that he's at a work thing. Then he questions why Mona's here, and Hanna lies and says that she's here to help her deal with her mom being away. Caleb doesn't seem to believe this, and questions whether Mona really 'moves on' from things, she goes 'right through.' Hanna says that she knows he was looking for her to check in on her, and she says that she's ok, so he can go. Caleb doesn't believe anything she's saying so Hanna gets annoyed and tells Caleb to leave her alone. He says, "Sure. I'll leave you alone". and then leaves through the back door.

Hanna prepares to go to the police station and confess to killing Wilden. Before Hanna can go, Caleb reveals he never left. He didn't want to let her be alone with Mona. He stops her before she can go to the police station to confess.

In the same episode,Caleb is trying to talk some sense into Hanna. He thinks Hanna's idea of confessing to Wilden's murder is crazy, and that Mona must have put her up to it. They argue as Caleb tries to convince her it was a terrible plan to begin with. Hanna asks if Caleb thinks her mom is guilty. Caleb confesses that he did, before he went to visit her in prison. Now he believes she's not guilty of anything.

Hanna and Caleb are still in Hanna's kitchen when Hanna gets a text from Spencer about Mona confessing. She shows it to Caleb, and both of them are surprised. They go to the police station, too.

I love you, Hanna, and I’m not just going to walk away.
Caleb to Hanna

Miss Me x 100

Pretty Little Liars S05E05 Haleb.jpg
Lining up for coffee in the Brew, Hanna notices Caleb standing a few people behind her. Hanna asks what he is doing back in Rosewood, but he doesn’t answer, instead turning telling Biff to keep it down, “this is a coffee shop, not the locker room”. When Biff asks if Caleb is looking for a fight, Hanna steps in and pulls Caleb back towards her, diffusing the situation. Hanna again asks him when he got back, and before Caleb can answer he notices Hanna’s coffee order, which includes a coffee for Travis, on the counter. Telling Hanna she better get her coffees, Caleb leaves while Hanna’s back is turned.

In a playground, Hanna finds Caleb on the swings, and asks why he hasn't returned any of her calls. He tells her that Travis is a nice guy and he did not come back to screw that up. Hanna asks him why he came back, but instead of answering he asks her if she changed her hair because Alison is back. Shrugging, Hanna tells him probably.

Hanna asks Caleb if Miranda found her family, and Caleb tells her he doesn’t know, “the night you left Ravenswood was the last time I saw her”. Hanna gets a text message, and getting up off the swing she tells Caleb he is coming with her, and they have to go.

Arriving at Emily's house, Caleb and Hanna find Emily, Alison, Toby, Spencer, Aria and Ezra already there. Emily tells them that it's starting, and they move into the living room. As the press conference starts, Caleb grabs hold of Hanna's hand. As the Police Chief is finishing up the press conference, a large boom is heard and windows of Emily's lounge room explode. Recovering from the glass blast, Hanna, Caleb and the others walk out onto the street to find the Cavanaugh house on fire and rubble lying all over the road.

Run, Ali, Run

Pretty Little Liars S05E06 Haleb.jpg
Outside the Cavanaugh house, a second explosion occurs leaving Hanna, Caleb and the others ducking for cover.

In the Brew, Hanna spots Caleb sitting down at one of the tables and walks over to him. Commenting that he looks as if he's got as much sleep as her, Caleb tells her he was with Toby until around an hour ago, and when Hanna asks how Toby is, Caleb says that he's still pretty shaken. Hanna still doesn't understand why 'A' would blow the Cavanaugh house up when they were all a few doors down, and Caleb reminds her, "A doesn't shoot and miss". Asking if Hanna's seen the newspaper, he hands it over and Hanna is shocked to find that the police are not looking into what caused the gas leak at the Cavanaugh home. When Caleb suggests that the girls should tell the cops everything, Hanna wonders what they could say, "we don't have a face or a name". Caleb tells her this isn't a game, "A blew up a house", and Hanna says she can't, it'll unravel too much, "things happened while you were gone". Caleb tells her he's noticed, and that he won't be staying long, he's thinking of going to Montecito for a while. Hanna says that she just thought if he wasn't in Ravenswood, he would be here, but Caleb says he doesn't want to commit to anything.

Caleb is packing when Hanna knocks on the door of the cabin he's staying in, telling him that Toby told her where she could find him. When Caleb asks if something happened, Hanna tells him that Alison was going to leave town, for good, and she was helping her. Caleb says that he understands Alison wanting to leave, and Hanna says she realised she wasn't helping Alison to leave to keep her safe, "part of me wanted her gone". Caleb that it makes sense, Hanna never liked who she was when Alison was around, and Hanna admits that she still wants Alison gone, "Hanna, whatever she's stirred up inside of you is not going to go away. Even if she leaves. I should know, I left Ravenswood and half of it is still with me". When Hanna asks what really happened in Ravenwood, Caleb doesn't answer, and Hanna tells him she hopes he decides to stay. Grabbing his flask, Caleb takes a mouthful before handing it over to Hanna to take a drink.

The Silence of E. Lamb

Pretty Little Liars S05E07 145.jpg
Sitting in the Rosewood High courtyard, Caleb is reading a comic book when Hanna walks over to him and asks what he is doing. When Caleb tells her he’s there for his exit exam, Hanna wonders how reading about monsters is going on help him, and shouldn’t he be studying. Caleb says that he’ll wing the exam, but Hanna tells him he cannot wing it, “it’s like all of high school in one test”, but Caleb tells her he’s good, “if they ask who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, I’ll say Daniel Day Lewis”. Hanna grabs some of Caleb’s French fries, before apologises when Caleb looks at her, telling him she should have asked, but Caleb tells her she never did. Caleb asks Hanna what is going on, and when she asks what he means, he tells her “you only eat three at a time when you’re bugging out about something”. After Caleb asks if it’s about Alison, Hanna tells him that Emily’s mom is throwing a dinner for Alison tonight, and they all have to be there in case Mrs Fields decides to grill Alison. After Caleb wonders how much immoral support Alison needs, he tells Hanna that if she’s going to make a break, she has to just do it, but Hanna tells him it’s not that easy, and he says that he didn’t say it isn’t going to be messy. Hanna tells Caleb that she’s been through a divorce, “it’s not just about cutting off Alison. I don’t want to get into some weird custody battle over her friends”. Caleb says that if Hanna loses her friends, she’s always got him, and when Hanna just looks at him, he says he should probably get inside. After wishing Caleb good luck, Hanna watches him walk away.

Pacing her kitchen, Hanna asks Caleb where he has been when he walks in the backdoor. Caleb tells her that he got her S.O.S when he was at the store, and when he asks her what is wrong, Hanna asks what he said to Alison before telling him that “she just left me a message, pissed. What did you say to her?” When Hanna asks if Caleb was trying to catch Alison in a lie, Caleb says that he doesn’t have to catch her, he’s way ahead of her, and when he asks who cares if Alison is pissed, Hanna is trying to dump her anyway, Hanna says that she doesn’t need him doing that for her. Asking what Caleb what he just uncapped, and Caleb telling her it’s a beer, Hanna asks what they are celebrating. Caleb tells her they’re celebrating his freedom and that he walked out of the stupid test. Hanna asks why he would do that, and Caleb tells her that algebra and civics don’t mean anything in the real world. Telling him that he is making some really great life choices at the minute, Hanna tells Caleb he needs to leave, “now”, when Caleb mentions that it’s about making a decision, something he can do and Hanna can’t, “I have a dinner to go to”. Putting the beer he was drinking down, Caleb grabs the others in the plastic bag, and telling Hanna to enjoy the pot roast, he leaves.

Walking into the Brew, Caleb buys three brownies and paying for his desserts, he spots Hanna sitting on the couch. Walking over, Caleb asks Hanna if she blew off her dinner, but Hanna tells him that she got kicked out. Caleb asks what happened, and if Emily’s mom caught her spitting into her napkin. Sitting down, Caleb says that he probably shouldn’t be giving advice about her friends, and she should handle Alison, but Hanna cuts him off, telling him she doesn’t want to talk about Alison, “I want to talk about us”.When Caleb asks what she means, Hanna explains that she may be having a hard time making decision lately, but so has he, and when it comes to her, he’s been on the fence ever since he’s got back. Caleb says that they’ve talked about this, “you and Travis”, but Hanna cuts in telling him that there is no her and Travis, "not when you’re back here”. Hanna asks Caleb what he wants, and sighing, Caleb tells her he doesn’t know, “the time that I spent away from here, it made me question a lot. I’m not the same person, I learned stuff about my family, me, the world”. Pausing, Caleb goes on to say that when he looks around the room, he doesn’t see the same stuff he used to see, and when Hanna asks if he still sees her, Caleb tells her of course. Hanna suggests that they should just start there, and looking at each other, Hanna leans in to kiss him. Pulling back, they look at each other and as Hanna’s hand finds Caleb’s, they lean in for another longer, more meaningful kiss.

Scream For Me

Pretty.Little.Liars.S05E08.720p.HDTV 1347.jpg
On the phone with Caleb, Hanna tells him she thought they were meeting for lunch and when Caleb asks her what time it is, Hanna tells him, “half past I’m hungry”. Caleb says that he must have overslept, and that he’ll just throw on clothes on, but Hanna tells him not to worry and she’ll just see him later.

Hanna vents to Caleb in his car about Alison and how she is staying at her house, before looking down to the brown paper bag between them, Hanna asks if there is food in it. As Hanna pulls out a bottle of alcohol, Caleb comments that he thought he was supplying beverages, before wondering if Hanna wants to go on a trip with him. When Hanna wonders if he means somewhere further than his cabin, Caleb tells her somewhere far, and that she’s not the only who needs to change it up. Questioning how Hanna feels about Japan, and Hanna telling him she can’t, Caleb suggests Myanmar, only for Hanna that if she can’t spell it or pronounce it, she can’t go there. Hanna asks if Caleb has anything to cut the alcohol with, and Caleb mentions that he was just going to wait they got back to his place, before asking Hanna is she wants to stop to get sodas. Hanna comments that she needs a sandwich, she’s starving, and asking Caleb if he wants anything, something he shakes his head to, Hanna opens the car door and gets out.

At Caleb’s cabin, Hanna takes a drink of whisky before saying that she thinks Caleb should take her home. As Hanna stands up, Caleb tells her he can’t drive right now, “I can call you a cab or something”. Hanna fiddles with her skirt, and when Caleb asks what’s wrong, Hanna tells him that it is too short. Commenting that it’s not, Caleb pulls her over to him and says that “it’s perfect”, before Hanna sits down on his lap and the two share a kiss. As Hanna reaches for her cell phone, Caleb tells her to wait, wondering if they can call the cab company in half an hour, but Hanna tells him she has to go. Caleb asks if everything is okay, and standing up, Hanna tells him it is, she’s just drunk and tired and she wants to sleep.

March of Crimes

Pretty Little Liars S05E09 163.jpg
Sitting in one of the armchairs, Caleb tracks Hanna as she walks into the cabin and grabs a drink, “Hi Caleb… Hey Hanna, how was your day… My day was fine, how was your?” As Hanna sits down in the other armchair, she mentions that her day sucked, and when Caleb asks her what happened, Hanna asks if they could just watch the movie on TV as she’s not in the greatest mood. Caleb wonders if that mood has anything to do with the party they’re not going to, and when Hanna says she’s not going to that party if he paid her. Caleb questions her why, and Hanna tells him that she’s just not feeling it. Caleb mentions that he’s never seen her turn down free food and a chance to dress up, “last year for Cinco de Mayo we drove ten miles out of town to a gas station just for the free burrito and a mini sombrero”, before asking why she’s acting so weird about it. Hanna tells him “what’s weird is going to a party and listening to toasts about eternal love when one in three marriages end in divorce”. Caleb questions if Hanna is placing her bets on this marriage, and when Hanna doesn’t answer, Caleb asks if this has anything to do with the guy Ella is marrying. Taking a moment, Hanna mentions that “he’s just gross”, and when Caleb asks her to be a bit more specific, Hanna says that he’s a sleaze, “he gave me his number and he wants to meet up. Although no one seems to believe me”. Caleb tells Hanna that he believes her, before wondering why she didn’t tell him. Hanna comments that it’s not a big deal, but Caleb tells her it is, and as he tries to say something, Hanna says that it’s embarrassing. Caleb comments that it’s embarrassing for Zack, and Hanna wonders why she’s the one who feels like crawling into a hole and never coming out of it. As Hanna says she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, Caleb stands up and tells her that there’s not a lot to eat, so he’s going to stop in at Maggiano’s and get Hanna her favourite. After telling Hanna to stay at the cabin and watch the chickiest chick flick she can find, Caleb leans down to kiss her, and telling her that he’ll be back soon, he starts to leave.

