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Imogen Adams is a main character in the upcoming television series, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin on HBO Max. She is portrayed by Bailee Madison.

Imogen is a true survivor, a final girl. She drives the mystery of uncovering “A” as she fights for her life and the lives of her friends.


Imogen was born to a single mother, Davie Adams, in Millwood, Pennsylvania. The two were inseparable and closer to each other than anyone. They moved into their house when Imogen was a young girl. As she grew up, she befriended the Beasley twins, the charismatic Karen and audacious Kelly. Together, the trio partied and hung out, getting into mischief in spite of Davie's protests. At an undisclosed time, Imogen was sexually assaulted by an unknown male attacker. Imogen's friendship with the twins did fall apart one fateful night, when they partied at the Beasley home with the rest of their class. Kelly told Karen that Imogen had kissed Greg, Karen's boyfriend, which resulted in a massive fight between them. They stopped being friends after that. Sometime after the party, Imogen took a pregnancy test that came back positive. She planned to raise the baby with her mother.


Imogen was a party girl who hung with the popular kids in her school. She was reckless, ambitious, headstrong, and dismissive of her mother's warnings. At the same time that her friendship with Karen crumbled, Imogen became pregnant. She leaned on her mother for support, who held her hand and told her it would all be okay. She became responsible, kind, nurturing, supportive of her best friend Tabby, and cautious. Imogen is wise beyond her years, with a level of passion that drives her. She tries to continue to redefine herself and owns who she is. After her mother's tragic death, Imogen is left riddled with grief but must put her emotions aside to deal with her new reality. She is headstrong, stubborn, and brave, with a streak of reckless inclinations. Imogen is intelligent and puts the clues together about the anonymous A to save herself and her friends. She is a survivor at heart, having endured a sexual assault, the death of her mother, and a teen pregnancy while being stalked by A. She allows herself to be vulnerable with Tabby, finding a kindred connection with her.

Physical Appearance

Imogen is a pretty young girl with an oval face and almond-shaped brown eyes. She has a slim, build, and wears casual yet fashionable clothing. She has shoulder-length dirty blonde hair.


OS101 Davie-Imogen Still.jpg

On August 28th, a pregnant Imogen dines with her mother Davie, who insists she drink her milk to Imogen’s protest. Davie holds her daughter’s hand, asking if she wants to burn "her’" things in revenge for being a fair-weather friend. “And a stark raving crazy bitch,” Davie finishes, to her daughter’s sarcastic objection. A knock at the door attracts Imogen’s attention. She opens it to find Karen Beasley, who announces that her boyfriend Greg is in the car so it shouldn’t take long. A tense stand-off begins, even as Karen hands Davie a letter that was out front, the “A” in her name red. Davie opens the letter to find a flyer for the rave that occurred 22 years prior, to her utter shock. Imogen notices her mother’s discomfort, but Davie brushes it off and tells the girls to head upstairs. As they leave, Davie reads the flier.

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Upstairs, Karen briskly skims through Imogen’s closet, the latter who says she gave her the shirt she’s holding. Karen snidely remarks she can’t wear it now. Imogen begs Karen to understand that Greg kissed her first, not vice versa. Karen, however, refuses to listen, confronting Imogen that she kissed Greg at her own party. The blonde tries to storm off but finds in the hallway floor wet. The girls slowly walk to the source of the water, the bathroom. Imogen softly calls out to her mother. She pushes the door open, taking in what’s in front of her: Davie, dead in a tub overflowing with bloody water, the letter “A” drawn in red ichor on the wall. Karen screams in horror as Imogen gasps.

On September 28th, at the Haworthe house, Imogen tearfully looks through her mother’s picture book. She composes herself before she heads downstairs, where Sidney brightly bids her good morning. Imogen says she couldn’t sleep last night after sniffing brownies at 5 am. Sidney asks if she’s sure she wants to go to school, but Imogen is determined as she wants to distract herself and her mother would’ve wanted her to go back. Sidney replies she would’ve done anything for her mom. Tabby offers to walk Imogen and pick up the keys to Imogen’s insistence.

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Outside, Tabby says she didn’t know their moms were friends. Imogen says she didn’t know either as her mother always confided in her, though Imogen realized she didn’t talk about her high school years. Tabby says Imogen is brave for coming to the hellhole of Millwood High, though Imogen assures her she’ll be the freak of the week before some other kid whose life is more fucked up than hers takes the spot. Outside her house, Imogen can’t bear herself to walk up the front steps, leaving Tabby to drop the keys off. As the girls leave, a figure ominously stares out the screened front window after them.

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Outside Millwood High, Imogen expresses her disgust that Spirit Week has commenced. Tabby reminds her it’s not too late to turn back but Imogen refuses. Inside, Karen and Sandy sit at her Spirit Queen ballot table and notice Imogen’s arrival. She fakes sweetly-veiled surprise that Imogen is back, leading Tabby to snark that if she wasn’t such a narcissist she’s check up on Imogen. Karen coldly tells her to get off her ass as it was traumatizing for her to see, recalling back when she ran out the house screaming. She tells Imogen she’s here for her and pulls her in for a hug. However, she cruelly whispers, “People may be polite to you, but trust me: nobody wants your pregnant, tragic ass back here.” Karen wishes her a good first day back, but Tabby overheard and asks why she’s a bitch at everything. She escorts Imogen to a corner and says that while Karen is a walking micro-aggression, there’s safety in numbers. Tabby invites her to sit at lunch.

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In literature class, Imogen is taking notes when she suddenly receives a text from an unknown number, instructing her to “Look out the window.” She does and is shocked at the ghastly sight of a figure wearing a burlap mask and coveralls. The figure appears to be staring right at Imogen. The teacher calls her name, and Imogen asks what the question was, clearly distracted. Her question makes the class’s laugh. She looks out the window again to see that the figure has vanished.

