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The Marin Residence is located at 34 Turning Leaf Lane in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Hanna's house is across the street from Aria's house.

Hanna's room

Hanna's room is first shown in "Surface Tension." She has feather-print wallpaper and the color scheme is a combination of white, yellow, pink and some black. Hanna's room has a spare bed against the wall, where Emily sleeps when a pipe breaks in the guest room. Her room is the largest after Spencer's. She has a humongous closet with many stylish clothes and a large mirror for looking to see if she looks okay.

In Welcome to the Dollhouse, A manages to completely recreate Hanna's room.

In Songs of Innocence, Hanna tears up her room, due to the trauma caused while she resided in the dollhouse. She has yet to finish re-doing it.




Notes and Trivia

  • A mysterious little girl visited the Marin house in This Is A Dark Ride. She also went up to Hanna's bedroom and was only seen by Ashley Marin.
  • The Marin household has 4 bedrooms, 2 on each floor.
  • Hanna's bedroom is upstairs and next to it is the guest room.
  • The back door is in the kitchen and is mostly open.
  • Most of the interior is white.
  • There are some pictures of Hanna as a baby, on the fridge and the living room table.
  • Hanna and Spencer have the biggest houses among the 4 girls.
  • The fridge in the Marin household is mostly empty as Ashley Marin doesn't cook.
  • When Hanna is sitting home crying over Caleb, she is sitting on the edge of the bathtub, instead of in her room.

Behind The Scenes

Her house is designed to be "a nod to new Americana - picture perfect on the outside, but so much turmoil on the inside." She wanted to make it look like Ashley was responsible for the design of the home, especially the kitchen, where everything looks flawless and in place. Kamerman mentions that there was a direct note from the network to make sure the color palette for the Marin house was cooler than those for the other homes.

In "Surface Tension," Emily moves in, but a pipe breaks in the guest bedroom, so Emily is to stay in Hanna's room. In this way, only one new set had to be created for this episode, since only Hanna's room was part of the plot.

The childhood photos of Hanna are real pictures of Ashley Benson when she was younger.