Arriving back at the cabin, Caleb walks straight to the fridge and grabs some ice from the freezer, while Hanna asks where he has been. When Caleb mentions that “he’s a piece of crap, but he has a strong jaw”, Hanna watches as Caleb puts some ice in a tea towel, and standing up she says she hopes he didn’t, but Caleb tells her “of course I did”. When Hanna drops her head into her hands, Caleb tells her that there’s a problem, and Hanna tells him “yeah, no kidding. How’s Zack going to explain he got a fat lip?” Caleb passes Hanna a note and after reading it, Hanna says that she didn’t write it. Caleb tells her he knows, and questions if she thinks that ‘A’ decided to get in the mix and seeing that Zack was a dirt bag, decided to move things along. Hanna realises that the note is the reason Zack got into her car, and Caleb agrees with her.

A Dark Ali

Pretty Little Liars S05E10 Haleb.jpg
At Caleb’s cabin, Caleb wonders how ‘A’ could get someone to confess, while Hanna throws a heap of food and drink into the trash bin. When Hanna says that she doesn’t know, Caleb questions what Alison is going to do, to which Hanna says that she will do whatever the hell she wants. Caleb questions if Hanna thinks she should find out, Hanna tells his no, before throwing a slice of pizza in the bin. Caleb tells her that he was eating that, before following Hanna into the kitchenette and asking what she is doing. Turning back from the fridge, Hanna tells him that none of food is good for him, and questions when the last time they ate a vegetable that wasn’t battered and fried. Caleb tells her to stop trash talking to diet, and asks what is going on, to which Hanna tells him nothing, “just another day in the life of Alison DiLaurentis”. Going on, Hanna says that Alison is in the driver’s seat of her life, “and I’m supposed to watch her just steer me off a cliff. I’m sick of it”. Reaching back into the fridge, Hanna grabs something and Caleb tells Hanna to “toss her, not my fried zucchini”. Hanna says that the other day Ms Adinolfi made an announcement about chorus auditions for a solo and all the girls started freaking out, and she wondered what it would be like to lose sleep over some stupid chorus audition. Hanna questions if that is what normal people do, and Caleb reminds her that “normal people are not being hounded by A”, and besides, “you don’t care about that stuff”. Hanna comments that maybe she should, and while she doesn’t know what she’s going to do about Alison, she is going to that stupid audition.

Running down the street, Hanna tells Caleb that she’s really glad they’re “doing this”, and Caleb says he is as well before asking Hanna if she’s good. Hanna tells him she is, before asking if they’re almost done. As a car drives past them, Caleb questions if it’s Spencer, and grabbing his arm, Hanna wonders that maybe they should just go back the other way, but Caleb reminds her that “it’s a loop”. When Hanna starts to run off, not interested in what Spencer has to say, Spencer yells after her, but Caleb tells Spencer to “lay off it”. When Spencer asks what’s going on, Caleb tells her that she asked him to help Hanna, “that’s what I’m doing”.

In the Marin’s foyer, Caleb asks Hanna how Cyrus got away if Alison identified him, and Hanna says that once the clock stuck 8:10pm, he was a free man. Hanna goes on to say that ‘A’ must have had a getaway car out back and by the time Tanner called in the ID, Cyrus was gone. Caleb says gone or not, ‘A’ could still use it against them, and Hanna tells him she knows, “but Spencer has a plan”. Caleb questions if it’s a good one, and Hanna tells him no, it’s awful, even for Spencer. As Caleb looks over his shoulder to Aria and Spencer in the kitchen, Hanna apologises to him for lying. Caleb tells her they can’t get control back by avoiding what’s going on, before saying that it makes her feel any better, he didn’t exactly have a kale salad for lunch. Laughing, Hanna questions him, and Caleb says he had a bacon calzone. Caleb tells Hanna to give him a call if she needs anything, and Hanna tells him that she will, before saying that she loves him and they share a goodbye kiss.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Pretty Little Liars S05E11 207.jpg
Asleep in one of the armchairs at the cabin, Caleb is startled awake when Hanna goes to kiss his forehead. Caleb comments that Hanna scared the hell out of him, and having picked up a bottle of vodka that Caleb knocked to the floor, Hanna rhetorically asks him what it is. Caleb tells her that it’s nothing and as they walk into the kitchenette, Hanna says she thought they had a deal. Caleb tells her that it “wasn’t so much a deal”, it was more an understanding, and when Hanna says that they were going to stop drinking, Caleb mentions that it helps him when he can’t sleep. Hanna wonders why he can’t sleep and instead of answering, Caleb asks her what happened with the police. When Hanna says that they never made it, Caleb asks why not, and Hanna explains that “A chopped us off at the ankles. That’s why not”. Going on, Hanna says that they can’t be telling people that they haven’t seen Alison when there are “pictures of her leaving my hospital room when she was supposed to be dead”. Caleb questions that ‘A’ has those pictures, and Hanna comments that they’re back where they started. As Hanna mentions that they’re always end back where they started, Caleb looks around uncomfortably and Hanna tells him to go ahead, she’s not going to stop him.

At the Apple Rose Grille, Hanna kisses Caleb in greeting, before listening as Toby tells Caleb that Hanna says that he’s having trouble sleeping. When Caleb tries to walk out of the Grille, Toby tells him that Hanna is scared and if he walks away, she’s still going to be afraid. As Toby questions if Caleb wants things to stay like that, Caleb looks towards Hanna.

As Caleb gets up from his seat, Hanna grabs her jacket and goes to go after him but he brushes her off and keeps on walking out of the establishment.

Sitting in the dark in Caleb’s cabin, Hanna turns on the lamp as Caleb walks in and starts to pack up his things, “going somewhere?” Caleb tells her that he shouldn’t have come back, and that she had no right to pull some stupid intervention on him. As Caleb packs, Hanna tells him that he’s right about that, so she came here to apologise, “but that was an hour ago and I changed her mind, sitting here in the dark wondering if you’re in an alley somewhere or wrapped around a tree”. Caleb says that he can take care of himself, to which Hanna says that he can’t. Turning to face her, Caleb questions her, and Hanna tells him that she said no, he can’t. Hanna mentions that Caleb thinks he can, and usually he can, but this time he’s wrong and he knows it. Hanna tells Caleb that she’ll fight for him, but he has to trust her, and if they don’t trust each other, she may as well help him pack.

Pacing, Caleb tells Hanna that they called it a pact, but what Ravenswood made was a contract. When Hanna questions that it was made with the preacher, Caleb says that it was with what the preacher represented, “but contracts have loopholes”. Hanna asks Caleb what he did, “you and the others”, and Caleb says that they took the jars down to the bridge where the car went in the water that first night and they opened them, all of them, and released whatever was inside. Hanna wonders what happened, and Caleb tells her nothing for a minute, “then the woods were filled with fireflies. Millions of them”. Caleb says that they drifted up into the trees and they were gone, “Mrs Grunwald called it ‘great ascendency’”. When Hanna asks what happened after that, Caleb says that there were no demons, no messages, no revenge. As Hanna mentions that there was also no Miranda, Caleb says that she was gone. Hanna tells him that he kept his promise, he took care of her, and Caleb tells her that he has spent this whole time trying to talk himself into that. Hanna says that he did help her, “and now you’re back with me”. Caleb mentions that he’s not the same person as when he left Rosewood, and standing up, Hanna tells him he is, she knows him. Looking away, Caleb picks the planchette from the Ouija board, “you see this. It’s just a game. A toy, right? That’s a lie. This is real. People turned it into a game and they forgot what it’s really for. They forgot because they were afraid of it”. Going on, Caleb tells Hanna that there is a whole other world, just right past the corner of their eye, “and I’ve seen it”. Hanna realises that’s why Caleb can’t sleep, and Caleb tells her that he can sleep, he’s just afraid of his own dreams. When Hanna asks why, Caleb takes a moment before saying that after she died, the first time Miranda talked to him was in a dream, and that he’s just afraid that she’s going to show up again and she’s going to tell him that he was all wrong, and that she’s not okay, and that it’s his fault. Hanna tells Caleb that maybe he’s not the same person he was when he left, but she’s not exactly who she used to be either. Saying that they’ll get through this, Hanna tells him that she didn’t come this far not to have a happy ending. Putting the planchette down on the coffee table, Hanna wraps her arm around Caleb’s neck and draws him into a kiss.

Caleb is finally getting a good night's sleep on the couch as Hanna watches the fireflies out of the cabin’s screen door.

Taking This One to the Grave

Pretty Little Liars S05E12 Haleb.jpg
Hanna and Caleb are having trouble with some fairy lights, and Caleb asks Hanna which one she touched. As Hanna says she touched all of them, “I don’t know”, Emily walks past and tells them to try one of the red ones because they always go out. When the lights start to work, Emily comments that she told them so, and that they all should deck the halls and fa la la la la. When Emily has walked off, Caleb asks what is wrong with Emily, to which Hanna tells him to read her boobs, the girl loves Christmas.

Hanna and Caleb are still sorting out the lights when Hanna gets an incoming call from Mona, but she tells Caleb that it is her mom calling.

Having ended her call, Hanna walks over to Emily and Caleb at the nativity scene, where Caleb asks how everything is at home. Hanna tells him everything is good, Ashley just needs cranberries. Knitting his brows slightly together, Caleb tells Hanna that they were “on the list”, and that they should be in the fridge. Hanna tells Caleb that she knows, but her grandma likes the canned kind, “you know, the ones you slice”. Emily pipes in and says that she thought Hanna’s grandmother always made a salad with cranberries and marshmallows in it. Caleb notices Hanna give Emily a look, and after Paige has called out to Emily, and Emily has left, Caleb asks, “what was that?” Hanna asks what he’s talking about, and shaking his head, Caleb tells her, “Hanna, I know when you’re lying to me”.

As Spencer questions what she was desperate enough to do, Caleb walks into the Hastings’ house and finishes her sentence for her when Spencer pulls herself up short, “kill Bethany”. Hanna walks up to Caleb, telling him he was supposed to keep that secret, but Caleb tells her that Mona came to him. With a grin, Mona says that she knew Hanna would tell Caleb, so she asked for his help. Emily asks if there are any other helpers coming, to which Aria quickly states that she didn’t tell her bed buddy, and Spencer says that she didn’t either. Hanna tells the girls that she’s sorry, “but could you lie to that face?”

Sitting with Hanna in her car, Caleb hacks into Radley’s security. Hanna asks if he’s in, and after a few more keystrokes, Caleb tells her, “we’re in”. After Spencer and Mona, who are dresses as nurses, walk through the back doors, Caleb and Hanna share a nervous look.

Hanna and Caleb watch as a car pulls up at the back exit doors of Radley. When they notice Holbrook get out of the driver’s side, they quickly try to make themselves discreet. Caleb pulls the sun visor down and ducks under the dash, while Hanna tells Mona through a cell phone earpiece that they have a red light.

Caleb is looking over some papers that fell from the sun visor, while Hanna is leaving a voicemail for Emily. After Hanna ends the call, Caleb asks her what the papers are. Hanna tries to feign innocence, but Caleb tells her to stop stalling. Hanna tells him it’s obviously a list of colleges, to which Caleb tells her that it’s a list of schools that only brainiacs go to. Hanna tells him “yeah, so”, and when Caleb gives her a lot, Hanna asks if he knows the test they make you take, “the S.C.T’s?” Furrowing his brows, Caleb asks if she means the S.A.T’s, and telling him she doesn’t remember which one it was, Hanna goes on to say that apparently she did kind of good on it. When Caleb asks how good is kind of good, Hanna tells him it was good enough that the guidance counsellor called her in for cheating, “but I didn’t, cheat”. As Hanna focuses back on the exit doors, Caleb smirks at her proudly.

Caleb and Hanna are still sitting in the car when Aria gets in.

Standing by a police vehicle as the Vanderwaal house is taped off as a crime scene, Hanna and Caleb, along with Emily and Paige, and Aria and Ezra, stand huddled together, visibly upset and shaken. Caleb listen on as Detective Holbrook tells the waiting press that while the investigation is ongoing, they have ruled what has happened a homicide and that Mona Vanderwaal was murdered.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Pretty Little Liars S05E13 Haleb.jpg
In the Rosewood Church, Caleb approaches Hanna, who, like he, is dressed as an elf. Hanna asks Caleb what’s wrong, and after giving her a look, Caleb says that he’s pretty sure some kid peed on him, “and that mean little girl, she keeps calling me Dumb Dumb”. Hanna asks what mean girl he’s referring to, and Caleb tells her, “Ali’s little mini me”. As Caleb points out who the mean girl is, Hanna and Caleb listen as she tells her friends that they can call Claire, who is deaf, whatever they want, because she can’t hear them. Caleb watches and listens as Hanna calls the group of girls over, telling them that if they mess with Claire, they deal with her. After Hanna tells the mean girl’s friends that they don’t need a leader, they just need each other, Caleb comments that he would say that she put the fear of Hanna in her. Hanna then mentions that Mona used to say that when someone shows you who they are, you believe them. Turning back towards Caleb, Hanna tells him that she doesn’t think people change, they just get better at hiding it, “but mean girls stay mean”

At the Masquerade Ice Ball, Hanna and Caleb, along with Emily and Paige, and Aria and Ezra, slow dance under the lit up gazebo, until everyone turns their attention to the top of the staircase. Walking to the edge of the gazebo, Hanna, Caleb, the other couples and Spencer watch as Alison, followed by four other girls, make their grand entrance. Hanna queries who the other girls are, but her question hangs in the air unanswered. As Alison greets some of the guests, Spencer turns to Hanna and tells her that they should get out of here while everyone is still basking in the glow of Ali. Hanna begins to step down from the gazebo when Caleb calls out her name and kisses her when she turns back around, before telling her to be careful.

