Guys, if we just stay calm and stick to the plan, we'll be fine, okay? This is about containment and right now, everyone who knows about Rollins 'is sitting in this car.'

Hit and Run, Run, Run
Season 7, Episode 4
Air Date July 12, 2016
Written by Maya Goldsmith
Directed by Michael Goi
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Hit and Run, Run, Run is the fourth episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on July 12, 2016.


The PLLs desperately attempt to cover up their secret, and in turn, end up straining their relationships with their respective bed buddies by keeping them in the dark. While the aftermath of Haleb’s kiss weighs on Spaleb’s relationship, Spencer copes in ways she might later regret. Mona intervenes with the cover-up plan, for better or worse.


  • This episode marks Jenna's first appearance since "How the 'A' Stole Christmas".
  • While Alison is watching them, the four girls bury Elliott Rollins's body, thinking the police won't believe their story and the accident will be considered first degree murder.
  • Alison is sent back to Welby secured like Rollins treated her and is revealed to be the Red Sweater Blonde. She tells Aria she didn't kill Charlotte. In a flashback, Alison followed Charlotte to The Church and up the church tower, where the sisters argued over Alison and Elliott. Charlotte later told Alison to leave.
  • Mona was also found to be tracking Elliott's car the night he was killed. She later took Hanna's car before she and Aria had the chance to burn it, and had the windshield and car remodeled. Mona later discovers Elliott's burner phone, which he used to communicate with his accomplice.
    • She also discovers that Jenna is connected with Archer Dunhill, the real identity of Elliott Rollins.
  • Toby tells the Liars that the real Elliott Rollins died in 2002 from a stroke at the age of 72; Archer was using him as a false alias.
  • A new character, Marco Furey, is introduced. Rosewood’s newest detective, who’s brought in to handle open homicides, he is first seen introducing himself to Spencer, charming her as time passes. They later start to make out before Spencer stops it.
  • Spencer discovers Caleb left.

Title and Background

  • It refers to the hit-and-run that caused Elliott's death in the previous episode.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • The table read for this episode occurred on May 4th, 2016.
  • Filming for this episode began on May 6th, 2016[1] and wrapped on May 16th, 2016.[2]
  • The intro in this episode features Alison doing the 'Shhh'.
  • The episode was watched by 1.26 million viewers.
  • While Spencer and Emily are cleaning up evidence, Spencer mentions not getting the part of Lady Macbeth in a play. This might be an allusion to the 10th Pretty Little Liars book, Ruthless, where Spencer does play Lady Macbeth in the school play.

Featured Music

  • "Borderline" by Tove Styrke - (While Emily tends the bar at The Radley she and Spencer discuss the plan to cover up Elliott's death as wait for Aria; Emily suggest to Spencer that her and Caleb's problem have nothing to do with Hanna)
  • "Heatwave" by Wild Ones - (Spencer continues to drink at The Radley when a guy send a drink over to her as a compliment)
  • "Shotgun 2 My Heart" by AYER - (Spencer is ready to leave when Marco introduces himself, tries to convinces her to stay for another drink which she does when she sees the surveillance camera and reconsiders)
  • "Dive" by Jacq Becker - (Spencer and Marco continue to talk over drinks when Spencer notices the time and prepares to leave but before offering to pay for their drinks)
  • "Kill of the Night" by Gin Wigmore - (Spencer and Marco make out in The Radley elevator and almost have sex when Spencer catches sight of herself in the mirror and calls everything to a halt)
  • "Don't Look Back (feat. Ashe)" by Ben Phipps - (The girls have brunch at The Radley, they discuss covering up Elliott's death, his missing burner phone and finding his possible accomplice as they make sure they're seen on surveillance)

Memorable Quotes

Jenna: Oh, didn't you hear? My house blew up.

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