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Imogen is accosted by Sandy in the bathroom, who gives her insincere condolences. She asks what Imogen is going to do now. Imogen replies she’s staying at the Haworthe’s, but Sandy meant what she’s going to do with the baby. Imogen is recalled back to a time she sat near the beach, Sandy’s voice questioning if the baby fathers was indeed a lifeguard. She suddenly goes at the nurse’s office, begging Nurse Simmons to arrange for an abortion. She says her and her mother planned to raise it but now she’s changed her mind. Nurse Simmons reminds her she’s six months along and it's too late to reconsider. Imogen, besieged by an image of herself in a bloodied tub like her mother, admits she’s overwhelmed. Nurse Simmons urges her to push through the next three months. After school, Imogen grabs the confidence to enter her house, approaching her mother’s bedroom and reminiscing as she finds a picture of her sonogram. She begins to tear up but notices the rave flyer underneath a magazine.

The next day, Tuesday, Principal Clanton asks Imogen if she is ok, confessing that Nurse Simmons told him about her chat with Imogen strictly because of her wellbeing. He says Millwood might not be equipped to offer the support she needs. Imogen begs him to not kick her out, but he says he isn’t - he’s concerned about the student body, some who might be bothered by her presence. Imogen dares him to ask who is.

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The cafeteria bustles with activity, until Imogen storms in and confronts Karen in front of everyone. She plays innocent, concerned this might not be the right environment for someone in Imogen’s “condition”. She demands to know she truly did to piss Karen off, turning to Greg to admit the truth in front of her. Karen snaps and says she doesn’t belong here, and she isn’t the only person who feels that way. She defiantly states she won’t go anywhere, and in fact will be Spirit Queen like her mother. Karen is shocked by the threat, flustered as Imogen leaves the cafeteria gossiping in her wake. The other girls are left impressed.

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Back at the Haworthe house, Tabby is impressed by Imogen’s boldness and calling Karen a bitch in front of everyone, though the pregnant girl sees herself as the teen tragedy spiraling. She confessed to Tabby she had a series of panic attacks, threw up, and asked for an abortion. She says she went back to her house and found a flyer for a party back in 1999 and has no idea why her mother killed herself and in that manner. Tabby asks if she left a note, but Imogen shakes her head. She shows Tabby the sonogram and how her mom said everything was ok. Tabby says, for what’s it for, she should run for Spirit Queen and worst-case scenario they make Karen sweat.

Imogen and Tabby arrive at school to find Karen’s posters defaced and replaced with ones supporting Imogen, with the second “A” in her last name highlighted in red. The girls immediately blame Karen for it, and the principal calls them to his office now. Following suit, Mouse Honrada, Faran Bryant, and Noa Olivar, are each called by the principal for alleged acts against Karen Beasley. The girls are all placed in detention. Imogen tells Tabby they shouldn’t be here, though Faran asks if they were the ones who trashed Karen’s posters. Imogen, as much as she and Tabby want to take the credit, says Karen did it to send a message, the letter “A” highlighted as drawn when Imogen discovered her mother. She thinks it’s revenge for thinking she kissed Greg, and now everything Imogen does enrages her.

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Faran thinks Karan put razor blades in her own ballet shoes to get her kicked out of Swan Lake. Noa is surprised by the violent intent and starts to think Karen switched her drug tests by involving her twin because she wouldn’t vote for her for Spirit Queen. Imogen assures her that’s reason enough to involve her. Noa reveals that before she got with Greg, she tried to get with Shawn, a fact Imogen can confirm when she and Karen were friends last year. She states Karen might as well hate her for taking Shawn. Mouse confesses Karen said she put a dead rat in her bag, to the girls’ disgust. She says ever since she introduced herself as Mouse to Karen, she’s been called “Rodent” though believes her reason for Karen’s retaliation stems from calling her a basic barbie and flipping her the middle finger. Imogen says Karen is on a rampage and Noa concludes they were targeted by her. “Like you said, Beasley is a bitch, but so is payback,” Imogen whispers in response. The girls begin to plot, and all are in, but Tabby asks what they will do. Imogen answers. “I think we should kill Karen Beasley.”[2]

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Imogen recounts a party at the Beasley House six months ago, describing it only to The Little Liars as the party when she stopped being friends with the twins. In a flashback, Imogen is in the Beasley kitchen when she downs the last of her drink. She screeches happily upon seeing the Beasley twins. She wants to raid their dad's liquor cabinet, but the twins refuse. Their dad will check it when they get back from their church retreat. Imogen wants Greg to get them some, though Karen isn't speaking to Greg as they're in a fight. If the bitches want more, they have to get it themselves. Imogen stumbles off to find Greg so she can ask him herself. She passes the entrance as Tabby Haworthe and Chip enter. Imogen finds Greg in a bedroom to relay Karen's message about wanting more beer. He can't even pee in peace. They both know how Karen gets when she wants something. He wants Karen to be more like Imogen as she's a good person. She returns the sentiment. Imogen finds Karen in the living room, wanting to talk with her about something important. Karen explodes over Imogen kissing her boyfriend. Imogen protested that wasn't what happened, but Kelly had seen them together. What she saw was Greg kissing her. He comes from the hall, telling Karen it wasn't a big deal as Imogen is drunk. Karen tells her to get out. Imogen tries to explain, but Karen calls her a slut and demands she get out. She then turns to Greg and shoves him before storming off. Imogen walks down the driveway and then pauses, cursing under her breath. She goes back inside the house.