In the Hastings’ living room, Caleb holds an icepack to Hanna’s head as they and the other couples listens as Toby says that the letter Hanna found proves that Alison knew Bethany, and that it may create enough reasonable doubt to clear Spencer’s name. As the clock strikes midnight, Hanna holds onto Caleb’s arm when he places it over her shoulder.

Hanna tells Emily, Aria and Spencer that her mom always said that Christmas was wherever they were, as long as they were together. Suddenly Caleb’s voice tells the girls that “we are… together”, and looking up, the girls find Caleb, Toby, Ezra and Paige on the Hastings’ staircase wearing Santa boxers, “Merry Christmas”.

Hanna and Caleb joke around with some Christmas decorations, as everyone else huddles around the island bench in the Hastings’ kitchen.

Sitting by the roaring fire, Hanna looks at a photo of Mona on her phone. When Caleb sits down next to her, Hanna tells him that Mona should be with them tonight, “the only reason we’re celebrating is because of her”, before Caleb pulls her into a hug.

Hanna, Caleb and the others sit at the table, as Ezra serves up Christmas chicken. As Ezra sits down, Aria tells them that they should all say a prayer, and they link hands with one another.

Laughing and enjoying each others company, everyone starts to serve their plates with food.

Hanna and Caleb listen as Emily toasts to their family, may they always stay together, before clinking glasses with everyone. Suddenly everyone hears the sound of bells and something falling down the chimney. Getting up from the table, everyone heads outside where they find a Christmas tree all lit up in Spencer’s backyard. As they’re admiring the tree, snow starts falling and a message over Spencer’s barn lights up, “Merry Christmas, Bitches. –A”.

Through a Glass, Darkly

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In the Marin kitchen, Hanna is serving Caleb and herself some ice cream. Caleb questions that Hanna stayed with Mona’s mom after the others left, and Hanna tells him that they cleaned up, “and she told me how she wished she would have done more when Mona told her about Alison”. Shaking her head, Hanna mentions that she wanted to crawl under a rug, “we pushed her to help us”, but Caleb tells her that Mona was on Alison’s radar long before that. Hanna says that she still feels awful, before asking if Caleb’s had any luck with Mona’s laptop. Shaking his head and picking up the laptop, Caleb says no, “I know why Mona wasn’t afraid to let me keep it. It is completely encrypted and secured unlike anything I’ve ever seen”. Caleb mentions that the only thing he knows for sure is that there are chunks of the hard drive that he is completely locked out of. Hanna says that Mona went to all that trouble so there must be something on there, and Caleb tells her that he’s not giving up, “my ego’s at stake now”. Hanna then asks Caleb what he thinks Alison did with Mona’s body, and Caleb says that Alison’s the only one with that information, “and I don’t see her making that public knowledge”. Hanna mentions that maybe there’s somebody else who knows, or somebody who could find out, and when Caleb asks who, Hanna tells him, “Mrs Grunwald”. Getting up from the island bench, Caleb tells her that it’s not a good idea. Hanna says that she’s a psychic, “a real psychic. She’s not some card flipper at the carnival. She has a real gift and we both know it”. Throwing his hands up in the air, Caleb tells Hanna that she can’t mess around with “that stuff”, and that Hanna should believe him. Standing up, Hanna questions who else they can ask, before stating that Mrs Grunwald saved Alison when Mrs D planted her, and that she knows all of them. When Hanna says that Mrs Grunwald seems to like them in “some disturbing, creepy sort of way”, Caleb tells her that it’s not like lowjack, “you cannot just call her up and ask ‘where’s the body?’ And even if she could tell you, how are you going to explain to Mrs Vanderwaal where you got the information? Or the police?” Telling Hanna that he knows how she feels about Mona’s mom, Caleb mentions that calling “the Grunwald” is not going to help anybody.

Fresh Meat

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Answering his phone, Caleb greets Hanna, who tells him to save her. When Caleb asks what’s wrong, Hanna tells him that her buddy has verbal diarrhea, and that the back of a cereal box is more interesting. Caleb tells her that he’s sorry, to which Hanna says that it was supposed to make him laugh. Hanna asks if Caleb is okay, and after umming and ahhing, Caleb tells her, “Toby was on a search of Mona’s property and found a bloody knife”. Hanna questions, “what?”, and Caleb explains that it’s from the Cavanaugh’s cabin. Hanna asks who put it there, and if it was Holbrook, before telling Caleb that she’s coming home. Caleb tells her that she’s not, “that is exactly what ‘A’ wants. For you to drop everything. Don’t”.

Over a Barrel

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In his apartment with Hanna and Spencer, Caleb he tries to track the text message that each of the Liars received. Hanna comments that “obviously ghosts don’t have fingers, so how was Mona sending those texts?”, to which Spencer explains that it was an alert sent automatically by a security company. Caleb mentions that Mona post some kind of low-jack on her laptop before she died, and “someone must have gotten through the encryption and set off an alarm”. Hanna recalls that the text had a bunch of numbers, and Spencer tells her that they were GPS coordinates. Walking around to face Caleb’s computers, Hanna listens as Caleb says that Mona’s laptop is still in the location of the GPS coordinates, to which Hanna wonders if that “blinky thing” is where Alison hid Mona’s laptop. Caleb mentions that Mona’s security is usually incredibly tight, but it’s almost as if she purposefully made it easy for him to log in, which has Hanna questioning whether they can get Mona’s laptop back if "Ali took it". Caleb questions whether the girls think that the storage unit is where Holbrook is hiding, and Hanna explains that Aria is going to text when she’s at the Grille, “if Holbrook’s with her, then that gives us time to go in and look around”. As Hanna’s phone rings, Spencer comments that that was fast, and when Caleb asks whose driving, Hanna tells them both to “hold your horses”, and that the call is for her. When Hanna ends her call with Ted, Spencer questions that the Pastor’s back, and Hanna explains he got back this morning, and he wants to meet with her. When Spencer’s phone starts to go off, she says that that’s Aria, and when Caleb asks if Hanna wants them to drop her off, Hanna tells him no, “I’ll go by myself”. Hanna tells Caleb that if he sees anything suspicious, not to pick it up, before turning to Spencer and telling her not to let Caleb pick anything up. Questioning what they say about rats in a corner, Hanna listens as Spencer tells her that a cornered rat will bite, before telling Spencer and Caleb to remember that Holbrook is a rat.

Cleaning the dishes, Hanna stops when Caleb knocks on the patio doors. Hanna lets him in, and when Caleb asks if Ashley is home, Hanna tells him she cried herself to sleep, “Ted popped the question tonight”. Caleb questioned that Ashley cried, and Hanna mentions that Ashley and Ted still haven’t figured it out yet. Hanna wonders if Caleb has been with Spencer this whole time, “you didn’t even call me back”, to which Caleb says he got Hanna’s message. Turning his back on Hanna, Caleb gathers his thoughts, before turning back around and telling Hanna to listen, “Spencer asked me to look into something and it took longer than I thought”. Hanna asks if it’s about the storage unit, and Caleb tells her that he found out the name on the rental agreement. Hanna asks who rented it, “Holbrook? Alison?”, but shaking his head, Caleb tells Hanna that the storage unit is rented in her name, “and I’m pretty sure Mona’s body is hidden inside of it”.

The Bin of Sin

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In Caleb’s apartment, Hanna looks at Caleb’s computer as Aria asks if they seriously think Mona’s body is in the barrel in the storage unit, and Caleb tells her they do. After Hanna shows the other Liars the lease agreement for the storage unit, and Aria says that it must be payback for Hanna visiting Alison, Spencer and Emily both question when Hanna visited Alison and why Aria was the only one who knew. Getting up from his computer, Caleb tells them that Hanna visiting Alison has nothing to do with the lease agreement, “that storage unit was rented in Hanna’s name four months ago. The day before Mona was murdered”. Looking to Hanna, Spencer mentions that it was Alison’s plan all along to blame her, and when Hanna says that the bloody knife Toby found probably has all her prints on it, Caleb turns to Spencer and comments that it was a good choice to get rid of it. Hanna wants to move the evidence from the storage unit, and when she says she doesn’t have an alibi for Mona’s murder, Caleb steps in and tells her she does, “you were with me at your house prepping the Thanksgiving turkey”, but Hanna reminds Caleb that they were alone, “the cops will just think you’re protecting me”. Caleb mentions that they do have one thing going for them, “we’re a step ahead of Holbrook”, and that he doesn’t know they’ve traced Mona’s laptop back to the storage unit. Caleb tells the girls that they have some time to play a little offense, “I will corrupt there data files and make sure Hanna’s name is no longer connected to that bin”. Unhappy with the plan the others are making, Hanna storms from Caleb’s apartment, leaving Caleb calling out her name, “Hanna”.

Knocking on Hanna’s patio doors, Caleb tells Hanna, “mission accomplished”, after they greet one another. Hanna asks if he erased the files, to which Caleb tells her that he didn’t erase them, but he did corrupt them. Caleb wonders if Hanna wants him to tell the girls, but Hanna tells him not yet, before opening the patio door fully. Walking into the house, Caleb questions what all the things on the kitchen counter are, to which Hanna just gives him a look.

Closing the patio door, Caleb tells Hanna that she can’t move everything from the storage unit alone, “you will get caught”. Hanna says that she knows, “that’s why you’re going to help me”, but Caleb tells her no, “I’m not”. When Caleb says that they agreed they weren’t going to touch anything, Hanna tells him that everyone else agreed, “and since I could spend the rest of my life in an orange jumpsuit, I think I have the final say”. Caleb mentions that they’re never going to pull this off, but Hanna tells him they will, “I found a drill bit that can break that lock”, before saying that she’s already rented a van and a dolly. Caleb then asks what Hanna is going to do with everything inside the bin, and Hanna says that they’ll burn the clothes and personal items. Caleb questions what they’ll do with the barrel, and Hanna explains that they’ll roll it into the woods somewhere and then they’ll call the police with a burner phone. Caleb tells her that the police will trace her tyre tracks, and when Hanna says she won’t on any dirt roads, Caleb tells her that she’s not a forensic expert, “you cannot possibility know everything you need to do to avoid leaving a trace”. Zipping up the duffle, Hanna says that Alison’s gone to a lot of trouble to pin this on her, and for all she knows, Alison could have stuck a wad of her gum on one of Mona’s shoes, and that her DNA could be anywhere in there. Going on, Hanna says that she has no choice to do this, “just like you didn’t when you found that knife”. After Hanna says that it has to work, Caleb takes a minute before telling her that she forgot one thing, “the cameras”.

At the storage unit facility, Hanna and Caleb are at a security surveillance box. Hanna asks if Caleb doesn’t think anyone will check the cameras, to which Caleb tells her that nobody was watching the monitors when they walked by the office. Hanna questions what will happen if they do, and Caleb says that they’ll deal with it when it then, “it’s better to take that chance then have any of this recorded”. Cutting a cord, Caleb tells Hanna that they’re good to go. As Hanna starts walking down the corridor, Caleb asks where she’s going, and Hanna explains that she wants to see what they’re dealing with first. At unit 1017, Caleb takes the drill Hanna passes him, and after looking over his shoulder, he begins to drill the lock.

Watching as Caleb drills through the lock, Hanna tells him to “hurry up”, only for Caleb to say that he’s going as fast as he can. After getting the lock open, Caleb helps Hanna pack away their equipment before he opens the door and two walk in. Hanna flicks on the light switch and the two find the unit empty except for the barrel sitting in the middle of the room, “so much for being a step ahead of Holbrook”. Hanna questions why Holbrook would leave the barrel, and throwing up his hands, Caleb says that he doesn’t know, “maybe he thought it was too heavy to carry himself”. Caleb says they need to open the barrel, and when Hanna tells him no, she can’t look, Caleb just gives her a look. Hanna comments that Mona’s body might actually be in there, “it’s bad enough that she’s gone, but if she went like this…” After looking from Hanna to the barrel and back to Hanna, Caleb tells her that if Mona’s body is inside the barrel, they have to get it out of here. Looking back to the barrel, Caleb tells Hanna that they need to get the dolly.

