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We're quite the pair.
Jason to Alison in "The Melody Lingers On"

Jalison is the name of the sibling relationship between Alison DiLaurentis and Jason DiLaurentis.


Alison did not have a great relationship with her brother Jason due to his drug addiction and their mutual disrespect of each other's boundaries. Both had no problems going into each other's room, stealing and breaking each other's belongings. Some glimpses of that were seen in "The Goodbye Look", "My Name Is Trouble" and "Surface Tension".

In one instance, Alison had fled one of her brother's house parties in tears, blaming her distress on Jason and his friends' invasiveness in her room, but left the particulars vague. However, while Alison is in jail, Jason shows comfort saying that "she couldn't kill anyone". After Alison is released from jail, and they found out they have a brother named Charles, they begin to grow closer as both stepping up to their dad together.


Season 2

The Goodbye Look


Spencer flashes back to one summer when Alison and the girls were lounging in the DiLaurentis' front yard. Jason had stormed out of the house, accusing Alison of messing with his stuff. She had retorted back sharply, mocking him and his friends for being stoners, and the other girls laughed. When Jason went back into the house, they questioned Alison whether she had stolen what he claimed she had. She admitted it gleefully. When Emily asked her whether she was worried that Jason would rip apart her room in search of his things, she mischievously replied that he would never find it, because when she wants something to stay hidden, it stays hidden. Alisons says she has hiding places everywhere, including the yard. She says thats why their secrets are so safe with her. Just then, a smashing sound was heard from inside the house, though Alison seemed unfazed.

My Name Is Trouble


There is a flashback of a time when Jason was having a party with his friends, and a distraught Alison had come to Spencer's house seeking refuge from the drunk boys at the party. Alison tells Spencer and Emily (who was there as well) that Jason's friends, or "animals", as she call them, are harassing her. Alison also says that Jason is counting on getting money from their grandmother, however if she told her about his wild partying she would write him out of her will.

Surface Tension


When Jason had come looking for her on their mother's orders, unhappy to have to waste time looking for Alison. When he caught sight of the stick, he grabbed it from her and then threatened to hit her and Spencer let out a warning cry. When Jason turned around, Alison tried to whack her brother with the stick, but Jason moved quickly, and mockingly warned Alison that she wouldn't get a second chance.

The First Secret

PLL213 00455.jpg

Alison is seen sitting on her bed in October of 2008, writing in a notebook. When Jason enters without knocking, she immediately shuts the notebook. Jason glances at her move before demanding $20, stating that he was buying beer. Alison asks what he and his "stoner buddies" where doing. Jason tells her that they're making a movie, and that if he told her what kind of movie he'd have to kill her. After she forks it over, he then tosses her a package that was on the porch for her. Jason stares expectantly, hoping to see what's inside, but Alison is careful not to open it until he's gone.

The Naked Truth


Spencer tries to understand what is it that links Jason to her family, she flashes back to a night when Alison and Spencer were in Spencer's bedroom. Alison was reading a magazine and Spencer studying for a test. They heard Spencer's parents arguing downstairs and Alison asked what it was all about. Spencer told her that her father saw Melissa and Jason making out the other night and he's upset because of that. Alison wanted to open the door to hear what going on exactly and then said that Melissa and Jason would be "a match frowned upon by the gods". Spencer didn't catch her drift that Jason was her half brother also until over a year later.

Season 4


2014-03-12 15-14-16.jpg

Jason returns to Rosewood. He reveals to Emily that Mrs. DiLaurentis never liked Spencer and has a flashback. Jason was on the couch, when Alison and Mrs. DiLaurnetis walk through the door. They are talking about "A". Alison, who appears to be scared, says the notes are anonymous and Mrs. DiLaurentis tells Alison she thinks its Spencer. She tells Alison to defend herself and to smoke Spencer out. Jason reveals himself and Mrs. DiLaurentis asks how long he was there. Jason smirks in response.