In the present day, each of the Little Liars reveal they attended the party, except for Faran who chose not to go, and Mouse who wasn't invited. Imogen reveals there is a video from that night that someone made on their phone of Karen. If people saw the video, it would destroy Karen. Noa questions if it would embarrass her. Faran suggests posting it somewhere. Minnie becomes skeptical since the internet is for eternity. Faran rolls her eyes and then asks what they are all thinking - if it's a sex tape or not. Imogen quickly explains that it isn't a sex tape. Tabby thinks she can screen the video by projecting it right before her Jordan Peele double feature. She invites them all to attend. This way, kids would see it, but it wouldn't be on the internet forever. She can edit the video short enough that people don't have time to pull up their phones. Faran wonders where the video is and if they can see it. Imogen has it at her house. Minnie stammers as she affirms that it's at Imogen's house.

Tabby, Minnie, Faran, and Noa wait at the bottom of the stairs for Imogen. Tabby's mom is a real estate agent who says terrible things happen in most houses. But this is an Amityville level of weird. She's getting Poltergeist vibes. She calls up to Imogen, who doesn't respond. Noa suggests one of them going up there, with Faran telling her she should. Imogen appears from beside them, jump-scaring the girls. She has the phone and the charger. Minnie suggests doing that in a more public setting.

The Little Liars head to Pinball Pizza as they question whose phone Imogen has. All they need to know is that he's a douchebag. Noa asks how she knows the password. Minnie admits passwords aren't hard if they know anything about the person. Imogen reveals the password is 69-69. She gives the phone to Faran to preview, who shares it with the other girls in the booth. Tabby wants to know whose phone it is and if he knows she has it. Imogen assures her that he's never said anything about it. Minnie worries this can blow back on them if people feel sorry for her. There's not a single student in Millwood High that wouldn't want to see her knocked down a peg. Faran and Noa vote yes to releasing the video. Tabby gives a brief speech before voting yes to showing it. Imogen suggests sleeping on it as it might be a bad idea. She apologizes for bringing it up.

As each of the girls sits in their rooms, they receive messages from an unknown number with videos attached. Mouse's video is of a rat dying of asphyxiation, Faran's shows A putting a razor blade in a ballerina shoe, and Noa's is of a teapot pouring urine into a sample cup. Imogen asks Tabby if she's watching the video, though the girl is unaware there's a video. They play it to see a gloved person stabbing holes in Karen's campaign posters. All five girls video chat to discuss the videos. Faran knows Karen doesn't want them to explain as it's all a mindfuck anyway. Minnie suggests calling the cops, though Faran points out that's Karen's dad. Tabby rudely dismisses the idea. Imogen thinks Karen's only doing this because she's insecure, toxic, and not a good person. Minnie emotionally describes the innocent animal's excruciating, slow death. Anyone who can do that is a horrible human being. Faran adds that she's also racist, homophobic, and privileged, and she's going to keep being those things for the rights of high school. They have to take her down. Tabby has an idea for the video, and they all agree to go along with it. Tabby mutes the group to ask Imogen how she feels. Imogen is in if Tabby is.

On Thursday, October 1st, Karen walks into school to find Imogen and Tabby hosting a booth. She's hosting a screening at The Orpheum because Jordan Peele is dope and Mr. Smithee is racially biased. He's not the only one. It's also an event to promote Imogen's spirit queen campaign. Karen's surprised that Principal Clanton let her run after she trashed her posters. Imogen thinks he's afraid the pregnant girl would sue the school if he didn't. Tabby adds they didn't trash their posters, but if there's anything she wants to confess, this is her last chance. Karen has nothing to confess. Imogen might give a speech, so Karen decides to come against Tabby's request. Karen grabs a flyer and stomps off.

At The Orpheum, Imogen and Tabby prepare for the screening while discussing Karen. Wes asks if they are going in, so they do. They sit with the other girls. Meanwhile, A looks through a hole in a wall behind the projection screen. The film starts rolling and Tabby gives Chip a thumbs-up. The video starts with a campaign video to Vote Karen For Queen. It rolls into the video from that night. Karen is drunk and demands affirmation that she's “so fucking hot”. The boy behind the camera wants to see how she is. Karen can't believe that Greg kissed that slut when he has her. The asshole couldn't even stay hard enough to have sex properly. In the audience, Karen demands that Kelly tells her what's going on. She doesn't know. In the video, Karen continues to berate Greg while goading the boy into revealing himself. He agrees to show her but only if she shows him first. In the theatre, Karen becomes emotional and leaves the theatre. The video cuts off to show the rest of the campaign, as Karen runs out of the theatre crying. Kelly runs after her, catching the attention of Wes who enters the screening, just as the movie starts. He looks up at the booth to see Chip inside. Outside, the Liars wonder if they did the right thing, which everyone thinks they did. They held up a mirror to show everyone who Karen is. When the others leave, Imogen asks Tabby if it's the right thing to do, and Tabby assures her that it is.

Back in the Haworthe House, Imogen lays awake in bed as she recalls a memory with her mom a few months ago. The Adams family is having dinner when Imogen hangs up the phone with Karen. She has plans to meet up with Karen at the mall before it closes if that's okay with Davie. Davie warns her to be careful as she is who she hangs out with. She doesn't like Karen because she's a bully and a mean girl. She doesn't want Imogen to be those things - she can't ever be those things. Imogen tells her that she won't be. In the present, Imogen gets a text that surprises her.

Karen leans against a tree in a cemetery when Imogen joins her. She knew the video came from Imogen the night of their big fight. Imogen admits she went back inside the party that night to get her sweater. She flashes back to that night when she overhears Karen and Tyler in her bedroom. Imogen rushes in to stop them. She covers up Karen and pulls her away from Tyler. Karen is messy, drunk, and angry. She hates Imogen, which is fine with Imogen, but Karen doesn't want to be on some drunk guy's camera phone right now. Tyler continues to goad them until Imogen grabs his phone, calling him an asshole. She helps Karen out of the room. In the present, Imogen reveals that she handed Karen off to Kelly and made sure she was safe before she left. Karen sarcastically calls Imogen her hero. Earlier that night, she lost her virginity to Greg. The next thing she heard, was that he was kissing her best friend. That's why she was so pissed. Karen is still thinking about how Imogen kept the video because she could use it one day to hurt her. That's the only possible reason. Imogen isn't a good person. Imogen thinks she shouldn't have put razor blades in her shoes or mutilated a rat. Karen is oblivious to her claims. If they aren't going to have an honest conversation, Imogen will just leave. Karen tells her to go, then, but Imogen doesn't think she should be alone. Karen laughs over Imogen's worries about her getting hurt. She snaps for her to get out of her face, calling her a “god damn bitch”. Imogen scoffs then leaves. Off in the distance, behind a set of gravestones, A watches the scene unfold.

