Harold Crane was the mysterious innkeeper of the Lost Woods Resort.


Before the masked ball, the girls go to the Lost Woods Resort to find out what Ali was there and to whom they are hidden there. The four girls meet there on Harold and ask him who reserved at this time the room number 1. He seems to be hiding something, and the girls believe that he is pretending that the room has been booked forever.

Later that night, Spencer and Mona return again to the Lost Woods Resort back. Harold is pleased with the surprise visit of the girls. Spencer is drinking a cup of tea with him, a distraction, so that Mona can get the key for room number 2. Finally, they find "A's" lair.

She's Better Now

He is seen as the janitor at Rosewood High and seen talking to Mona by Emily. Hanna and Emily see Harold with a lot of A's things and writing in Alison's diary. The girls go down into the basement to get the A's stuff but finds it gone only Ali's diary is there. Instead of taking the whole diary, Aria torn out the entry of her father and Ali. As the girls leave, Harold arrives with a pair of sheer clippers and asks the girls what they are doing in the basement. Spencer quickly tells him something and as they go past him, he asks what Aria has in hand. They are able to get away as Toby arrives.


Mona tells the Liars that she 'believes' that he set the fire, and told her parents who told the school administration, who contacted the police to look for him, but since went AWOL. She also tells the girls that he bribed the other janitor to quit and is stalking her.

Appearances (2/140)

Season 2 (1/25)

Season 3 (1/24)


  • In "UnmAsked," he is seemingly a play on the character Norman Bates, who is the owner of a hotel in the film Psycho, which the episode is reminiscent to.
  • He had one of Alison's diaries in his possession after gathering Mona's things. 
  • Harold Crane is one of the Aliases used by Harold Finch, one of the main characters in Person of Interest. The two shows share some other character names such as Wren, Cavanaugh, Sabrina, Wayne, Drake, Caleb and Jessica. 



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