As Hanna and Caleb are walking through the corridors, Hanna asks Caleb which way the exit is. Looking around, Caleb tells her he thinks it’s around the corner, and as they continue to walk down the corridor they come face-to-face with Toby and Lieutenant Tanner.

Hanna listens as Tanner questions Caleb about him renting a storage unit. As Hanna shifts the duffle bag on her shoulder, Tanner questions if she’s nervous about something. When Hanna says that she just really has to pee, Tanner tells her she better get going, so Hanna and Caleb continue on their way.

In Caleb’s apartment, Hanna tells Caleb that Holbrook recorded their whole conversation, "he knew that we were going to the storage unit”. Caleb realises that Holbrook set them up, and Hanna comments that he’s probably already sent that video to Tanner. Caleb mentions that if he did they wouldn’t be standing where they are, to which Hanna says that it’s only a matter of time before he does. Caleb tells her that they’ll deal with that when it happens, and sighing, Hanna tells Caleb that he told her not to touch the evidence, “and I didn’t listen”. Saying that she pulled him into this mess, Hanna tells Caleb she’s not going to drag him down any further. Caleb asks what Hanna means, and Hanna explains that if Holbrook shows Tanner the video, she’ll just say that she forced Caleb to go with her, “and that you lied for me, and that it was my idea”. Caleb tells Hanna that Tanner won’t see it like that, and when Hanna says that Caleb should just stay away from her for a while, Caleb stops Hanna from walking out, telling her that that’s not going to happen. Raising her voice, Hanna tells Caleb he doesn’t get it, “I’m dangerous to be around right now. If this little plan of Ali’s doesn’t work out then she’s going to think of something else”. As Hanna says that Alison’s not going to give up, Caleb comments that they’ll then both be behind bars, “maybe not at the same facility”. Hanna tells Caleb that she’s serious, and looking at her, Caleb tells Hanna that he is as well, before he pulls her in for a hug.

Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me

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Sitting down on a seat at the Rosewood Police Department, Hanna tells Caleb that her mom will be “here” in a couple of minutes. Caleb asks Hanna how Ashley is, and when Hanna says that she has a lot going on and she doesn’t need this, Caleb questions whether Hanna thinks Ashley is going to marry Ted. Shrugging, Hanna says that it doesn’t matter what she thinks, it matter what Ashley wants. Turning to Caleb, Hanna mentions that she had a bad thought, “you know that video of me and you that ‘A’ used to trap Spencer and Aria… what if the cops get a hold of it?” Caleb comments that they’ll burn that bridge when they come to it, and as Hanna looks away, Caleb says that at least it won’t happen again, “I locked out remote access to all of our computers. Nobody can tap those cameras again”. Saying that there’s nothing connecting them to the busted lock besides bad timing, Caleb reminds Hanna that they can’t arrest them for that. After Hanna says they can’t yet, Hanna and Caleb turn and look through a glass window when they hear Holbrook’s raised voice. Watching as Holbrook starts to angrily pack his desk, Caleb and Hanna stand. When they come face-to-face with Holbrook, Caleb and Hanna listens as Holbrook mutters perfect, just perfect.

In his apartment, Caleb comments that he thought Hanna had said that Alison had cleared all the Radley material from Mona’s house. Hanna says that is what they thought, “but she hid this one. She didn’t keep it with the others”, to which Caleb says they should find out why. Caleb puts the tape into a recording device, and after Caleb presses play, Hanna and Caleb listen as Bethany Young says that ‘she’s’ a bitch, an evil bitch. Going on, Bethany explains that she doesn’t mean nasty or rude, she means evil, without a soul, and you could be the nicest person in the world and ‘she’ gets them to do whatever she wants. After listening to Bethany storm out of where the recording took place, Caleb pauses the recording and asks Hanna what the hell that was. Hanna says that that was Bethany, “and she’s talking about Alison, right?” Saying they should listen to the whole thing, Caleb rewinds the tape.

Out, Damned Spot

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Lying on her bed, Hanna is the phone with Caleb, “no one wants to believe that Mike is helping Ali. But if Ali could take down Holbrook, a grown ass man with a police badge, who knows what she could do to Aria’s brother”. When Ashley walks into her bedroom, Hanna tells Caleb that she’s got to go.

Pretty Isn't the Point

Pretty Little Liars S05E20 Haleb.jpg
Sitting on the bed in Caleb’s apartment as Caleb is putting together a flat pack, Hanna says that that necklace they found in Mike’s bedroom said ‘I’m with you’. Caleb wonders how they can be so sure it’s for Alison, to which Hanna questions who else it could be for, “Mike has been to her jail cell more than once, and he’s meeting up with her sketchy friends, leaving candy grams in the woods and he just took out a huge withdrawal from A’s bank account last week”. As Caleb comment that Mike’s using Alison’s money to buy gifts for Caleb, Hanna’s cell phone beeps. When Hanna ignores the call, Caleb asks whether she wants him to him to say something to Aria’s brother, but Hanna tells him no, “no. God no”. Hanna’s phone starts to ring again, and when Caleb wonders why she isn’t answering and if it’s Aria, Hanna tells him it’s not and she’ll just call her later. Caleb questions Hanna’s use of the word her, and when he asks what is going on, Hanna says that it’s nothing. Getting up from the bed, Hanna says that she doesn’t even know if she’s going to go through with this, “the coach is pricey and if it’s going to cost me money just to be in this thing…" Confused, Caleb tells Hanna to “slow down”, before adding for her to “speak English”. Having grabbed a water from the fridge, Hanna explains that she enrolled in a beauty pageant, “Miss Teen County Wide”, and when Caleb just laughs, Hanna exclaims that the winner gets a $20,000 prize, “I could use that towards my tuition”. Getting up from the bed, Caleb tells Hanna to stop, and that there has to be a better way to bankroll college than “parading around in a bikini and being judged like a heifer at a 4-H fair”. Caleb then listens as Hanna says that this isn’t about big hair and twirling a baton, she has to have this money so she can get out of Rosewood. Saying “okay”, Caleb begs for Hanna to let him help her, “we’ll call my mom in Santa Barbara. The guy that she’s married to, he’s loaded. We’ll ask them for a loan”, but Hanna says after her dad basically slammed the door in her face, “no way. I am not asking anyone for anymore help”. After saying “fine”, Caleb wonders if Hanna has really thought this through, “that pageant world is squeaky clean, and last week you were modelling a HAZMAT suit and pushing around a barrel with a liquefied friend inside”, to which Hanna tells him that she’s already talked herself into it, so she doesn’t need any other reason to back out, “I’m going to do this. I have to”.

Entering the room where Hanna and Emily are practicing Hanna’s dance routine, Caleb watches them perform. When the girls finish their routine, Hanna tells Caleb that that’s where he applauds, to which Caleb tells her that he’s holding two cheesesteaks, “I don’t have enough hands”. Hanna then asks what Caleb seriously thought, and Caleb tells her that it was good. Hanna questions him, “good?”, before saying that “good is not good enough”. Caleb listens as Hanna says that in two hours her coach is coming over to check on her progress, and when Emily says that she’ll be here to support Hanna, Hanna questions if Emily has met her coach. Hanna adds that her coach makes you feel like the girl at fat camp who got caught eating her toothpaste, and when Caleb and Emily both just look at her, Hanna questions them, “what?”, before saying that it was minty. Hanna notices an unease to Caleb and when she asks what’s going on, Caleb mentions that somebody else signed up to be in the pageant. As Caleb is passing the signup sheet to Hanna, Emily asks who it is, and when Hanna reacts to seeing who it is, “no freakin’ way”, Emily again asks who it is, to which Caleb explains, “Kate Randall has this room reserved tomorrow at 7pm”. As Hanna starts to storm from the dance room, Caleb comments that she cannot go and punch Kate out, to which Hanna says that she’s going to the bathroom, “to pee”, and when she gets back, she and Emily are going to rehearse until it’s perfect. Listening as Hanna says that she’s not going to let Kate take this away from her, Caleb helplessly looks over to Emily once Hanna has left the room.

To Plea or Not to Plea

Pretty Little Liars S05E22 Haleb.jpg
Pacing Caleb’s apartment, Hanna tells him that Tanner saw them both at the storage unit, “after she takes me down she can go after you to and it’ll be all my fault”. Caleb tells Hanna to calm down, before saying that as far as they know, all Tanner has is her suspicion, “if she had enough evidence to arrest you, she’d have done it already”. Hanna questions that Caleb is saying that if Alison doesn’t take the plea this whole nightmare can go away, but Caleb tells her they’ll have to wait to see what other evidence the police have on her. Hanna questions how, and Caleb says they find out by talking with Toby. Saying that they’ve already been down that road with Toby, “he’s not going to tell us anything”, Hanna listens as Caleb tells her that he’s not going to give Toby a choice this time. As there’s a knock on the door, Hanna watches as Caleb goes to open it, and when he does, Hanna listens as her mom tells her that she needs to come home with her.

Opening the patio doors for Caleb, Hanna listens as he asks if Ashley is home. Saying that her mom’s not, “she’s in town meeting with a lawyer”, Hanna asks why, but Caleb doesn’t answer. Hanna presses, asking what’s wrong, and its then that Caleb explains that he just got off the phone with Toby. Hanna questions if Toby told him what evidence the police have against her, but Caleb shakes his head, “he wanted me to know that a judge just issued a warrant for your arrest”. Realising that Alison took the plea, Hanna listens as Caleb says that he guesses so. Hanna then questions how Alison could do this to her, and Caleb suggests that Alison may have panicked. As Hanna says that she has to get out of here, Caleb questions where she’s going to go, to which Hanna tells him she doesn’t know, “anywhere but here”. Saying that Hanna cannot run, “they’ll find you and it’ll only make things worse”, Caleb listens as Hanna wonders how things will get worse, she’s already going to be arrested for something she didn’t do. As Hanna adds that there’s no way out, Caleb tells her yes, “yes there is”, and she can tell Tanner about ‘A’. Hanna says that she can’t do that, but Caleb tells her that’s who’s doing this to her, “not Alison”. Listening as Hanna comments that ‘A’ will retaliate, Caleb mentions that ‘A’ already has, “over and over again”. Caleb then tells Hanna that it’s time to put a stop to it, but Hanna says that this isn’t a decision she can make on her own, “this affects Aria, Spencer and Emily just as much as me”. Saying that Hanna doesn’t have time to discuss this with them, Caleb listens as Hanna says that if she tells Tanner everything unravels: all of their secrets, all the lies they’ve told, their time in New York, Shana, Aria. Caleb comments that Hanna’s friends will understand, to which Hanna says that if they don’t, she’ll be screwing them just like Alison’s screwed her. Commenting that the cops are probably already on their way here, Caleb tells Hanna that he understands that doing this will change everything “for you, for us, for everybody”, but he doesn’t see what choice Hanna has.

Sitting in the car out the front of the Rosewood Police Department, Caleb gets out and starts walking across the road. When he notices that Hanna hasn’t followed suit, he goes and opens her door. As Hanna gets out, Caleb tells her that she can do this, to which Hanna questions what if Tanner doesn’t believe her. Caleb reminds her that she has all of those threats from ‘A’ on her phone, “she’s going to believe you”. Stepping in for a hug, Hanna and Caleb hold onto each other tight. As they pull away, Caleb asks if Hanna is ready, and telling him, “yeah”, Hanna and Caleb start walking off towards the Police Department.

Inside the Rosewood Police Department, Hanna listens as an Officer asks what she wanted to speak with Lieutenant Tanner about. Hanna tells the Officer that someone’s framing her and Alison DiLaurentis for Mona Vanderwaal’s murder, “and I can prove it”. The officer looks between Hanna and Caleb, before asking Hanna what her name is. Hanna gives her name to the Officer, and he tells her to hold on, and he’ll be right back. Getting out her cell phone, Hanna looks over the messages from ‘A’, when all of a sudden someone remotely gains access to the messages, “wait, what just happened?” Passing the device to Caleb, they watch as her cell is remotely hacked, and all the ‘A’ messages are deleted. As Caleb says that the hacker is wiping Hanna’s cell clean, Hanna takes the phone back. When the Officer comes back and announces that Tanner will see Hanna, and just Hanna, both Hanna and Caleb look up, their faces shocked.

