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Hanna: No names are mentioned but the scoop came from an anonymous source, you can't spell anonymous without A.D.
Aria: Well technically there's no 'D' in anonymous but, whatever, I get your point.
Hanna to Aria after finding out someone told the press the truth about her design

Hold Your Piece is the thirteenth episode of Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. It aired on May 2nd, 2017.


Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Aria and Emily team up to investigate Sydney for more information about Jenna and her connection to A.D. Spencer grows closer to Detective Furey, while Aria struggles with her current situation with Ezra. Hanna’s turn at the game is more intense than she bargained for and leads to shocking consequences.[1]


Spencer wakes up in the night to the sound of a crying baby. A.D. is touching on a raw nerve by playing the noise of a virtual crying baby on the phone. She gathers the girls to discuss and also find someone to take the baby doll. But, they all have their own issues, and pass the doll along until it lands on Hanna. Emily questions if Mary is responsible for the crying baby sound. Spencer questions why Mary would taunt her with it. The noise stops and they question why, Hanna picks it back up, it's now her turn to play the game. Caleb informs Hanna that her dress has made it into the news as he's holding a newspaper, they begin to celebrate, but Emily reads online further and finds an article titled "Stolen Design on Senator's Daughter?". In The Brew, Toby informs Spencer that Yvonne is awake from her coma. Spencer informs him of certain drugs that could help her, he tells her that doctors told them and cuts their conversation short to get back to Yvonne. Marco arrives and wants to do something with Spencer for the day, when she asks what he tells her to come along and find out. Spencer and Marco arrive at a Recreational Centre and begin to play a game of ping-pong. Hanna gets out her anxieties, she scared that Claudia might read it because the story makes it sound like she stole from her. Aria questions if the article writer is fake and trying to start drama. Hanna theorizes it could be Jenna "blind item, blind girl". Caleb informs the girls that Jenna checked out of The Radley Hotel, but they don't know where she is now so they're gonna make Sydney lead them to Jenna. Caleb discuss technology tracking through BlueSnarf, while Aria becomes distracted by an interview Nicole did on the news. Aria tells them there's nothing she can do until Ezra is done helping her, they begin to feel bad but she tells them she's fine.

Emily visits Toby in the hospital, they discuss Yvonne's condition. Toby compares a situation he was in to how he thinks Yvonne could be feeling. Yvonne wakes up and calls his name, he rushes to her and asks Emily to get the nurse. Meanwhile, Caleb grabs more trackers while Hanna's turn starts, the game tells her to answer the door, there is a bang and she does not move. Caleb comes back and answers it, they find a mannequin dressed up like Hanna, she has no choice but to explain everything about the game. caleb investigates the mannequin, it instructs Hanna to "see the appendix". Hanna is confused and Caleb asks where the board is so that he can get inside of it and figure out how it works. Spencer and Marco arrive at a Recreational Centre and begin to play a game of ping-pong. Toby tests Yvonne to set where she is at strength-wise, Yvonne proves to be able to get most of her strength back as she squeezes a ball in left and then right hand. Toby then proposes and asks her answer, she says "I do". Back at Lucas' apartment, Hanna and Lucas have a metting to attend. Hanna questions Lucas on what the worst possible thing Claudia could do to her legally. He doesn't want her to worry but she warns him that she needs to know how deep she could go into this. Lucas won't tell her, instead he tells her that his company can absorb the loss if anything bad happens, and tells her that he would not have invested in her if he didn't believe in her. He tells her visual aids may help during the meeting. He walks up to what he thinks is a dress design, but is actually the mannequin, Hanna manages to cover up and convince him not to touch it.

