The Jalali Dorm is a residential dorm located in McCormick Hall within Beacon Heights University. The dorm is the official residence of Ava Jalali, a sophomore at the university.


To the right of the front door is Ava's drawing room, consisting of a large desk with her designs and drawings on and framed in a bulletin board above it. A small corridor leads to her bedroom, which was initially despited as having a bed pushed to the corner with an overall simplicity to it.

Staring the second episode, Ava's dorm consist mainly of her bedroom, still with the same green geometric-designed wallpaper, indented roof and windows. However, her bedroom door is now on the opposite side of the windows and the room appears to be bigger. Her bed now positioned in the center of the room, with a vanity in front of it and another one to the corner where her bed formerly was. A full length mirror stands in another corner besides the window.


Sex, Lies and Alibis

Ava can be seen getting drunk in her dorm as she mourns the death of her boyfriend, Nolan Hotchkiss.

Notes and Trivia


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