Season 5

Whirly Girlie

Jason Watches Alison Sleep.jpg

Alison returns to Rosewood, and moves back home with Jason and their father, Kenneth DiLaurentis. That night, while Alison is in bed, she hears a noise from outside her bedroom. She jumps up, but lays back down. Her bedroom door slowly opens, it's Jason. He stands eerily in Alison's doorway, watching her sleep. The next day, Alison comes out and sits on the porch with Jason. Alison asks Jason why he hasn't asked her any questions, Jason replies that he wanted to give her some time. Suddenly, a dog that Jessica adopted named Pepe is brought to them from the animal shelter. Jason thinks it's a bad idea to keep the dog, but Alison does so anyway.


Later, Spencer and Emily shows Alison a bag from New York that they found in the trash bin outside her house. Alison tells them Jason was watching her sleep the night before. Alison suggests that it could have been Jason who hit her and that’s why Jessica suddenly disappeared so that she does not have to face Alison and tell her the truth. Emily suggests that Alison stay at Spencer's house, but Alison says that her father won't let her leave the house. That night, Spencer has goes over to the DiLaurentis house to distract Kenneth, and finds Jason sitting in the dark. Jason tells her he thinks his father is going to rat him out for being the one who kidnapped Alison. Suddenly, Pepe starts barking outside. Hearing the barks, Hanna, Emily and Aria run out the back of the Hastings house to find an arm sticking out from the ground. It's Jessica DiLaurentis. Spencer and Jason run over having heard the girls scream and Jason looks devastating upon finding his mother. Alison is later seen crying softly as her mother's body is taken away.

Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars S05E03 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 0270.jpg

Before Jessica's funeral, when Kenneth gets angry at Alison because she was wearing her mother's dress, Jason defends Alison from Kenneth's fury.

Through a Glass, Darkly


After Mona's "murder", the police take statements and Jason falsely states that Alison was with him at the time of the murder with the intention of defending her. Spencer tries to convince Jason to confess to the police that Alison was not with him when Mona's "murder" happened.


At the DiLaurentis house, Alison comes home and finds Jason looking at some old family photos. Looking at a particular photo, Alison tells him how she remembers it to be a good day, but Jason disproves her by telling her that it was a horrible day. Alison claims that she must remember it differently to which Jason replies that she has always had a knack for that. He then tells Ali that Spencer and Emily are right – she went somewhere on Thanksgiving. He demands to know where she went but Alison begs Jason to believe that Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and Aria are all framing her and she swears that she didn’t kill Mona.


At the police station, Jason confesses to the police that his statement was false and he does not know where Alison was when Mona's "murder" happened. At the DiLaurentis House, the police sirens are sounding, the police have come to arrest Alison. Alison asks Jason to stop them but he ignores her and Alison leaves the house trying to avoid the police.

The Melody Lingers On


Jason is brought to testify for the prosecution. On the stand, Jason changes his story and says that he doesn't think Mona's attacker is Alison. Later, Jason visits Alison in prision, he comments that they are “quite the pair”. Alison tells him that her lawyer is confident, except when she doesn’t know Alison is looking. Jason comforts her that he is there for her but she tells him to get out of town and save himself before he gets dragged down with her. Jason reassure her that he knows that she didn’t kill Mona. Alison tells him that although she didn’t kill Mona, she let a lot of other things happen.

Season 6

Game On, Charles


At the Dilaurentis house, Alison sees a shadow move in the hallway and freaks out, but she relaxes when she sees just Jason coming home. After that, Jason is present when Alison receives a fake call from Charles.

Songs of Experience

Episode 3 Songs of Experience 316.jpg

Spencer tells Alison that she is going to talk to Jason about Charles but Alison says doesn’t want Spencer to drag Jason into this because "she cannot have another person hating her". After Jason confessed to Spencer that "Charlie" was his "imaginary friend", the girls visit Alison, and try to convince her that Jason denied his father who denied the existence of Charles. Alison is upset and remembers how Jason always thought something was missing in the family.

Episode 3 Songs of Experience 490.jpg

At the DiLaurentis house, Alison shows Jason the photo of Charles. Kenneth returns home and Alison and Jason confront him together, asking him who the other boy in the photo is. Kenneth refuses to answer but Alison and Jason are firm in their stand. Kenneth finally gives in and starts telling them something.