The next day, Friday, Tabby and Imogen walk to school as Tabby asks if she's okay. Imogen admits she met up with Karen late last night in a cemetery. Karen texted her and she felt like she owed it to her to explain. When Imogen brought up the things she did, Karen completely denied them. Tabby has her repeat that Karen is a sociopath. They met in the cemetery because it was kind of their thing.

Once in school, Imogen is called to the principal's office over the intercom. Clanton tells Imogen that Karen recused herself from the Spirit Queen race. He owes Imogen and Tabby an apology. Karen admitted that she destroyed the posters herself and will be punished accordingly. Since Imogen is the only student in the race, she will be crowned Spirit Queen. He congratulates her, as it's his understanding that it's mother-like daughter. She leaves the office breathless and emotional. She goes to the Little Lairs who have assembled. Karen dropped out of the race and took responsibility for the posters, which means she's going to be Spirit Queen. Imogen is panicking so Tabby assures her they have her covered. Imogen becomes emotional so the girls usher her into the bathroom.

Imogen tells them about Clanton's “like mother, like daughter” statement. She is nothing like her mom. She never would have shown that video. It wasn't just her but all of them. Her mom would have taken a hammer to the phone, not keeping it for months. It doesn't matter that Karen confessed because they messed up too. All she can think about now is what her mom would say if she were there. Karen was right that she is a terrible person. Tabby refuses to let Karen gaslight her. Karen is still a terrible person. Noa thinks it's badass that she'll be Millwood High's first pregnant Spirit Queen. Imogen isn't planning to go. Tabby suggests that the group all goes together as friends. Noa can't, showing her ankle monitor, but encourages them to go as they are young and free and shit. Mouse has never been to a dance in real life. Noa asks if she's ever done anything in real life. Faran doesn't feel guilty at all and will be going since Henry is. Imogen's last-ditch attempt is that she doesn't have a dress. Tabby assures her that her mom can handle it.

Saturday, the night of the Spirit Week Dance, The Little Liars show up at Imogen's bedroom door with supplies. The group gets ready together by dancing, doing their makeup, and hair, and getting dressed. They talk about their favorite dance movies, with Minnie bringing up West Side Story. Noa always wanted to be Maria so she could jump Tony's bones. The girls laugh before Imogen admits she's going to find Karen that night and apologize. She's going to give Karen her crown or at least try to. The girls agree to help her.

They arrive at the dance and fan out to find Karen. Imogen finds Kelly, who she mistakes for Karen. Kelly admits her twin is around. Imogen wants to make things right, so Kelly agrees to relay her message. She congratulates Imogen for winning against her sister as not many people can do that. She can't wait to see her up on the stage tonight. Eventually, the girls give up on finding Karen, so the rest of The Little Liars decide to enjoy the evening with their crushes. Imogen stands off by herself and Tabby tells Chip it's a Perks alert. He doesn't mind and tells her to go. The girls walk over to Imogen and Tabby extends her hand first, inviting her to have the dance. She accepts and Tabby leads her to the dance floor, twirling her around. The group dances happily as their boy's watch, later joining them.

Clanton takes the stage to announce Millwood High's Spirit Queen. He calls Imogen Adams to the stage to accept her crown. A spotlight finds her and the crowd cheers loudly. She ascends the staircase to the stage. Clanton places the crown atop her head. Faran sees Karen in the rafters and nudges Tabby, who in turn, gets the attention of the other Liars. They try to scream for Imogen to look up. Shawn gets involved too. Karen smiles maniacally from the rafters as she inches the bucket closer to the edge. Imogen turns to look up at the balcony. She sees a man approach Karen wearing a full-body suit - it's A. Karen starts to look behind her but it's too late, A has ahold of her. He wrestles with her for a moment before pushing her over the balcony. Karen falls to her death with a loud squishing noise on the stage below. The partygoers begin to scream and run in different directions. Imogen stands still, too dazed to move. A pool of blood inches closer to her shoes. The Little Liars all get texts at the same time. It ominously says that one bully is down, but there are five more to go. Keep quiet about him, or they will all be next. The message is signed with -A. Imogen looks up to see A looking over the balcony at her. Karen's dead body lays on the stage, blood seeping out of her face as her eyes stare blankly ahead.[3]

A stunned Imogen is urged by Tabby to run as the crowd disperses - Kelly runs to her sister as Greg is left in shambles. The girls stagger to the hallway, traumatized at seeing Karen’s death. Faran urges her to say what she witnessed - while they all saw Karen in the rafters, she saw a masked man who murdered her. The girls realize they’ve all seen the figure and connect A’s text to the figure. The girls arrive home to their respective parents’ questioning and worry. At the Haworthe residence, Sidney asks Tabby to affirm if it was Karen who died. With A’s threat in mind, Tabby and Imogen lie that she willingly dropped, unknowingly triggering a flashback to the night of Angela’s death.

That night, on a video call, Imogen wonders if they should tell Karen’s dad but the girls disagree, as “A” ordered to keep their mouths shut. Imogen realizes that perhaps Karen didn’t frame them, but “A” did for the girls to go after her. Faran is firm in her belief that Karen was a bully who had it coming, and the police finding the bucket up in the rafters will be proof enough. Imogen counters that its fine for them but she knows Karen was pushed by “A”, which is all the more reason to keep quiet and do what “A” asks. The girls bid each other goodnight. After the call, Imogen finds solace with Tabby in her bedroom, and confesses when her mother died, she wrote the letter “A” in her blood. She also points out the letter her mother received with the red “A” on it and now with Karen’s death, Imogen is determined to find out how the 1999 party is connected to everything.