The Melody Lingers On

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Sitting across from Hanna at Chester County Women’s Correctional Facility, Caleb questions that all that time Alison was talking to somebody about her mother and she never told Hanna and the girls, to which Hanna says that Alison thinks it was Mona. Saying that Alison’s scared, Hanna notes that Alison’s trying to be brave, “but I can see something running around inside her behind her eyes”, and when Caleb asks if there’s anything running around behind her eyes, Hanna tells him, “oh yeah. Snakes, spiders, flying monkeys. Nothing I can’t handle”. Reaching across to take Hanna’s hand, Caleb tells her that they’re going to get her out here, “I promise”, to which Hanna tells him to be careful of what he promises. As Caleb says her name, Hanna mentions that she’s starting to think this isn’t going to work out the way they’re wanting it to. Caleb tells her she can’t think like that, “we will figure this out”, but Hanna says that even if they figure it out, no one is going to believe them, “I wouldn’t believe this story and it’s happening to me”. Caleb tells Hanna that she can’t lose hope, and Hanna notes that the only thing she hopes for is for Caleb to stay safe, “that’s the only promise I want you to make”. Going on, Hanna tells Caleb that if things get worse she wants him to find a way out, and when Caleb questions what she means by out, Hanna says, “out, away, gone. I want you to get on a plane or a boat and go somewhere they can’t find you”. Saying that she can manage as long as Caleb is safe, Hanna listens as Caleb comments that he’s not going to do that, but Hanna tells him that that’s what she wants him to do, “promise me”.

In his apartment, Caleb, along with Spencer, Aria and Emily, play the recording that Aria received on her cell to Hanna. Asking if Hanna’s getting it, Caleb listens as Hanna says that she is, before Spencer comments that they don’t know what it means. Hanna tells them that she knows what it means, “I mean, I don’t know, but I’ve heard it before”. Emily asks where, and Hanna tells them, “Mona’s room”, before explaining that Mona used to play this song, “French music”, from people like Edith Pilaf. Turning off the music, Caleb tells that girls that Alison was wrong, “it was never Mona taunting her, it was A”, and when Emily questions why ‘A’ would call back and play that song, and why not let them keep thinking it was Mona, Caleb says it’s A’s way of rubbing it in their faces. Hanna and Caleb listen as Aria concludes that Mona never sent the lawyer, but it doesn’t mean she left them in the dark, and Emily mentions that Mona hid the tape Hanna found in the book. As Emily says that the police went all over Mona’s room and never found it, Hanna wonders, “so?”, to which Spencer says that maybe there’s more and maybe the answers are still in Mona’s bedroom. When Emily says that they’ve got to get back to Mona’s room, Spencer tells Hanna that she spent more time in that room than any of them, so she should try to think of places Mona would have hid stuff. Aria mentions that they need to talk to Mona’s mom, and when Emily comments that Leona wasn’t at the trial, Spencer says that it’s got to be hard to hear people talking about your dead daughter, to which Hanna exclaims that if there is something in Mona’s room that could get her out of prison, she doesn’t care how upset Leona is, “just find it”. Caleb tells Hanna that they’ll do it, and as there’s a beeping coming over the line, Hanna says that she’s about to be cut off, and seconds later, she is.

I never stopped loving you.
Hanna to Caleb

Game On, Charles

Caleb, Toby, Alison, and Ezra team up to save the girls. When Ezra, Caleb, and Ali finally open a door to the dollhouse, Hanna runs out and she and Caleb embrace. Hanna says, "Don't ever let me go". to which Caleb responds, "Never".

I needed to figure some things out - like how I felt about her. And I know we drifted a part for a little while, and we almost ended up with other people, which would have been a disaster because I would’ve spent the next fifty years of my life kicking myself for losing the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t imagine my life without Hanna, and I don’t want to.
Caleb about Hanna

Tick-Tock, Bitches

Following the kidnapping of Hanna in the previous episode, Caleb and the rest of the gang are distraught and standing outside. Caleb tells Toby that the latter speaks cop so he should do the talking, as they were planning to go into the police station and tell them everything. Spencer asks Toby if he's sure he wants to be apart of this - his job is on the line, and Caleb angrily asks her if she's serious. Hanna's life is on the line, and Toby states that he's all in. The group then watches Mary Drake walk into the police station, and after some cinversing, Caleb states that whoever the woman is she was at the lost woods that night, and that if she's a part of all of it then she knows where Hanna is. He then states that he will beat the truth out of her if he has to, but is stopped by Toby who rationalizes with him.

Toby informs the group that the woman is Mary Drake, and Mona chimes in that she recgonizes the name from the Radley file and that she's Charlotte's biological mother. Caleb immediately suspects Mary and states that she must be A.D. and wants revenge for her daughters death, and thinks that Hanna did it. The Liars receive a text message and moments later the church bell rings, causing them to all run into the church believing Hanna to be there. When they arrive, they see Hanna hanging from the ceiling of the bell tower, dead. Caleb yells no a number of times, visibly distraught over her death. He then runs up the steps and, with the help of Toby, manages to get her down onto the floor. Despite his tears and grief, he manages to find a flap of a mask and announces that it isn't her, that it's just a mask. When he removes it, the Hanna doll stares back at him. Shocked, he asks where Hanna is then, and Emily pulls a string on the doll that announces that they have twenty-four hours to find Charlotte's real killer or Hanna dies.

Back at Spencer's house that morning, the group is sitting around a table thinking of people who could have killed Charlotte. Most of the group believes that Alison killed her, and are theorizing about why she would have done it. Caleb states that he doesn't care why Alison did it, he just wants to find a way to prove it so they can get Hanna back. Mona says that she's going to track down Mary Drake, as she believes that Mary is the fastest way to Hanna - something that Caleb agrees with. The pair then agree to work together. The Liars then receive a text from A. In the text is a picture of Hanna in a barn, and Caleb takes Mona's phone to look at the picture. When he sees it, his hands clench around it and he looks visibly upset by it. He then states that they need to find her - now.

Caleb and Mona are in Mona's car when Spencer's calls him, asking if she could bring them lunch. However, he says that food is the last thing on his mind. She says that she'll look over the Mary Drake file again, but Caleb dismisses her saying "great" and hangs up. Meanwhile, with Mona and Caleb, Mary says on the phone that she has everything they need. Caleb asks who she's talking to, prompting Mona to say that she can only hear her side; she needs to wait a little longer to hear the other person, but Mary ends the call before they can find out. Caleb notices people helping Mary get bleach, charcoal, and vinegar into her car. Mona says that that's everything you need to cover up a murder as the charcoal absorbs the smell of death. Caleb says that Hanna is still alive, prompting Mona to ask how he's so sure. Caleb says that they aren't going to use the tarp after the fact, and she'll lead them to Hanna. Mona then states that's because Mary might be on her way to kill Hanna.

That night, Caleb takes the red jacket that Alison was wearing the night Charlotte died, and takes it to the Lost Woods Resort. Mona calls him and tells him that she lost Mary, but Caleb coldly states that he doesn't care - he has all he needs to get Hanna back. He then drops the coat down and texts A.D. that Alison is the killer, before he leaves.


Hanna is now back and laying on Spencer's couch in her house. Caleb asks if she's sure that she doesn't want to go to the doctor, and Hanna states that she's sure. After the group informs her that Mary Drake is Charlotte's mother, she believes that Mary is the one after them. Someone killed her daughter and now she wants revenge, and thinks that one of the Liars did it, or knows who did. Caleb states that their pretty sure she didn't come to town just to get into the resort business, and Hanna says that Mary must have been chasing her when she escaped. She wonders why Mary didn't just run her over instead of bringing her to Spencer's, and Ezra tells her that they gave her Charlotte's killer, and Caleb states that they believe it's Alison. Caleb then takes Hanna's engagement ring out of his shirt pocket and gives it back to her, saying that it belongs to her. She takes it and thanks him. After flowers are delivered thanking the group for finding Charlotte, everyone including Caleb looks over at Hanna who just looks away.
Caleb, Spencer, and Emily take Hanna back to her loft, where Caleb finds a package from Lucas. He hands it to Hanna, who just sets it aside as she walks in. As Spencer and Emily walk to another room to talk, Caleb walks over to Hanna. He asks her if she's going to take Lucas up on his offer, and Hanna states that he's crazy. Caleb says that Lucas just sees her potential - what she could be like if she's the one in charge. Hanna asks if he's noticed that none of them are in charge right now, and he says that they can fix it - no one's giving up on anyone. She asks where that would leave them - where they started or not. He responds by saying that it depends how far back they want to go. She then confides in him by saying that when she was in the room in the Lost Woods, right before the lights went out and someone pushed her down a hole, she was scared. He admits that he was as well, and she tells him that because he was there and she always felt safe around him. Even when they weren't getting along, he made her feels safe - and maybe that's why they kissed. They went back to where they were for a minute, but it was only a minute.

The Talented Mr. Rollins

Caleb and Spencer talk about how Caleb has been distant ever since Hanna was kidnapped, and Caleb says that he felt responsible. She tells him that Hanna is back now and yet he's still distant, and confronts him about what happened in the room when they were alone together. Caleb tells her that Hanna was scared and he was confronting her, and then admits that the two kissed. Spencer is upset by this, but he tells her that it was only for a second - old memories were stirred up, and it was like they were in a time-loop and back in High School. Spencer states that they aren't in High School anymore, and Hanna isn't his girlfriend she is - something that Caleb admits to knowing. She tells him that she can handle a kiss, but asks if he still has feelings for her. He doesn't answer, and their conversation is cut short when Spencer receives a phone call.

Later that day, Hanna and Spencer are outside of Alison's house talking. Spencer asks her where Jordan is, and Hanna lies by telling her that Jordan is swamped at work when really, the two broke up. Spencer asks if everything is okay with them, and Hanna lies again by saying that it's great and why she would ask. Spencer tells her that Caleb told her what happened between them at the lost woods, and Hanna apologizes. Spencer states that Hanna shouldn't have told her she was over him if she wasn't, but Hanna insists that she is over him and that the kiss was a huge mistake and assures her that it was a mistake. She meant what she told her - Caleb is her past and Jordan is her future.

Hit and Run, Run, Run

Hanna listens to Caleb and Spencer

Hanna crying as she listens to Caleb

At Spencer's barn, the girls are taking a shower and trying to get a plan together for what to do about Archer Dunhill and the fact they just murdered him. Spencer and Hanna were talking when Caleb arrives and tries to open the door, but Spencer has it latched so he can't open the door all the way. He calls out for Spencer and states that he knows she's in there, and that if he has to break open a window just to make sure she's okay he will. She tells him not to, and tries to get him to leave but he doesn't want to. He thinks that the reason she won't let him in is because of what happened with Hanna, and tries to apologize by saying that what happened with Hanna was like a wound he had tried so hard to close. Spencer begs him to leave and to stop, but he continues on saying that the wound reopened and everything was confusing - but that's all that it was, a moment of confusion. Hanna listens from the other room whilst crying, but staying quiet as she didn't want Caleb to know she was there. Spencer tries again to get him to leave, and brings up an old memory about them in DC, and Spencer looks over at Hanna who is standing against a wall crying silently and listening to Caleb speak. He mentions that all he could think about was wanting to kiss Spencer, something that makes Hanna break down and cry silently as she listens. After Caleb leaves, both Spencer and Hanna wipe their tears and continue with their day.

Along Comes Mary

Spencer calls Hanna and tells her that she's been trying to find Caleb for the last few days, but hasn't had any luck. Hanna notices that she's at the state park, and asks if she drove to the parking lot at the lower camp ground - it's the one that Caleb likes. Spencer says that she did and lists a number of other places she's looked, and Hanna says that she should look at the rangers station, as Caleb would need a day pass if he's camping there. The two get sidetracked when Hanna sees Jenna, but before they end the call Hanna tells her to check the rangers station.

Later, Hanna asks if Spencer if she had any luck at the rangers station, and Spencer asks if they can please not talk about Caleb. Hanna states that she doesn't want to be the one who messed their relationship up for either of them, and asks what she can do to fix things. Spencer tells her to figure out why she's wearing on guys ring when she may have feelings for another, before leaving.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Spencer and Caleb talk in her barn, and he admits that she was right - he is confused about his feelings for Hanna, but he never meant to lead her on. Spencer says that she knows, and the two decide to breakup.

That night at the playground, Hanna and Spencer share a beer as they talk about their guy troubles. Spencer suggests to Hanna that she tell Caleb that she and Jordan broke up.

Original G'A'ngsters

Hanna is in Jenna's hotel room looking around for something incriminating, when Caleb enters and scares her. She asks what he's doing there, and he asks her the same thing. He saw her enter the hotel through the security cameras, and admits that he doesn't think what happened to Sara was an accident. Hanna tells him that Emily saw something on Jenna's laptop that could link back to A.D. and explain what happened to Sara. Caleb says that he has a way to get the key for the lockbox, but he would need her help.

Later, Spencer asks Hanna if she told Caleb that she broke up with Jordan yet, and Hanna admits that she hasn't. Caleb opens the door and hands Hanna a key to the lockbox.

Hanna and Caleb go over the contents of the lockbox, and discuss what is in them. She moves closer to him and calls his mind beautiful and asks what he thinks the code means, and he chuckles and replies that he'll need more caffeine for that. She puts her hand on the paper and says that it's some sort of test for Mary, and Caleb looks down at her hand and notices that her engagement ring isn't on her finger anymore. An awkward moments goes by and Hanna pulls her hand back, and he clears his throat before saying that the test is Mary's DNA.

