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That guy has so many heads he'll never miss one.
Hanna to the girls (about his masks)

Hector Lime is a sculptor who specializes in making props and statues for horror movies, as well as masks. Hector created the "Alison" Mask, the "Emily" Mask and the "Melissa" Mask used by "A" in Season 4.

He is portrayed by Jed Rees on Pretty Little Liars.

Appearance and Personality

His hair is unkempt and combined with his demeanor resembles a Tim Burton-ish type of character.

Season 4

Cat's Cradle

After finding a copy of the Alison Mask among Alison's old belongings, Emily, Hanna and Aria visits Hector's Studio to find out more about the mask. Hector tells them he had met Alison after he posted an advertisement for a model to portray Joan of Arc. When the girls pressed him for more information, he asked to make a deal with them to make a mold from Emily's face, which he said would be the perfect Medusa. He says that after the project with Alison, she asked him to make several masks from her likeness so she could give them to all her friends. While Hector was busy, Hanna snuck into his backroom and strangely found a mask of Melissa Hastings.

Face Time

Spencer and Aria follow Melissa back to Hector's Studio. Aria walks into the shop and goes into the back room where all of the molds and masks are. She finds a whole shelf of Alison masks and molds, and finds Hector. He tries to make her leave but finally gives up, saying that he kept the castings because Alison’s face was so beautiful. Aria asks if Alison ever came to shop with someone else, and Hector says that she did once.

In a flashback, we see Alison demanding Hector for money that he owed her. He gives her some money but says that he doesn’t have all of it, but she just asks what the fastest way is to get to Route 30. He gives her the directions and she runs out, jumping into a mysterious black car. Hector says that he couldn’t see the driver. Aria asks Hector why Melissa was here, and he says that she wanted to know about the Alison masks so he made the same deal with her as he did with Emily.

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