The following Monday, Millwood High School holds a memorial assemble to honor Karen Beasley, describing her as a beloved member of the community. The girls sit awkwardly as they hear the speech, failing to notice “A” lurking underneath the bleachers. “A” reaches out to grab Imogen’s feet, but she luckily moves in time to run to the bathroom. After relieving her stomach, she encounters Kelly. Kelly says she didn’t want to stay home and bear with her mother. Imogen sincerely states her sorries but Kelly doesn’t want to hear it. Imogen stops her and asks if Karen knew about the flyer, but Kelly is insulted to hear Imogen is thinking about her mother and scolds her. The pregnant girl is left bewildered.

Imogen joins the other girls in the library, who are surprised to hear Kelly is at school but dismiss her as deranged. They take note of Imogen’s distress and advise her to breath. They’re interrupted by the intercom, who names them one by one to go to the principal’s office.

There, they are joined by Sheriff Beasley who interrogates them about the events that occurred at the theater. Imogen speaks up that they didn’t film that video shown, it was Tyler Marchand who they should be speaking to. Sheriff Beasley states he knows Imogen stole the phone to use to humiliate Karen. The girls confess they did it because Karen bullied them first and wanted to stop her. He nonetheless deprecates his anger at the video and asks who now possesses it, pointing the finger at Tabby. Faran speaks up about the bucket Karen planned to dump on Imogen, but the Sheriff states no bucket was found and only Imogen claimed to see it as opposed to all the students who saw the clip that distressed Karan so much, she killed herself. Faran stops him, saying they won’t say another word without their parents present, though the Sheriff warns them hell do everything in his power to start a criminal investigation.

On Tuesday, Imogen interrupts a tense breakfast between Tabby and her mother, announcing she’s giving her Tyler’s cellphone with the only copy. Sidney silents stands up to cleans dishes, prompting the girls to look at each other. At school, Minnie races towards her friend with a newspaper clutched in hand. “BULLIED TO DEATH” reads the headline, with the author hoping an immediate expulsion to the bullies who drove the innocent Karen to suicide, much to the Little Liars’ dread.

Imogen sweet-talks the librarian into handing the Class of 2000 yearbook, the year her mother graduated. Imogen finds her mother’s yearbook photo, but offhandedly notices “Y2K Survivors Club” on several students’ pages. Imogen falls into an investigative rabbit hole, successfully finding the location of the rave. She steps off the bus towards an old harbor warehouse, the site of the tragedy twenty-two years ago. She approaches the front door, finding the message “Abandon all hope ye who enters here” in capital red letters. She enters, finding an aged memorial shrine to Angela. The doors close behind her, sending her into a frightful start. Curious, she picks up an old copy of “The Scarlet Letter,” finding that Angela Waters took it out multiple times. Imogen takes out her phone to take a picture, but a screech outside sends her running to cover. She takes shelter inside a forgotten van, just as “A” enters the warehouse. A mouse begins to crawl up her leg, causing her to almost scream. “A” slowly steps toward the van, and the moment he’s about to pear in, a man’s dog barks from outside. “A” storms off, leaving Imogen with the opportunity to escape.

Later, Imogen explains to the girls what happened twenty-two years ago, explaining no one discovered Angela’s body til days later. Tabby is shocked no one called the police, but Imogen continues telling her of her encounters at the warehouse, specifically “A”. Her phone rings, scaring the girls. Imogen sees a text from Kelly, inviting her to Karen’s funeral.

The next day, Wednesday, Tabby successfully sets up a hidden camera at Angela’s memorial, but she and Imogen and nonetheless frightened by the appearance of Sidney, whose confused why the girls are there. Questioned by Tabby, Sidney says she comes time to time to pay her respects and turns the question back at them.

At Pinball Pizza, Sidney explains who Angela was - a classmate they tried to befriend, but who was damaged in ways they couldn’t imagine - no father at home and a mentally ill mother. She continues on that Angela jumped at the stroke midnight, and everyone fled. Two days later, Angela was discovered, and her death ruled a suicide. Imogen asks why no one came forward, to be answered that no one spoke of the rave again. Tabby is confused why no one investigated why Angela was at the warehouse. Her mother says if it was anyone else, perhaps but not the crazy girl with the crazy mother. “Less said back then, the better,” she finished. Sidney still goes there to pay her respects and asks what the girls are doing there. Imogen answers that she’s trying to figure out what happened to her mother while Tabby adds she was trying to be a supportive friend. Imogen shows the flyer her mother receives and asks if she felt guilty about Angela, though Sidney reveals her mother was the kindest to that lost soul. Sidney assures Imogen that she can ask her former circle if they sent the flyer. Sidney is ready to leave, but Tabby reminds her she has to pick up her last check at the Orpheum.

Karen's funeral commences that Thursday, but Martha can barely suppress her grief and begins to wail. Kelly is forced to take her mother outside, but Mrs. Beasley is shocked at the sight of Imogen among the mourners. Imogen tries to express her sorry and Kelly tries to say she invited her. But an angered Mrs. Beasley call her shameless and prays to Hell Imogen’s child is taken from her like Karen was to her. Upset, Imogen runs away.

In her bedroom, Imogen recounts the events to the other girls. Faran remarks the Beasleys to be more dysfunctional than she thought. Imogen tells them her plans to say it was all her idea at the hearing, with Faran, Noa, and Mouse exchanging looks. Tabby, however, refuses to hear her and volunteers to take the blame as she has the evidence, producing the thumb drive. She should have stopped, Mouse piping up none of them did. After a series of stares, Noa confesses they’re all in this together no matter. Faran agrees, one for all and one for all. Noa takes the flash drive from Tabby to flush it down the toilet.