Don't Look Now

2015-06-24 07-36-33.jpg

Alison reveals the conversation she and Jason had with Kenneth. In a flashback, we find out that Kenneth revealed to Jason and her that Charles is their brother. Kenneth informs Ali and Jason that Jessica wanted to tell them about Charles, but he thought it would be best if they found out about him later, thinking that they would have a normal childhood, without all the "distractions". Jason is angered by the fact that Kenneth calls Charles a distraction and that he lied to them saying that Charlie doesn't exist.

Pll604 270.jpg

At the DiLaurentis house, Alison finds Jason looking at a picture from when they were young in the DiLaurentis living room. Ali comments on how they were so innocent back then. She asks Jason if he is okay and Jason questions her if she would be okay if she were convinced to believe what she saw with her own eyes to be a lie. Jason says that Jessica and Kenneth made him doubt himself and how, ever since then he's always doubted himself. Jason finds it hard to believe that no one else in their family knew about Charles.  Alison tells him what the girls discovered and shows him Charles' Radley file. When Ali says that Aunt Carol visited Charles a lot in Radley, Jason remembers the time when he got hurt in the elevator the previous year and thought that Wilden was after him, he drove up to Aunt Carol's house for hiding from him.

Pll604 279.jpg

Jason tells Ali that when he got there, he found Jessica who was stunned to see Jason out of the hospital. In a flashback, Jessica told Jason that he could not stay there due to a plumbing issue. When Jason insists to stay for a night, Jessica prevents him from doing so and asks him to go home. Suddenly a rattling noise is heard and Jason questions Jessica if someone else is inside the house with her. Jessica tells him it's just the wind and continues with her gardening work. Jason tells Alison that after that, he got up in his car and left. Alison asks him if he ever went back there. Jason says that he never did but he always wondered why Jessica was keeping that place even though no one was living there. Alison suggests that maybe someone, I.e. Charles, was living there. Jason understands her implication.


Jason, Spencer, Hanna and Alison drives up to Aunt Carol’s house. The all look around and Hanna comments that it does not look like anybody stays there. Jason suggests that they take a look around the property. Jason and Alison decide to look in one direction and Hanna and Spencer in the other. Later, Alison and Jason call the girls because they had discovered a headstone with Charles’ name on it.

Pll604 415.jpg

Hanna believes that it was planted by ‘A’ to throw them off track and starts to dig up the ground even after Alison asks her not to. Jason asks Hanna to stop digging after taking a closer look at the roots around the headstone, saying that they've been growing for years and that wouldn't have been possible if someone had planted the headstone a few days back. Spencer looks in to confirm this. At last they reach to the conclusion that Charles really is dead, or at least Ali and Jason does. Jason gets up and hugs Alison.

O Brother, Where Art Thou


Lorenzo is looking for Alison on the DiLaurentis property when Jason comes out of the house to talk to him. When Lorenzo asks if Ali is there, Jason tells him that she's out of town with Kenneth and he doesn't know when they'll be back. Lorenzo tells Jason to let Alison know that she passed by, and Jason asks him to tell the cops to leave, since Alison won't be back for a couple of days.


After Jason's failed meeting with Charles, Jason is about to drink in the DiLaurentis' living room, when Alison walks in. She tells him, Charles isn't worth ruining his life for, since he's not the person he remembers. Jason says their parents tried to erase every memory he had of Charles. He declares all he wanted was a moment alone with his brother, before taking him to the police station. A boy's voice is coming from the attic, yelling "Jason, Jason, come play with me".


They go upstairs, they find a video being played. It shows Jason and Alison with Charles celebrating his birthday. Alison and Jason remember Jessica taking them to the arcade for a second cousin's birthday. She made them promise not to tell their father. In the video Jessica calls Charles "Freddie" and asks him if he has a nice birthday and tells him he won't have to go back for a while. While watching the video, Alison finds a note of Charles, saying "I wAnted To TrusT you".

Game Over, Charles

Episode 10 Game Over, Charles 284.jpg

Alison sees Jason's unconscious body, she assumes he is dead and she is devastated until Big A reveals that Jason was not dead but drugged. When Big A reveals that she was in a relationship with Jason, Alison looks disgusted and says she can't believe their mom was okay with it. In a flashback, we see Alison and Jason before they go on vacation with Charlotte to Cape May.