Later, the pair are still sitting on the couch trying to figure things out. Caleb is trying to break the encryption, while Hanna is sitting next to him looking nervous and as if she is thinking. She then tells him that she broke things off with Jordan, and she thought he should know. He is surprised and sets the computer down, and asks if she's okay. She then states that it's weird being so close to someone, and then having to cut them out of your life completely. She likens losing someone you love to losing a limb or a part of you. Caleb promises her that the Jordan thing will get better, but she reveals that she's not talking about him. The two share an intense look for a few seconds, before Hanna asks if they're still friends. He responds by saying always, and they share another intense look for a few seconds.

Exes and OMGs

Haleb in Hanna's dream

Hanna, the Liars, and Caleb are walking down the street with Hanna trying to convince them that Noel is A.D. However, they don't believe her and don't want to help, so she walks away. Caleb follows her and grabs her arm gently and she turns to him sharply yanking away, telling him not to. She asks him when her friends are going to realize that Noel Kahn is the one that they're after, and Caleb states that they just want to be certain. Jenna and Mary are still out there, after all. Hanna asks how much more proof they need then the words, "I see you", being written across her car window. Those were the same words that Noel wrote on Ezra's car at Camp Mona. Caleb knows this, and Hanna thinks that this means he doesn't believe her either. He states that he just wants to be completely sure before they do anything, but Hanna insists that she's sure and states that if he's not, she doesn't know what will change his mind at this point. She starts to walk away with Caleb following her, when a car revs up and tries to run them both over. Caleb pushes her out of the way but is hit by the car which was being driven by Noel, and Caleb lays on the road bloody and not moving. Hanna screams in terror, and wakes up with a start before realizing that it was all just a dream. She then calls Caleb and heads over to his room.

Hanna hugs Caleb

She arrives at his room at the Radley and walks in, asking him repeatedly if he's okay with him telling her that he's fine - really, a number of times. She is so relieved to hear this that she hugs him, with him hugging her back comfortingly. The release one another and she looks at him before asking how it's going with the information, even though she's still visibly distraught. He states that it's not going that great, he's being looking over all the pictures Hanna and Spencer took of the lockbox, but everything except for Mary's DNA is in a code he can't crack. He then assures Hanna that he's doing his best, and she states that there's been no sign of Mary anywhere - at Alison's or the Lost Woods, and asks him about Jenna. He says no as Jenna hasn't left her room, and Hanna makes a comment about Noel. He then tells her to give him her phone, and hands her a new one which she is confused about. He states that the new phone is one-hundred percent bug free, and has something for everyone as well, as they can't be too careful with Noel and Jenna on the prowl. Hanna asks him if he's serious, as she hates breaking in new phone. He chuckles but states that Noel managed to find his way into her dreams, and that's close enough. He hands her the phone which she takes after she hands him her old phone.

Later, Mrs. Grunwald arrives at Hanna's door and she lets the woman in. She asks Hanna if she's alone, and Hanna realizes what she means and says that she and Caleb are complicated. Mrs. Grunwald reveals that the reason she came is because she had a dream that left her with the feeling that their is darkness around Hanna and Caleb and asks if the two of them are alright.

Haleb hug

Haleb share a moment

That night, after the Liars refuse to believe that Noel is A.D., Hanna decides to go rouge and hunt Noel down on her own. She goes to Caleb's room in the Radley, and knocks on the door and Caleb answers. They greet each other, and Hanna tells him that the reason she stopped by is because she's going to be off the grid for the next couple days. He asks her why and what is going on, and she states that she's going to New York to do some design work for the line her and Lucas are creating. Caleb offers to go with her, but she tells him rather sharply that she'll be fine on her own despite him insisting otherwise. He says okay and they share a moment, and he asks where she's going to say but she says that she doesn't know yet but she'll figure it out She states that she has to go, and he wishes her a safe trip. She walks down the hallways and he watches her go as he stands just outside his door. She stops and looks around with her eyes, before turning and going back to hug him tightly. The pair hug and then share a moment afterwards, before she leaves once again with him watching her go.

The DArkest Knight

While at Spencer's, the group talk about the police finding out about Archer's death. Caleb asks if she means the fact that Hanna ran him over or the fact that they buried him like a dog, with Emily saying that it was an accident. Spencer states that they knew how it looked they wanted to protect Hanna, who the group now know is missing. Caleb decides to try calling her again, and Mona suggest pinging her phone, but Caleb states that he gave her a new one that can't be hacked. The phone just rings before it goes to voicemail, and Caleb worriedly hangs up the phone. The group decide to call the police and report Hanna as being abducted.

Episode 10 The DArkest Knight 0742.jpg
The next day, Hanna returns to Spencer's and apologizes to the group for leaving. Caleb then enters asking what's going on, and Hanna turns around and the two share a look. She greets him, and Caleb looks at her shocked, but relieved that she is okay.

Caleb tells Hanna he wants to be with her forever

Haleb kiss

The pair went to Hanna's loft, where she is on her phone to her mom telling her that everything is fine and that she should stay where she is. After she hangs up, Caleb asks if she calmed down yet or not. Hanna says yes, and that Ashley is just going to stay there, before she thanks Caleb for taking her home. He asks if she's okay, and she says that she is. He asks her if she's sure, and she says that she is and told them what happened. He knows, and she wants to know why he keeps asking her then. He says that he's waiting for an answer he believes, and she tells him that she's okay. He doesn't believe it, so she tells Caleb that he doesn't have to stay with her - there's a cop out front that's not going anywhere. He states that he's not going anywhere either, and is serious. The last time he left her alone in a room A.D. took her, and says, "So I hate to break it to you girl, but you're stuck with me". Hanna states that she wants to be alone, and he asks her why and if she has somewhere to be. She snaps at him calling him a pain in the ass, and he states that she is to. She is surprised, and he tells her a list of annoying things that she does, and in the middle, he states that she won't admit they're rest to spend the rest of their lives together before finishing the list. Shocked, she asks what he just said, and he asks her if she meant about the milk. She says no, and he walks closer to her and tells her that he loves her and doesn't want to spend another day without her for the rest of his life. She calls him a pain in the ass again which he smiles too, before the pair kiss passionately.

Haleb's hands before they have sex

Later that night, the pair is undressing each other in front of the fire in Hanna's loft. They are about to have sex, and kiss each other passionately. He runs his hand over her back over her scars from her time being tortured by Archer, and kisses one of them. As they kiss, he lets her hair down and the pair lay down on the floor as they continue to kiss.

The next morning the pair are laying on the floor cuddling from the night before sleeping, when Hanna's phone rings and wakes her up. She gets up and answers is softly, hoping not to wake Caleb, and goes about her phone call.


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A week later, Hanna and Caleb are in Hanna's bed in the morning, and Hanna is watching Caleb sleep. She pinches him, but he doesn't move or say anything. She smirks and pinches him again, and he rolls over and asks her what she's doing. She states that she's just making sure he's real, and he kisses her. She smiles stating that will do, and asks him if he has any plans for the day. He suggestively says that he has a few ideas, which makes her smile. However, she states that they could use that energy to find Jenna, who is still out there prowling - she can feel it. He says that he's not going to challenge that, and Hanna continues by saying that Noel's dead but Jenna's still out there and they have to find her. He assures her that they will find her, but he's not taking any chances with Hanna anymore. The last time he did, he lost her down a rabbit hole - something that she soon corrects as a hotel-hole. He tells her that it's time that she worry about herself, and hands her the sketchbook. He states that there was a time when she wanted fashion so badly that it split them up, and she assures him that she won't let that happen again. Caleb knows this, but knows that if she doesn't do fashion she'd regret it, and tells her to let him worry about Jenna.

Later, Hanna is showing Katie her clothing as she wants Katie to wear her clothes. They make a deal for Katie to pick up three of the outfits later that day, and mentions that Mona is the boss before she leaves. This leads to a disagreement between Hanna and Caleb, as Caleb believes that Mona is trying to push Hanna off the label. He asks whose idea it was, and Hanna doesn't respond.

These Boots Were Made for Stalking

Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E12.720p.HDTV.x264-FLEET 157.jpg
Caleb walks up to Hanna and asks her if she wants to get food, but she doesn't respond. He says her name and she looks at him, and he states that she's obsessing. He then says that he doesn't like to but he agrees with Mona, and if the client likes her design - but he doesn't get to finish as she cuts him off by saying that it's not her design. It's not completely hers, anyway. She designed it when she was working for Claudia, and Claudia is the one that gave her all the suggestions and tweaks to make. She took nineteen of the twenty suggestions - the beading, the belt, the collar all of it. Caleb states that Claudia is a dragon - she stole Hanna's soul for three years and their relationship. The least she could give her is a belt, but Hanna insists that the belt is what makes the dress. He takes her hands and pulls her close, telling her that if she believed in her talent half as much as he does, she'd see this moment for what it is. He tells her to take it and run, and the two kiss.
Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E12.720p.HDTV.x264-FLEET 382.jpg
Later, Caleb and Hanna follow Jenna to a building where a cobbler is. Hanna is surprised by who is in it, but Caleb doesn't recogonize the name so she explains that he's the older manager who paired her shoes. She believes that Jenna is going to steal her shoes to, and is about to get out of the car but he stops her, asking her to let him handle it. They watch Jenna stand outside the shop, and he tells her to stay in the car and he is going to handle Jenna - they need answers not a brawl. He gets out and walks up to Jenna, and Hanna watches from the car.

Jenna mistakes Caleb for Hanna, and he states that she's close but offers a second guess. She coyly says that she doesn't have to, as Hanna's scent clings to him. He confronts her about what she's doing there, and Jenna states that she's meeting friends to rehearse a concert, which Caleb doesn't believe. She states that there's a studio on the top floor, and her friends are waiting. He chuckles and says that he saw her friends, and they weren't carrying instruments, unless they were the kind packed in holsters. She warns him to back off, and as they pair are talking, Hanna quietly enters the shoe store behind Caleb. He suggest Jenna to back off as well, and Jenna asks what makes him think she's not alone. He says that she couldn't make a dress from a stolen sketch on her own, and tries to move past him. He grabs her cane and tells her to think twice about why she came back to Rosewood, but she leaves after saying that the only person who contradict who story is dead.

Caleb finds Hanna

Inside the shoe store, Hanna calls out for the man but he isn't there. She turns on the light and wanders around, eventually entering a shoe cage to investigate. She is suddenly trapped inside of it by A.D., and she calls out for Caleb numerous times but he doesn't respond. She soon starts to have flashbacks of her time with Archer, which leads her to have a panic attack and A.D. turns on a machine which triggers more flashbacks. She hits her hand on the machine which causes her to fall to the floor in pain, and she eventually crouches to the floor in fear. Caleb enters the store and calls out for her, and sees her in the cage terrified and in shock. He quickly runs over and tries to open the cage, asking her what happened as he attempts. He finds a metal bar and breaks the lock, heading in and consoling her as she struggles to breath and relax.

Hold Your Piece

Caleb gives Hanna a congratulatory kiss

Hanna and Emily discuss the fact that neither of them got any sleep last night, and Hanna states that she didn't because she was afraid of the phone screeching at her again. Emily asks if she hid it from Caleb, and Hanna confidently states that she hid it in her purse and he won't find it. She then says that guys aren't going to go in a girls purse, because their too afraid that they'll accidentally touch a tampon. Emily starts to ask about how long their going to keep the game a secret, but Caleb walks into the loft and interrupts the conversation. He has a magazine in his hand, and says that Mona wasn't kidding when she said that Hanna was in the style section and tells her the page she's in. Hanna, who is very excited, picks up the newspaper as Caleb reads it. The article praises the dress, which makes everyone happy. Caleb tells her that he got a copy for Ashley, Grandma Marin, and her Dad along with an extra copy. Hanna leaves to get a bottle of champagne from the fridge, and Caleb gets the glasses as he states that he's really proud of her. She reminds him that Mona help too, and he states that he'll shake her hand when he sees her but for now, Hanna would get a kiss. The two kiss happily, and Emily asks Hanna about a fashion blogger from the other room who may have mentioned Hanna. The couple walk over to read it, only to discover that the headline is bad and mentions that the design is stolen.

Pretty.little.liars.s07e13.720p.web.x264-tbs 0257.jpg
Caleb hangs up his phone and tells Hanna that Jenna checked out of the Radley late last night, and Hanna states that they have to find her. Caleb has an idea about how to find Jenna, and states that if they find Sydney Driscoll they might find Jenna. Hanna asks what the plan is, and Caleb says that he thinks Jenna and Sydney are communicating and thinks that they should use Sydney to find Jenna through their conversations. Caleb proceeds to show Hanna a group of high-tech merchandise, including a pen with listening device. In the meantime, Aria watches an interview with Nicole where she talks about Ezra, and the couple attempt to console Aria who tells them not give her the sad eyes. She reminds them that the two of them found their way back to each other, and she's sure that her and Ezra will too.