The next day, Friday, the girls and their respective guardians gather in a classroom, Corey advising them to keep quiet and let her do the talking. Principal Clanton arrives, announcing the disciplinary hearing was postponed. He says Kelly Beasley came to him to admit Karen was in the rafters with the intent to harm Imogen and provided evidence. Imogen asks if it was the bucket put the principal refuses to say. He declares the death to be accidental. Sidney asks what it means for their daughters. Principal Clanton says expulsion is no longer an option, but other options are still on in the table.

They head to Pinball Pizza to celebrate, with The Little Liars sitting at a different table than their mothers. They can’t believe Kelly’s change of heart. Imogen says she isn’t a monster and thinks she feels just as awful. Faran remembers they haven’t heard from “A”. Mouse thinks it's because they kept his secret. Noa hopes it’s over. The girls look at a pensive Imogen, who reiterates her mother’s death and how she killed herself presumably out of overwhelming guilt, and Sidney visiting Angela’s shrine out of guilt. She fusses over what their mothers aren’t telling them. The girls all look at their mothers suspiciously.

After lunch, Imogen and Kelly sit at an old pair of swings, the latter apologizing for her mother’s actions. They bond over their losses, and Imogen thanks her for speaking up for them. Tearful, Kelly confesses the Carrie stunt was her idea and thus Karen’s death was her death. The girl collapses in Imogen’s arms, crying as Imogen comforts her.

Gathered in front of Karen’s grave, Imogen delivers a eulogy remarking their fighting was not true to themselves and will miss her greatly. Tabby joins in, saying the reason she was up there was because of her, of them. She promises never to pull anything like that again. Noa says she didn’t know her well but know she threw lit parties, nonetheless. Mouse tells Karen she didn’t deserve what happened and wished they could have coexisted. Faran confesses she didn’t like her but admits she isn’t happy she’s gone. She says she will always be sorry for how they hurt her. Sensing a presence, the girls look behind them and are shocked at the site of “A” sitting in a red van. Mouse stutters and asks if they’re all seeing him. The girls hold each other in fright as the masked creeper looks on.[4]

As the days tick by, The Little Liars sit in detention when Imogen's phone rings. Mrs. Murray reminds Imogen that phones aren't allowed, but Imogen lies that it's her doctor calling, so she has to take it. She goes outside and answers the call. It's Mr. Thompson, a man from the same graduating class as Davie. He didn't run in the same circles as Davie's friend group, so he doesn't know how helpful he'll be to her. She asks about Angela Waters - she's trying to talk to as many kids from their graduating class as possible for a school project. He doesn't know anything about Angela and can't help her. He promptly hangs up.

Imogen and the girls gather in the courtyard after detention. Faran is grateful the ordeal is over. Noa remarks that two weeks in detention is nothing compared to juvie but still, they were all lucky. Mouse asks what they should do now. They all have plans to return to their lives. Faran to Swan Lake and Noa to the track team. Tabby proposes that it's been two weeks without psychotic texts, so maybe A moved on. Mouse asks if they should tell their parents what happened to Karen and them. Imogen doesn't think it's a good idea to tell anyone until they know more about what happened to Angela Waters. No one from her class wants to talk about her, and it's like she's a ghost or urban legend. She still thinks Angela is attached to A, since Angela was connected to their moms, and there has to be a reason A is targeting them. Faran wishes her luck but leaves. Tabby has to go back inside but tells them to go ahead without her.

Back at the Haworthe house, the trio sits for dinner. Sidney tells Imogen that a lovely couple put an offer on her house. Imogen wonders what will happen to their house, and instead of a crew doing it, asks to do it herself.

On Friday, Imogen goes to her old house. She remembers entering the home with Davie for the first time, eagerly learning that it's all theirs. They happily run upstairs together. Now, Imogen hears a rustling in the basement. She grabs a flashlight from the wall and calls out for anyone who could be there. She begins descending the basement stairs, unaware that A is hiding behind the steps. She looks around the basement and finds a bin of old dolls. She starts to sift through them when she hears commotion outside. She leaves and A emerges from behind the wall. Imogen goes outside to find a happy couple taking pictures in front of the house. They just put an offer on the house and are taking photos to send to his folks. She bluntly says this is still her house. She asks if the real estate agent told them what happened in it.

That night, Sidney confronts Imogen for telling the buyers that a woman was murdered there. Imogen hates the idea of strangers living in her house. Sidney congratulates her as now the buyers are pulling out. Imogen glibly remarks that it wasn't meant to be. Sidney wanted to spare her the truth, but Davie was in a lot of debt and the sale from the house would have covered what she owed. Don Thompson also called her as Imogen's been calling about Angela Waters. Imogen thinks there's a connection between Angela and her mom, which Sidney isn't telling them about. Sidney thinks she's looking for things that aren't there. Imogen counters that she's looking for something Sidney doesn't want her to find. It's harder for Imogen to move on because her mom is dead. Sidney bluntly tells her that she needs to move on, and the house needs to be sold, so she better pick out what she wants to save.

After an uneventful weekend, Imogen returns to school on Monday. In the cafeteria, Tabby gushes to her friends at lunch over the short film. She asks one of them to be her modern day, Miriam Crane. Imogen can't as she's pregnant and Sidney will actually kill her if she doesn't finish going through the stuff at her old house. Mouse admits she doesn't like horror movies. Noa asks where they're filming, and it's at night in the boy's locker room. Principal Clanton didn't give them permission so they're sneaking in. Noa can't risk keeping her monitor on longer if they get caught. Faran is the only one left, but she wants to know who she's killing first. She can see herself dating Henry so he's out. The short is important to Tabby. She needs a guy who isn't shy, won't balk at the idea of being objectified, and someone like the loudmouth showoff of Greg. he flexes to female students at the lunch table. Tabby remarks that he's done grieving.