Emily and Aria research Sydney's whereabouts and find out that she attended the charity event that Katie did, and is photographed taking a picture of her. They theorize that Jenna made up her story to protect Sydney, and that Syndey may have actually been the one to shoot Spencer. Hanna is on the phone to Caleb, trying to figure out things. He states that he's trying to figure out how to get inside the board game, as he talks she realizes what the mannequin meant, A.D. wants her to cut the mannequin open at the appendix. She cuts open it and fake blood pours out, she uses tongs and finds a packet, it drips blood as she holds it up: it's a packet of clothes that say "wear me" on the packet. As Spencer beings to win, Marco questions where she learned how to play, she tells him she learned at a horseback riding camp, people couldn't ride horses when it rained so they played ping-pong, she also mentions that she was ping-pong champ for 5 consecutive summers. Marco informs her that he learned how to play on the table they are currently playing on. Spencer wins and they end the game by shaking hands. She thanks him for getting her out of her own chaos for a while. Marco ponders about how the police missed a second file from the blind school investigation after Spencer got shot, he sees her looking bored and apologises for talking about work. He sees her bleeding from her wound and goes to find a first aid kit. While he's gone she sees a painting he made when he was little for someone.

Emily and Aria sit in her car while she takes Emily through all the tracking she learned from Caleb. Hanna shows Caleb the dress that A.D. wants her to wear at the investors meeting. They comment that this is how the game works. She wears the outfit to the investors meeting, the investors get offended at the cultural appropriation and A.D. will make the story go away, while Lucas' company loses a lot of money. She sulks and he questions what happens if she refuses to play. She says nothing but makes a concerned face, Caldeb realises that A.D. knows about her killing Rollins' and if she doesn't play, she'll go to jail instead. She asks if he can hack and stop the board game before tonight. He promises to try. Emily walks over to Syndey pretending to bump into her, but she knows she intentionally found her. Emily questions if she shot Spencer at the blind school. Sydney denies being in the same area, and insists she was at The Radley Hotel delivering drinks to Caleb and Mona. She says that Jenna told her it was a practical joke, and she then had brunch with her parents after, it seemed harmless, but Emily reminds her that Noel Kahn ended up dead, and Spencer was rushed to hospital. Sydney admits that she wish she drifted from Jenna after high school. She tells Emily that she answered a phone call from an old friend (Jenna) and got sucked into the drama, she questions Emily how she got sucked into it, but Emily doesn't answer. Sydney gets up to leave for a conference. Emily goes back to Aria who informs her that Sydney has an appointment as Vogel Vision Institute. Emily realises that Sydney lied, they wonder if she's taking Jenna to an eye doctor. They try to drive to the place before she gets there. They get there and Aria hacks into Sydney's phone to listen to what Syndey requests. They work out that Jenna is having an eye procedure done, paid by by A.D. Emily questions if Sydney is A.D. or a pawn. Aria and Emily monitor Sydney's phone, she receives a text message from a blocked ID asking if she did it, she replies "It's Done".

Marco comes back and tends to Spencer, she refers to the painting. He tells her that they left it up after she passed, she ran the centre for decades, she gives her condolences and he informs her that he was chubby with glass as a kid, and that his mother was addicted to prescription drugs, but she's sober now and they talk once a month. He offers to take her home and put ice on the shoulder. Spencer implies she wants to stay a little longer. She tells him that she's been so caught up in her soap opera that she forgot that she is not the first human to have a complicated story about a birth mother and surrogate mother. He tells her that she doesn't have to choose, she can just love the people that want the best for her. They kiss, as they kiss we go back to the hospital, Yvonne and Toby get married. Aria and Emily trap Sydney into telling them aboiut A.D. and Jenna. Aria physically assaults her and Emily instructs her to stop. They try and make Sydney talk but Sydney insists she doesn't know where Jenna is and actually wants to cut ties. As Sydney walks away Aria asks if she snuck the tracker in her bag, Emily confirms, she phones Hanna to talk but Hanna is frustrated as she seems to be the only one getting hit hard with no real reward after. Hanna leaves the apartment in the dress. Spencer comes home and finds Caleb is investigating the game board, he informs her that Hanna told him because A.D. brought the fight to their front door. Spencer tells him that she had a nice time with a guy, Caleb questions if he's Detective Furey, she affirms and he asks their relationship status, she tells him that the timing is off, he's working on the Rollins case. Spencer goes into the kitchen and asks if he wants any food ordered, he configures the board and is hit with a gas in his face. He answers "sure" before he begins to find it hard to breathe, he collapses on the couch and Spencer runs over to him and calls an ambulance.