Season 7

Original G'A'ngsters


Jason visits Alison and they greet each other with a hug. Jason looks at Alison's wound and asks if she's okay, and Alison tells him that she's okay now that he's there. Jason looks at Mary and greets her, just before informing her that he is now Ali's primary care-taker, and warns her to leave her property. Alison immediately stops him and asks him to relax, but Jason ignores her and keeps insisting.

7x07 Promo 6.jpeg

When Mary, Alison and Jason are having dinner, Mary offers Jason a glass of wine, he rejects it and Alison tells Mary that he does not drink. When the doorbell rings, Jason mentions that he invited a friend, and Alison seems upset by his decision.

143741 2241-900x600.jpg

Later, when Mary goes to get the main course, Alison complains that Jason has said almost nothing at dinner, but he says that he has words but she doesn't want to hear them because she is too busy defending Mary. Alison asks Jason to make an effort to accept her, and then she complains that he invited Aria to "be two against one".

143741 1265-900x600.jpg

When Mary returns, Jason questions why Mary is wearing Jessica's necklace, and Alison defends her saying that she gave it to him. Jason complains that she gave him the necklace and asks if he doesn't see that she is manipulating her. Alison and Jason listen to Mary tell a story about her and Jessica.

Driving Miss Crazy

Alison does not appear in this episode because she is visiting Jason in New York.


  • They are half-siblings due to their mother's affair with Peter Hastings.
  • They share Spencer Hastings as a maternal cousin.
  • Both were suspects in a murder case, Jason in Alison's death and Alison in Mona's disappearance and later believed death.
  • Alison supported Jason's sobriety, and even helped him get through rough patches when he wanted to drink again.
  • Jason believed Alison when she said she didn't kill anyone, and tried to prove her innocence but failed.
  • Jason worked with the police to protect Alison from "A" when she was trying to take her to the Dollhouse.
  • They both embraced Charlotte as their sister, and helped her get psychiatric treatment together.
  • He became Alison's primary care-taker in "Original G'A'ngsters", after he got a court order to replace Mary Drake from the position.


Jason [to Alison after she tries to hit him]: Too bad. You're not gonna get a second chance, Ali.

Jason [to Alison and The Liars]: Stop messing with my stuff! You and the Powerpuff Girls just stay out of my room

Jason: Just stay out of my room, ok?
Alison: No challenge for you and your little stoner buddies - all you need is something shiny on a piece of string.

Alison (to Jason): $20 for a secret? You're so cheap.

Jason (to Spencer about Alison): I wonder what kind of person she would have turned into. I mean, I see it with the kids I work with, and at first they're all attitude but you peel back the layers you usually find a person underneath.

Jason (about Alison): I come into this room, I see her sitting at the piano or catch a glimpse of her going around a corner upstairs and I think to myself, "This is what it's like to live in a haunted house."

Jason (about Alison): She was fearless when she needed to be. I was always jealous of that.

Jason: I saw your face. You didn't kill anyone.
Alison: No. But I let a lot of things happen that I shouldn't have.

Jason: Is there anything I can do?
Alison: You had the right idea a long time ago... Get out. Just leave, Jason. Do it now.

Alison: Jason! When did you get in? I thought your plane landed at five!
Jason: I caught an earlier one, I couldn't wait to see you.
Alison (about his beard and long hair): Look at this. All you need is a flannel and some Warby Parker's and you'll be a regular hipster.
Jason: Please don't.

Jason: Hey. Are you okay?
Alison: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine now that you're here.

Jason: How could you get married without telling me?
Alison: Because you weren't here! You haven't been in a long time.

Alison: I have no one. Not Dad, not you. You're here now, but I never know how long you'll stay. So please, give her a chance.
Jason: A chance to do what?
Alison: She's our Aunt. Don't you want to get to know her?

Alison: Tonight was supposed to be about you giving her a chance. You've hardly said two words to Mary since we've sat down.
Alison: I have words, Ali, believe me. You just don't want to listen - you're too bust defending her.
Alison (to Aria): What the hell are you doing here?
[Alison cuts Aria off]
Alison: You can at least make an effort, Jason.
Jason: Yeah well, while you're making an effor she's making off with our silverware.

Jason (to Alison about Mary): Can't you see she's manipulating you, Ali? And it's working. And she's not Mom!