Imogen goes through boxes at her house and finds her mom's spirit board. She recalls her mom offering to play it one stormy night, asking if she believes in ghosts. Imogen goes to Tabby's room to ask if they can hang out with the girls after school tomorrow. Tabby is down for a Losers Club reunion. Imogen wants to try and contact her mother.

After school the next day, the Little Liars gather at Imogen's house to make contact with the spirit of Davie Leigh Adams, her mom. They put their hands on the planchette. Imogen wants to know if Davie is okay or at peace. The planchette moves to say yes. The Little Liars deny moving it. Imogen demands they take their hands off. She asks what happened to her mom. She wonders if she died alone or if there was someone else with her, or if it had to do with Angela. She needs to know as there has to be an explanation. She asks why Davie would leave her. If she really did kill herself out of guilt then she had to have known that Imogen would find her in the tub and deal with all this bullshit, alone. The planchette doesn't move. Imogen can't believe Davie has nothing to say after all she put her through. Davie abandoned her and she has no one or nothing. She wants her to say something. It is the least she can do. Tabby tries to stop Imogen, but Faran calmly tells Tabby to let her work it out. Imogen takes a breath and screams out “fuck you” and that she hates her. She's glad the house is selling because she doesn't want to think about her anymore. She asks her friends if they can please get the fuck out of there. Tabby agrees but tells Imogen she's wrong about having no one. Mouse takes her hand - she has them. They all join hands and assure that she has all of them. They're here for her. Tabby, quoting Chucky, says they're friends until the end. They have a group hug.

The next day, Imogen continues packing her room when she finds her old journal. She sifts through the old entries from her childhood. She recalls Davie giving it to her as a surprise. She wrote everything down as a kid. The journal is for her and no one else. Every girl has her secrets, and if she fills it, she'll get her a new one. If she's anything like Davie, she'll have one for life. Now, Imogen has an idea and goes searching for her mom's journals. She finds three of them in a drawer. She leaves through them and finds that pages are missing in some.

Thursday, October 29th, during lunch, Imogen tells the little liars that she found her mom's journals. It's what they don't say that's interesting. The one from her mom's senior year slowly trickles down and stops. But before that, there are several pages missing. She doesn't understand why a girl would rip out pages from her own diary. The whole point is that it's private. Tabby wonders if there was something so bad, she ripped it out of existence for everyone. Faran thinks maybe the pages are destroyed, but Imogen thinks they could be hidden in her house. Noa walks over, her hair and clothes in disarray. She got her ankle monitor off that morning, but A is back. He came after her in-person in her building. According to the text he sent, it's because of something her mom did to Angela Waters. The Little Liars look at each other in shock.[5]

Imogen is elated that her suspicions about the connection between their mothers and Angela were true and asks Noa what her mother Marjorie did to her. Noa doesn’t know but confesses the confrontation with “A”. Faran thinks it's getting too dangerous and Mouse wants to tell someone. Imogen disapproves as she’s getting close to the truth while Tabby surmises it isn’t a good idea to disobeying “A”. The two girls believe the missing pages to be about Angela and make a plan to meet up.

At Imogen’s house, Faran tests out a walkie-talkie on Imogen, announcing she made popcorn. The girls look around the house, with a nervous Tabby checking Imogen’s basement, finding an odd suitcase lying in front of her. Before she could investigate further, Faran calls out that she found something - the burnt remains of the pages in the fireplace. Imogen becomes emotional, believing everything in her life is slipping away from her. She can’t leave it, not with all these questions. She admits she doesn’t want to sell her house. Mouse says she could take over the mortgage payments. Tabby agrees, thinking they can talk to her mom, but Imogen sadly says she only has $400 in savings.

On Monday, October 30th, Imogen picks up a handmade quilt that Davie did for the baby, reminding her when Davie first presented it to her along with the idea of a baby shower. At school, Faran confides her suspicious to an alarmed Madame Giry, who rebukes it. Faran elaborates that the proof is Kelly having scars under her feet, like Karen would have. Madame Giry urges her to stop talking. After closing the door, she advises Faran to stop snooping and confesses Kelly has self-harmed. She refuses to say more.

Imogen presents the girls flyers advertising a party at her house and charge money for it. Imogen asks Shawn could use his popularity to get people to come. Mouse makes an excuse that she has plans already, though says she could come later with Ash. The girls gush. Noa recommends charging for slices and shots. Imogen thinks that, in the worst case scenario, up the notion sh e could have one last good time in her house. Tabby pipes up that she has to swing by the Orpheum for snack money.

On October 31st, Halloween afternoon, Imogen begins setting up decorations as Tabby hurriedly sets popcorn at the concessions stand. Tyler tries to swipe a free popcorn bucket but Tabby points out he’s not in costume. He recognizes her as having released Karen’s video, though she retorts after he made it. Tyler tells her that he could have gotten in trouble, which she already did. He asks for a cherry soda. Tabby answers they don’t, and he snidely asks if she has her cherry. He and his jock lackeys laugh to her shocked expression. He dismisses her joke and tells her to relax.

That night, the party begins its swing with Imogen at the door accepting cover. She ecstatically greets Noa and Shawn, complimenting their costumes. Shawn drops some money in the bucket to Imogen’s protest, but thanks him as he goes to get drinks. Imogen stores a new bucket load of cash in her drawer, exhaling in front of a mirror. She steps into a hallway and notices an imposing figure dressed as a scarecrow in front of the bathroom. She angrily tells the asshole to read the sign at the door. The figure approaches until he’s in front of her, before turning left. Imogen is left momentarily startled. Once she goes back downstairs, “A” scans through the room while Imogen receives a call from someone who knew Angela but can’t hear them due to the noise of the party.

