Hollis College, commonly referred to as Hollis, is a liberal arts college founded in 1884 in Rosewood, Pennsylvania. Within the grounds of Hollis is Hollis Bar & Grill where many students and employees hang out after hours.

The college logo is, "Alea Iacta Est", which translates to "The die is cast".


  • Ezra returns to Rosewood High School for its college fair to promote Hollis to prospective students.
  • Aria takes a pottery class at Hollis, alongside Jenna and a new face, Bryce.
  • Ezra once taught English at Hollis and had his own office there, where he sometimes spent time with Aria.
  • Ezra used to attend Hollis College with his friend Hardy.
  • Jackie saw Ezra kissing Aria on campus, and was jealous.
  • When Ezra meets Aria in "Pilot," he pretends to think she is a student at Hollis.
  • The college has its own bar and grill associated with it: Hollis Bar & Grill.
  • In "The First Secret," Aria accidentally bumps into Ezra in the hallway at Hollis while on her way to visit her father.
  • Alison and Aria trashed Byron's office and framed Meredith in "Blood Is The New Black."
  • Ezra is fired from Hollis in "If These Dolls Could Talk."
  • Spencer took some classes there over the summer before Season 3.
  • Nate claims he is going there during the first half of Season 3.
  • Alison tries to blackmail Byron in his office in "She's Better Now."




Behind the Scenes

  • The campus filmed for Hollis College in Pretty Little Liars is really that of The Ohio State University. The building shown in the main shot is University Hall, shot from the main oval.



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