At The Radley, Hanna shows up ready and shows gratitude to Lucas before things blow up. He promises her that they'll always be friends. As they go in, she gets a message that Caleb is in the hospital, Lucas rushes her to go there and he'll figure something out with the investors. At the hospital, Yvonne and Toby talk about where their honeymoon should be, Yvonne talks about wanting to go to Moscow, Russia, to experience the Red Square as during Christmas it's lit up. He agrees and talks other places for them to go after. He asks her if she's happy, she responds "Happiest". She begins to close her eyes and her hand relaxes, Toby shows concern, her other hand then drops the boquet of flowers as they fall to the floor. Hanna visits Caleb, she asks if he is okay. Caleb compares the time they first met and she sprayed hairspray in his face to his current pain, and says his current pain is worse than that. Caleb tells Hanna that he made up a story that made sense because he can't tell them about the board game. Hanna tells him she didn't make the investors meeting, he questions if she's technically skipping her turn, she tells him that the game doesn't matter, making sure he's okay does. She gets notification and leaves.

The girls meet up at the hospital to support Caleb and Hanna. Spencer tells them that Hanna had to tell Caleb about the game, she had no choice. Hanna tells them she lost her puzzle piece, Emily tells her that winning a piece doesn't make her a winner. Hanna bitterly refers to Spencer as she says that feeling like a winner depends on what you have to do. Spencer questions why she's referring to her. Hanna tells her that all Spencer had to do was visit Toby in hospital, whereas Hanna had false accusations and skip an important meeting. Emily tells her it's the point of the game, an unfair advantage to Spencer and disadvantage to Hanna, is giving Hanna something to bicker about. Spencer tells them it's been a long rough day, so she's gonna go visit Toby and Yvonne. When she visits him, she sees him walking toward her looking exhausted and sad, he looks at her while crying. She walks to him and hugs him as he falls down on her, she realises that Yvonne died. Aria gets home to find Nicole is back. At the precinct, the police are handed over a severed finger, wrapped up.


  • Yvonne wakes up from the coma and she and Toby get married. However, moments later, Yvonne succumbs to her injuries and passes away during a talk with Toby about their plans for the future.
  • At the Police Department, Marco receives an envelope sent by Uber A containing one of, possibly, Archer's fingers.
  • Continuity: Caleb mentions the time Hanna shot hairspray in this face. This happened in Je Suis une Amie.

Title and Background

  • The title was revealed by Bryan Holdman on Twitter, answering a question of a fan.[2]
  • The title possibly refers to Hanna's puzzle piece, which she fails to win by not completing the task A.D. set for her. The title is also possibly a play on words of the term "Hold Your Peace", which means to be silent about a situation when you want to speak up, which could refer to Caleb being hit with a chemical gas from the board game, rendering his ability to call for help.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast


  • Filming for this episode began on July 28th, 2016[3] and wrapped on August 5th, 2016.[4]
  • This is Bryan Holdman's last episode for the show.
  • The episode's official press release was made public on April 12th, 2017.[1]
  • The intro in this episode features Spencer doing the 'Shhh'.
  • The episode was watched by 0.86 million viewers on its original broadcast, hitting a new series low.

Featured Music

  • "Wanted to Be Loved" by Daniel Ahearn - (Spencer runs into Toby at The Brew, who tells her that Yvonne has come out her coma when Marco arrives at the cafe; Marco offers to help Spencer find Mary then asks her to spend the day off with him)
  • "From the Snow-Tipped Hills" by The Silver Lake Chorus - (Spencer apologizes to Marco for not seeing that other people have messy lives then asks him to stay at the centre a little longer and they kiss; Toby and Yvonne get married then kiss)

Memorable Quotes

Sydney: Namaste, bitch.


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