Minnie and Ash return from upstairs where they were getting high together. Mouse heads to the snack table, attracting Tyler’s attention. He asks if she’s alone, and if she wants to see a certain part of him. Mouse is grossed out and Tyler leaves to get a drink. Noa and Faran gleefully hug her hello, but Tyler comes back and sees the opportunity to party. Faran reminds him that Mouse said no. Tyler tells her to calm down as she had her chance. Noa warns him Shawn will beat him up. Greg comes up to Faran to attest to give Tyler a chance though Faran dismisses him. Tyler encourages Mouse to take a sip of his drink, though Tabby comes in and pushes him way. Imogen holds her back, though retorts at Tyler for calling her a bitch. Tabby rants she’s sick of being intimidated of dudes like Tyler who claim to fuck girls they haven’t. He demands to know her deal, snarking a comment about her period. She screams she’s sick of his misogyny and calls him the worst of the worst. He dismisses her as a “feminazi” and affirms no girl has ever said no to him. Tabby rebounds at Greg, accusing him of breaking their deal about his part in her film. The jocks ridicule her, until Tabby yells out Greg committed an assault. The room becomes quiet as a result. Tyler snaps back that she wishes he’d touch her. Tabby recounts what could have happened to Karen if Imogen never walked in. Tyler asks if she’s trying to win the angriest Black woman award, earning Faran’s wrath. Tyler insults her a final time, saying they can make their own movie and she’ll be begging for it.

An insult too big to ignore, Tabby punches Tyler in the face. Her friends can barely hold her back, though Faran makes a move to smugly tell off Tyler. He runs up the stairs the bathroom, clothing his bleeding nose, "A” watching. The girls head outside to get some air. Noa and the girls congratulate Tabby for taking a stand against Tyler. Imogen remarks she pulled off throwing her first last high school rager. Noa also notices there was no “A”, with Faran sarctiscally saying he probably went trick-or-treating. The girls go inside to break up the party, as “A” comes up from the cellar stairs with Tyler’s wrapped body, depositing it on the back of his van.

Imogen wakes up on Sunday morning to begin to cleanup process at her house, reminded of the happy memories she had with her mother through hanging Christmas stocks, watching movies and painting nails. She also remembers when she alerted her mother to her pregnancy, who hugged her to comfort her. Imogen leans against a column to support but composes herself as Noa and Tabby come downstairs. The rest of the girls greet her good morning. Imogen receives another phone call from the same person who called last night, who knew both Davie and Angela, as well as the latter’s family. They agree to meet, and as she ends the phone call, her friends look at her expectantly.

That afternoon, when everyone else has gone, Imogen joins Tabby in her room, softly asking what the thing with her and Tyler last night was really about. Tabby begins to confess that, in the summer, there was a party in the woods. She confesses something happened to her. Imogen confides in her that something happened to her as well. The girls hold hands in unison.[6]


The Little Liars

Tabby Haworthe - ("Tabogen") Tabby and Imogen have the strongest bond compared to the other Little Liars. They have known each other longer, having been pushed together after Davie's death, when Imogen moved into the Haworthe House. The two girls became very close, with Tabby serving as a much-needed support system for Imogen.

Faran Bryant -

Noa Olivar -

Mouse Honrada -


Davie Adams -

Other Friends

Karen Beasley - Imogen and Karen were once best friends, doing everything together from shopping to partying. They held a close bond despite Imogen's mother disliking Karen for being a bully. The girl's friendship fell apart the night of Karen's house party, when Kelly told Karen that Imogen had kissed Greg. Imogen tried to explain that Greg kissed her, not the other way around, but Karen refused to believe her and kicked her out of the party. Imogen returned for her sweater and found Karen heavily intoxicated and about to strip for Tyler Marchand and his cell phone. She intervened to save Karen the humiliation and handed her to Kelly to ensure her safety. Imogen eventually found out she was pregnant and became a bit of a recluse. Karen came over to Imogen's to take clothes from her closet and the two argued over the events of Karen's party. When Karen tried to leave the house, they discovered water in the hallway and Davie Adams's dead body in the bathroom. A month later, Imogen returned to Millwood High School where Karen welcomed her back with cruel remarks over her being a tragic pregnant girl that no one wants at the school. Their rivalry escalated, with Karen telling Principal Clanton that Imogen's presence was triggering for her. Imogen confronted her in the cafeteria and announced her run for Spirit Queen - against Karen, which she planned to win. Imogen and her newfound friends were led to believe that Karen framed them for indiscretions against her, including Imogen and Tabby defacing Karen's Spirit Queen posters to hang their own. Subsequently, the girls plotted their revenge and leaked the video of Karen making a fool of herself on Tyler's camera phone. Karen confronted her later that night and called her a bad person for not destroying the phone right away. She kept it to hurt Karen later. Imogen tried to explain her actions, but Karen refused to listen and accosted her. Karen and her twin Kelly planned revenge on Imogen at the Spirit Week Dance - Carrie style. Unbeknownst to Karen, Imogen planned to apologize that night and surrender her crown to Karen with the help of her friends. Karen prepared to push the bucket of red paint off the rafters when Imogen spotted her - and the ominous figured who pushed her off the rafters. Imogen stood in shock as Karen's blood pooled to her shoes, her former friend having been murdered. The ominous figure texts Imogen and her friends to stay quiet about him - or they'll be next.

Kelly Beasley -


Season 1


  • An "Imogen Smith" is previously mentioned in the second Pretty Little Liars book, Flawless, described by Alison as a potentially promiscuous girl in their class who "should hope she's pregnant" and later remarked as having missed a lot of school in the sixth grade for reasons not related to having mononucleosis.
  • Emily Fields' book counterpart also had a teenage pregnancy introduced in the novels that was not translated to the television adaption.
  • Bailee's niece plays the younger version of Imogen [7]



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