Janet is Caleb's foster mom who takes the money for taking care of Caleb while he lives elsewhere, surviving off his own money. She is portrayed by Janet Borrus.

Season 2

The Devil You Know

In order to meet with her foster son Caleb she has to go to Rosewood High School. While walking out of the meeting, she complains about the few times that she is forced to come to the school as Caleb's caretaker. She blames him for making her look bad on the fact that she doesn't know anything about him, when that is clearly her fault. She is also very verbally abusive to him.

Hanna witnesses the exchange between the two and stops Janet when she sees her walking alone in the school hallways later. Hanna pretends that her mother is a lawyer with the (fictional)Law Offices of Dolce & Gabbana and threatens her to give Caleb his money or be sued by Ashley. Later, we hear from Caleb that she took Hanna's threat seriously, as she recently gave him some cash.

Throughout the show it had been hinted that she stopped being Caleb's foster mother as he reuinted with his biological parents. However this is yet to be confirmed.


  • Janet's actress shares her name with her character.


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