Hilary Reynolds is Garrett Reynolds's mother and across-the-street neighbor of Emily Fields. She became ill and was rushed to the hospital in "That Girl is Poison" and subsequently fell into a coma.

Mrs. Reynolds is first introduced in "That Girl is Poison" as an ambulance takes her to Rosewood Community Hospital. In "That Girl Is Poison," she has fallen into a coma and her son Garrett is released from prison in order to visit his ailing mother. Spencer sneaks into her hospital room and discovers a note tucked under her ID bracelet - "April Rose has the proof."

In "The Remains of the "A"," it is Hanna who sneaks into the unsuspecting woman's hospital room, this time to replace the note with one of her own, a scheme designed to trap "A," but her plan goes awry when Mrs. Reynolds crashes. Hanna slips out before hospital staff rush to her aid. We later learn she was revived.

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In the webisode "A VoicemAil," we see a woman checking her messages inside the Reynolds' home. At this point, we can only assume the woman is Mrs. Reynolds. The pharmacy called, and the dry cleaners, and Garrett called as well to tell her he has the tickets and she should be packed and ready by the morning of November 1st. The final message consists of the disturbing sound of someone deliberately breathing into the phone.

She is mentioned by Wayne Fields in "She's Better Now," and wants answers about her son's death.


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