Haleb entering the loft

Later, Hanna and Caleb renter the loft as Caleb wants to pick up a few more GPS trackers just-in-case. As she waits for him, the phone that A.D. gave her beeps in her phone, and she looks at it. Music plays and it announces that it's time to play, with Hanna giving an annoyed sigh. She looks at the phone and it tells her to open the door, and moments later there is a knock at the door. Caleb yells from the other room asking her if she's seen his other gear bag, but the loud banging on the door continues so Hanna doesn't respond. Caleb walks out and realizes something is wrong, and hears the banging on the door. He opens the door and is shocked and shows it to Hanna. In front of them is a life-size figure dressed as Hanna with a sewn-on Hanna mask.

Pretty.little.liars.s07e13.720p.web.x264-tbs 0328.jpg
With the doll now inside the loft, Hanna and Caleb sit on the couch and discuss the doll and the fact that the game isn't really over. She tells him that the game showed up a few days after the blind school incident, and they've been hiding it at Spencer's ever since. She apologizes for not telling him sooner, and he asks about the phone and tells her that phones have cameras that can watch and listen. Hanna knows this, telling him that the phone just tells them who's turn it is. Caleb asks if it's like Simon Says, and Hanna says that it kinda is but much meaner. She looks at the doll of herself, and then looks at Caleb and asks if he really thought that it was her. He defends himself by saying that he got a little agro when he saw that it was a doll and that's why its face is all messed up. He tells her that it talks to, and demonstrates by pulling a string the back of the doll, despite Hanna not wanting to hear it. The dolls tells them that for further information to see the appendix, which confuses both of them since there isn't a rulebook or manual. He offers to take a look at the game board, and Hanna tells him that there are little pieces that look like the five girls and since he's not on the board he's probably not invited to play. He states that he's not trying to get in on it, he's trying to get inside of it to figure out what it is and who made it. She then asks him to turn the doll around, which he does.

Later, an annoyed Hanna tells Caleb over the phone that she finished looking through all the appendixes in every book in the loft but hasn't found anything yet. He asks her what she expected to find, and she doesn't know but she wanted to find something - a note, a clue, a pipe bomb. She asks him how it's going on his end, as he is now investigating the game. He asks if they ever used an off/on switch or plugged it in, and Hanna replies that if it were that simple they would have just cut the cord. She explains that the game just does things before asking if he thinks there's batteries inside, which he think is possible but he doesn't know what kind or how to even get into the board. He tried sticking tweezer into the slot in the side but nothing happened, and Hanna realizes that the doll A.D. sent her might be like the game Operation. She realizes that A.D. wants her to cut the doll open and look at the dolls appendix.

Pretty.little.liars.s07e13.720p.web.x264-tbs 0670.jpg
In Spencer's barn, Caleb is investigating the game still while Hanna shows him the outfit that A.D. is forcing her to wear. He remarks that it's really short - like everyone will see her spicy tuna roll short, which Hanna is aware of. She knows this, but also states that it isn't even the worst part as the investors are from Japan and will be completely offended. She states that this is the game - she wears the dress and A.D. makes the story go away, with Caleb chiming in that it will piss off the investors which will cause her to lose the business and Lucas to lose a lot of money. Disappointed, she sits down and sadly confides in him about how yesterday she was so excited for the meeting as she would be impressive, confident, and creative, as people don't always see her that way despite her wanting them to. Caleb stands up and walks to her, standing in front of her with his arms crossed. He asks what will happen if she doesn't do the task A.D. wants her to and if she refuses to play, with Hanna looking guiltily up at him. Caleb realizes that A.D. knows about what happened to "Elliot Rollins" and that she could go to jail, with her asking him if he can just stop the game before tonight and he promises to try.
Pretty.little.liars.s07e13.720p.web.x264-tbs 1079.jpg
Hanna receives a call that Caleb is in the hospital moments before she is supposed to go into the meeting, and Lucas tells her to go to the hospital and not worry about the meeting. She then rushes to the hospital and heads to his room, where she stands over his bed holding his hand tightly. She mentions that his eyes are red and asks if he can see and if he's okay, to which Caleb brings up the first time they met - when she sprayed a bunch of extra-hold hairspray in his face, and that this incident was worse then the hairspray one. He confides in her about the incident, stating that he couldn't talk, breathe, or even think. Hanna asks if the doctors know what it was, and he says that he didn't tell them what exactly happened, so he lied and told them that he accidentally mixed his bleach and ammonia while cleaning the bathroom and knocked himself out. That way, the doctors wouldn't run any lab tests or ask any questions. He then asks about her meeting with the investors, and Caleb is worried about the fact that since she didn't make it that it would be considered skipping her turn. However, she assures him that the game doesn't matter, and she just wanted to make sure he was okay. She then kisses him before receiving a text and leaving the room to check it.

The Glove That Rocks the Cradle

Caleb and Hanna (along with the rest of The Liars) are in Spencer's house talking about the safety feature Caleb built into the system, which Hanna remarks is stupid before stating that her head hurts. The game then starts to go off, and everyone walks over to look at it and see what is happening. The phone tells her that it is her turn again and gives her an address to a computer repair center to go too.

Episode 16 The Glove That Rocks the Cradle 0288.jpg
Later, back at Hanna's loft, Caleb argues with Hanna as he doesn't want her to go along since she has no idea what she's getting herself into. However, she argues that A.D. wants her to go alone and that she doesn't have a choice. She pushes this by saying that if she doesn't play the game then bad things happen - like him ending up in the E.R. He asks what it is she is supposed to pick up, but she doesn't know. He doesn't want to let her put herself in danger, but Hanna tries to convince him that it's just a computer repair shop and the only danger she's in is being bored to death. He states that he almost saw her get her face rehealed at the cobbler shop, and Hanna asks him to please just focus on helping Spencer - they both owe it to her. He is confused by this, and she confides in him that she doesn't think she would have self-sabotaged that night if it wasn't for the love-triangle between the three of them. She then tells him that she was there behind the door when he was begging Spencer to let her in, and tells him that Spencer was a mess. Hanna had assured her she was over Caleb and gave her permission to fall in love with him, but he tells her that she doesn't have to punish herself by doing this task alone because of her guilt. She tells him that the only thing scarier then playing the game is losing a friend over it.
Episode 16 The Glove That Rocks the Cradle 0380.jpg
Later that night, Caleb is on the computer and Hanna is pacing behind him trying to tell him that what he's looking for is probably a weapon. He tells her to stop pacing, but she doesn't and expresses that she thinks that it's going to explode when he hooks it up. He assures her it won't, but she tells him that the hard drive is from A.D. so it could explode, poison him, or poke him in the eye with a box cutter. When he opens the file, music starts to play which Caleb thinks could be a virus or a code, and she tells him that it's a Patsy Cline song which he had already figured out. She tells him that he doesn't know, and that A played a Patsy Cline song in the Dollhouse so it must mean something. Caleb asks if she thinks Lucas has any connection to the song, but she tells him that Lucas isn't A.D., which the two argue about. She tells him that Lucas saved her and gave her and her friends an alibi the night of Charlotte's murder, so Lucas couldn't be A.D.
Episode 16 The Glove That Rocks the Cradle 0604.jpg
The next day, Hanna receives her game instructions and the Liars meet up at Spencer's house to discuss her instructions. Caleb is there with her, comforting her. He tells the girls that Hanna has to drop off the hard drive at Rosewood High at the same time the staff meeting starts at The Radley. Spencer notes that Hanna has to be at two places at once, but Caleb assures her that it just means that they'll be working with a tight time frame. Emily states that Caleb will disable the cameras and Hanna will grab the credit card slip, which Hanna worries about since she'll only have about ten minutes before the police show-up. Caleb assures her it's enough time, and Emily tells her that the boxes are all marked so it shouldn't be too hard. The group then agrees that Emily and Alison will wait at the school to see who picks up the hard drive since Aria has to go to a press event with Ezra. The group then leaves Spencer's to get ready for that night.
Episode 16 The Glove That Rocks the Cradle 0855.jpg

At The Radley that night, Hanna is frantically looking in the back room for the credit card slip with no luck. Caleb enters and asks what is taking her so long, and she states that she can't find the slip anywhere and he needs to help her. He thought the boxes were marked, but she tells him that they are but it wasn't in there. He tells her they have to go but she refuses to go until she finds the slip, but he tells her that if he doesn't turn the system back on then they're going to jail. She tells him no and that she isn't letting Spencer go down for something she did, so they have to find it - they promised her they would. He looks around before grabbing a box and emptying it out on the floor much to Hanna's chagrin, with him saying that he's getting rid of the evidence but she is convinced that the police will find it in the pile. He keeps emptying boxes before grabbing a tool and going to the water pipe and puncturing a hole in it, water spraying out everywhere. He turns to her stating that there will be nothing left to find, before taking her arm and the pair leave. Back in the computer room, Caleb turns the system back on with Hanna anxiously watching over his shoulder.

Dating Timeline

First Relationship:

  • Started: The Badass Seed (1x18)
  • Reason: They develop feelings for each other and kiss.
  • Ended: Someone to Watch Over Me (1x20)
  • Reason: Hanna found out Jenna paid Caleb to spy on her so she ended things with him.

Second Relationship:

  • Started: The Devil You Know (2x05)
  • Reason: Hanna forgives Caleb for what he did and they rekindle their relationship.
  • Ended: Birds of a Feather (3x04)
  • Reason: Caleb was tired of all the lies and that Hanna wouldn't listen to him about Mona.

Third Relationship:

  • Started: The Kahn Game (3x09)
  • Reason: Caleb got Hanna to confess there was another A and he told her that he would help her take down A.
  • Ended: Who's In The Box? (4x14)
  • Reason: Caleb doesn't tell Hanna the truth about Miranda as he wanted to protect her from the secrets of Ravenswood.

Fourth Relationship:

  • Started: The Silence of E. Lamb (5x07)
  • Reason: Caleb moved back to Rosewood from Ravenswood.
  • Ended: sometime prior to the events from Of Late I Think Of Rosewood
  • Reason: With Hanna always being away, working and not spending time together, they fell apart.

Fifth Relationship:

  • Started: The DArkest Knight (7x10)
  • Reason: Caleb says that Hanna won't admit that they're meant to spend the rest of their lives together, and that he never wants to spend another day without her.


  • Started: Driving Miss Crazy (7x17)
  • Reason: They want to spend the rest of their lives together, and want to be together forever. Caleb proposed to Hanna twice, once indirectly in front of Ashley Marin, and again in a tent in the woods.


  • Started: Choose or Lose (7x18)
  • Reason: They loved each other and wanted to be married before A.D. did anything. Also, if they were married, Caleb wouldn't be able to testify against Hanna and vice versa.

Threats to Haleb


  • Wren Kingston - He had a crush on Hanna and made several moves on her. He also tried to kiss her after he stitched up her wound and cooked her dinner, only to be rejected by Hanna.
  • Mona Vanderwaal - Hanna's constant visits to Radley to get answers about A from Mona usually cause tension between Hanna and Caleb. While he is worried about her safety, she, on the other hand, can't tell him about the new A either for the same reasons. Before Mona was revealed as A, she constantly tried to break Hanna and Caleb up by doing things like tearing up Caleb's letter for Hanna that he left with Mona. She also got Hanna convinced that A wanted her to break them up; she later made Caleb kiss her so that they could find out if Melissa Hastings was A.
  • Jenna Marshall - Jenna has a grudge against Hanna. She paid Caleb to spy on Hanna whilst he stayed in her basement. Once Hanna came to know the truth, she dumped Caleb and he left Rosewood only to be later brought back by Lucas.
  • "A" - When Hanna finally decided to tell Caleb about the new A, A ran Caleb's mother off the road to threaten Hanna with Caleb's and his mother's safety. Hanna had no choice but to keep the truth to herself causing Caleb to break-up with her.
  • Miranda Collins - She's one of the main characters in Pretty Little Liar's new spin-off show, Ravenswood. It was revealed that, while in Ravenswood, Miranda developed a crush on Caleb (and he showed interest); however, they felt drawn to each other because their past selves were married and they were both a part of the Ravenswood curse. Once Hanna goes to Ravenswood, Caleb chooses Hanna over Miranda. 
  • Spencer Hastings - It was revealed that the two had met up in D.C and Madrid, during the five-year time jump. She and Caleb were attracted to one one another eventually began dating (with the approval of Hanna). When Hanna is captured by A.D, Spencer believes that Caleb still has feelings for Hanna. Although Spencer admits her love for Caleb, he apparently does not feel the same as her. The two break up in Season 7, Episode 6 ("Wanted: Dead or Alive").  

