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This Icelandic Man is an unnamed character mentioned in "Moments Later". He was Aria's boyfriend when she was in Iceland. While Aria was having a secret affair with Ezra, Hanna assumes that she doesn't want to see other people because she has a boyfriend in Iceland. Aria doesn't correct her, but after Hanna finds out about Aria's affair with Ezra, Aria reveals that she did had a boyfriend in Iceland but she's over it.


Season 1

There's No Place Like Homecoming

Hanna assumes that Aria is dating an Icelandic man (when she is actually dating Ezra), however, Aria does not correct her.

Moments Later

After Aria reveals to her friends that she is having an affair with Ezra, Hanna asks if she really has a boyfriend in Iceland, and Aria confirms that she did have one, but lied by hinting that she hadn't gotten over it yet.


  • He was Aria's first boyfriend
  • In "For Whom the Bell Tolls", Aria tells Ezra that he was the one guy who had never lied to her, suggesting that this man lied to Aria and possibly that's why they ended their relationship.