Music in Haleb Scenes

  • "Two At A Time" by Shelly Fraley (played as Hanna and Caleb come home and they kiss in "A Person of Interest")
  • "Glitter In the Air" by Pink (played as Hanna and Caleb sleep together in "A Person of Interest")
  • "Heavy Heart" by Madi Diaz (played as Hanna cries because Caleb lied to her in "Someone to Watch Over Me")
  • "I Don't Want to Leave" by Matthew Perryman Jones (played while Caleb gets on a bus but sees Hanna and they stare at each other in "Monsters in the End")
  • "Hiding my Heart"  by Adele (played as Hanna cries on the steps while deleting Caleb's number while Caleb is on his way back to Rosewood with Lucas in "For Whom the Bell Tolls")
  • "Between Us" by Peter Adams (played as Caleb and Hanna talk about what happened and he tells her that he loves her in "It's Alive")
  • "Hearts" by Blair (played as Caleb and Hanna have lunch and talk about being wing people for Lucas in "Blind Dates")
  • "Be Brave" by Shelly Fraley (played while Hanna and Caleb double date with Lucas and his date in "Blind Dates")
  • "Running Wild" by Jules Larson (played as Caleb checks on Hanna after the funeral and she kisses him in "The Devil You Know")
  • "Balloon" by Erin Martin (played as Caleb shows up at Hanna's house to hang out in "Surface Tension")
  • "Save You" by Matthew Jones (played as Hanna takes Caleb to Spencer's Lake House and she tells him about the cop and then they sleep together in "Save the Date")
  • "Give it All" by Right The Stars (played when Caleb comes back from California and Hanna tells him about Kate and they kiss in "Over My Dead Body")
  • "Something Real" by Renne Stahl (played while Caleb and Hanna are on the roof and he wants to help her with the whole Kate thing and then they make out in "The Naked Truth")
  • "For You" by Angus and Julia Stone (played as Hanna meets Caleb at the police station and they talk about his password being the first night they spent together and then they make out in "CTRL: A")
  • "Black and Blue" by Ingrid Michaelson (played as Caleb comes up to Hanna in the hallway and they talk about their plans in "If These Dolls Could Talk")
  • "Better in Time" by Leona Lewis (played while Caleb surprises Hanna at the masquerade party as Romeo in unmAsked)
  • "Always" by Peter Bradley Adams (played while Hanna and Caleb dance and kiss during the masquerade party in unmAsked)
  • "Favourite Thing" by Yuna (played while Hanna and Caleb are at the coffee shop and they talk about Lucas in Kingdom of the Blind.)
  • "Unwanted" by The Strange Familiar (played while Hanna cries into Aria's lap about her break up with Caleb and Caleb is alone looking sad in Birds of a Feather.)
  • "Find A Way" by Tyler Blackburn (played while Hanna and Caleb see each other in the hallway in The Kahn Game.)
  • "Starlight" by Jasmine Ash(played while Caleb surprises Hanna in the dressing room in Cece's store in "Single fight female")
  • "Trespassing" by Adam Lambert (played while Caleb surprises Hanna on the train and they kiss in "This Is A Dark Ride.")   
  • "I'll Take You" by Phantom Tortoise (played as Caleb and Hanna talk about Jamie and later kiss in church in "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted")
  • "Pull Me Down" by Mikky Ekko (played at the The Brew during Hanna and Caleb's kiss in "The Silence of E. Lamb")
  • "Home" by RHODES (Played while Hanna and Caleb are in a room at the Lost Woods Resort and a flashback shows as Hanna explains that after she left Caleb in a hotel room for her job, she quickly returned to find Caleb but instead, returns to an empty room with Caleb's phone. She tells him that she never stopped loving him when they broke up and Caleb passionately kisses Hanna in Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars)
  • "In too deep by" The Sweeplings ( played when Hanna and Caleb are in Hanna's apartment and share a special moment together, Caleb explains to Hanna how he never wants to spend another day without her which leads to a romantic scene in The DArkest Knight)
  • "light me up" Ingrid Michaelson (played first when Ezra shows Aria this song to be their first dance but is instead used in the Haleb tent scene where Caleb proposes to Hanna and then leads into a more intimate scene in Driving Miss Crazy)
  • "Stand by me" Denmark+Winter ( played when Hanna and Caleb get married, as Ashley stands by Hanna's side as they say their vows to each other. The song is also played when Emison, Ezria and Spoby all start to hookup in Choose or Lose)
  • "B&W" Gabrielle Current" ( played when Hanna and Caleb talk about making a baby and also when Ezria and Emison make love and Spoby play Scrabble).
  • "Weightless" Cara Frew (played when Hanna agrees to take Caleb's suggestion that Mona shouldn't live with them because they need their privacy, they then attempt to make a baby).

Memorable Places/Items

  1. A Tent\The Woods - Hanna lost her virginity to Caleb in the tent while they were camping out in the woods. The woods is also a memorable place because it's where Hanna revealed she went to fat camp and she wants him to know more about her. Caleb then told her he never meet his father. Years later, Hanna and Caleb got engaged while they were camping in a tent in the woods.
  2. Spencer's Cabin - Hanna took Caleb to Spencer's Lake House so he could get away from the guy that was following him. They sleep together on Spencer's couch. Hanna also uses the Lake House to throw a surprise party for Caleb.
  3. 1105! - This is Caleb's password that Hanna cracked into when Caleb was in trouble. Hanna realized that the password means the night that they spent together in the woods.
  4. The Police Station- After Hanna cracked the code and Caleb is freed from the police, Hanna meets him there. As he walks out he is so happy to see her and so is she. They run to each other and Hanna is glad he is safe. They begin to make out as well because Caleb is safe and Hanna helped him out.
  5. Radley Sanitarium- After Hanna tells Caleb that she wants to go see Mona, he tells her that he'll go with her. He waits on a bench while she talks to Mona because he was worried about her and wants to protect her.
  6. The Swing Set/Park- Hanna met up with Caleb on the swing sets to try and cheer him up after he found his mother. She tries to tell him to contact her because he always wondered what it would be like to reconnect with her again. They also hold hand while on the swings together. Also where Hanna finds Caleb to talk after he returns from Ravenswood in Miss Me x 100.
  7. Lost Woods Resort- After lying about killing Charlotte, the Liars go to the resort to set up traps so that Hanna won't be kidnapped. Hanna and Caleb have a moment together before Uber A kidnaps her. Caleb cheats on Spencer by him and Hanna making out with each other.


  • Caleb was the first one to say "I love you", but in Picture This, when Caleb was leaving, was when they both first said it to each other.
  • Tyler Blackburn, who plays Caleb, said in an interview that Haleb could outlast Ezria.
  • Caleb was the first guy Hanna opened up to about her weight problems and how she spent five summers at fat camp. Hanna was also the first girl that Caleb opened up to about his parents and how he never really got to meet his father.
  • Hanna lost her virginity to Caleb.
  • They both have a parent that left them. Hanna's dad left her, and Caleb never knew his dad and his mother left when he was a little.
  • Caleb returned to Rosewood early so she wouldn't have to go to her fathers wedding alone, and wouldn't have to face her step-sister, Kate, alone.
  • In "Single Fright Female", when Hanna is sitting at her desk talking to Spencer, behind her nail polish she has a picture of Caleb.
  • They had their first dance together in "unmAsked" to the song, "Always."
  • Caleb surprised Hanna at Masquerade Ball as the Romeo to her Juliet.
  • Hanna figured out and revealed to Caleb that 'Uncle Jamie' is, in fact, Caleb's father.   
  • Hanna once told Caleb that he doesn't know anything about her, but this later turned out to be false as their relationship evolved, with him knowing and recognizing many of her quirks and habits.
    • In "The Silence of E. Lamb", he stated that she only eats three French fries at a time when she's upset about something.   
    • In "March of Crimes", he knew the difference between her handwriting and A - who was pretending to be Hanna.   
    • In "I'm Your Puppet", he correctly told her that she always has an opinion on something, and referenced Honey Boo Boo's haircut and how the school lunch lady gives her strange looks.   
    • In "The DArkest Knight", he listed a bunch of things that she does that are a pain or could be considered annoying. These included: not doing dishes until they're molded, eating cold French fries in bed, not gassing up the car until it starts beeping, sending food back if the water breathes on it weird, not throwing away milk, and refusing to admit that they're met to spend the rest of their lives together.   
  • Hanna once referenced their relationship as the best year of her life. 
  • She trusted him enough to ask him to stay in Ravenswood to look after Miranda Collins. Ironically, this would later lead to them breaking up. 
  • He promised to be there for her no matter what, and has stuck to that even when they weren't romantically together. 
  • They officially got engaged in a tent in the woods, which parallels the first time they had sex, which was in a tent in the woods. 
  • Their original engagement rings were silver cigar bands. 
  • They were secretly married by a justice of the peace. 
  • Caleb doesn't exist in the books. 
  • They are the first main ship in the PLL fandom to be married, and the second to be engaged, afterEzria.
    • They're the second couple to be parents after Emison.
  • Janel Parrish (Mona), Oliver Goldstick (writer/director), Ashley Benson (Hanna), and Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) ship Haleb over the other couples on the show.



Caleb [after Hanna checks him out in the shower]: Wanna share a towel too?

Hanna: November 5th. You couldn't have just told me that it was the night that we ... you know..
Caleb: Hanna, there was an exclamation point!

Hanna: Caleb was not a mistake. He's the most unmistake thing in my life.

Caleb: Where's your cell phone. Let me help you.
Hanna: Just hold me. Okay? That will help me.
[He holds her then they kiss]

Caleb: Did you miss me?
[She runs up to him and they start making out]

Hanna: I love you.
Caleb: I love you too.
[They kiss]

Caleb: We're going to talk on the phone and I'll be back. I'll be back before you know it.
Hanna: You say that now but I have seen pictures of Montecito.
Caleb: Well, I have one very good reason to come back. You.

Hanna: Put your arm around me.
Caleb: What?
Hanna: Just put your arm around me.
[He puts his arm around her and they get closer]
Caleb: That was easy.
Hanna: Well I'm not.

Caleb [to Hanna]: You must have me confused with someone else. My name's Romeo.

Caleb: I thought the whole point of cooking together was being together?
Hanna: It is, and I promise, when I get back we will make an unforgettable Dong Po.
Caleb: Say it again.
Hanna: No!
Caleb: Please! Do you want me to go to the store or not?
Hanna (Whispers in his ear): Dong Po...

Caleb: How could you not talk about us? We're intimate.
Hanna: We're what?!
Caleb: Yeah, let's just forget that part...
Hanna: You just said the "i" word! I have never heard a guy say the "i" word.

Caleb: We've gotten naked together in more ways than one, Hanna.

Hanna: Why would you do that?
Caleb: Because I love you.

Caleb [to Hanna]: Most of my life I've felt alone, even when I was with people. That was until I met you.

Hanna: Caleb! This isn’t easy for me either, alright, I miss you so much, it’s making me do stupid things, crazy things.
Caleb: Hanna, you’re talking to the guy who just kidnapped his own girlfriend. And you know what, for the record, I am going to help you stop A, I’m not asking for permission.

Caleb [to Hanna over an IM]: I’m finding it really hard not to come over there and kiss you.

Caleb: I don't know how much longer I can do this, Hanna. I need to touch you. [They kiss]
[CeCe walks into the room but doesn't see Caleb]
CeCe: Hanna, I have some shoes out here for you. How does the dress look?
Caleb [mouths the word]: Hot.

Hanna: What are you doing here? I almost killed you!
Caleb: With a pink furry lamp, Hanna?

Caleb: Hanna, I love you.
Hanna: I love you too Caleb.

Hanna: You kiss pretty good for a man without a spleen.

Caleb: Hey, are you sure you want to do this?
Hanna: Face it, Caleb, we were never under the radar.

Caleb [what Jamie thinks about Hanna]: Actually he thinks you are remarkable. He thinks I'm the luckiest person ever.

Hanna: Which one screams "Young adult and hot without being too trendy?"
Caleb: You're asking me? Hanna, I've had this hoodie since I was twelve.

Hanna: Just promise me, you won't do anything stupid, Caleb.
Caleb: I would never do anything stupid, Hanna.
Hanna: Never? You let me into your life.
Caleb: I think that's the smartest thing I've ever done. You're not going to lose me, Hanna. I promise, okay? I love you.
Hanna: I love you too.

Hanna: You know, you're a real pain in the ass.
Caleb: So are you.
Hanna: Excuse me?
Caleb: Hanna, you don't do dishes until they mold. You eat French fries in bed. Cold. You don't gas up the car until it's beeping, you won't admit we're meant to spend the rest of our lives together, you send food back if the waiter breathes on it funny. And you know what, probably milk in that fridge that's older then me.

Caleb: Hanna, I don't wanna spend another day without you. Ever. For the rest of my life.
Hanna: Like I said, you're a real pain in the ass.
[They kiss]

[Hanna and Caleb are laying in bed together. She pinches him twice and he rolls over.]
Caleb: What's the big idea?
Hanna: Just making sure your real.
[He kisses her]
Hanna: That'll do.



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