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This article is about Jaria, the relationship of Jason and Aria. You may be looking for Jakria, which is the relationship of Jake and Aria.
I can't imagine that there's anyone better than you.
Jason to Aria in "The Wrath of Kahn"

Jaria is the couple and friendship name for the short-lived romantic relationship and current friendship between Jason DiLaurentis and Aria Montgomery. In the earlier seasons, Aria was in a romantic relationship with Ezra Fitz, but Jason continued to pursue her unaware of this fact.


Their relationship was obscure throughout Season 1, however, shortly after Jason returned to Rosewood in Season 2, he began flirting with Aria. Later on in the series, Jason started to treat Aria as a confidante as well. He also stuck up for her when Noel attempted to intimidate her. Some time later, he tried to kiss her, but she stopped him and admitted that she was not available. When Ezra found out about their kiss, he asked Aria to keep a distance with Jason because he was afraid of losing her, so their relationship was cold for a while.

In Season 5, Aria and Jason seem to be close again and they have a conversation about Alison at the Apple Rose Grille. In the time jump, the two had both a fling and a minor relationship, which ended since Aria wanted to pursue her career in the city, and Jason wanted to travel the world. Despite that, they remained friends, counting on each other when they needed help.


Season 2

The Goodbye Look

The Liars noticing that Jason returned to Rosewood

The Liars walk home late at night and see Jason standing at the curb, disposing of the remnants of the Alison memorial. Aria is surprised to see him back in town.

Blind Dates

"I miss that pink hair."

When Aria goes to pick up Mike, she sees Jason at the basketball court. She asks if he's seen Mike, and he uses the opportunity to tell her that he remembers the pink streaks she used to sport in her hair. He compliments the way she dared to be different, and Aria smiles.

The Devil You Know

Sharing a meaningful look

Mike tries to break into the DiLaurentis House, he doesn't call the cops, but instead lets Aria know what he was up to. She asks why, and he says it is because he has seen enough cops, but he may do it as a favor to Aria. After their conversation, Jason doesn't leave right away but instead lingers in the doorway to stare at Aria. She stares back, but after a while, she shuts the door.

Aria and Jason at Ian's funeral

At Ian's funeral, Aria spots Jason sitting on a bench nearby. Emily writes him off as a freak, but Aria wants to approach him. She has an argument with Ezra about him keeping their relationship private before going off to talk with him. There he shares a secret with her and opens up about his past.

Never Letting Go

Aria tries to jog Jason's memory

Jason texts Aria; Spencer, Hanna and Emily assume it is from Ezra, and Aria doesn't correct them. She follows his text and meets with him to discuss their personal lives and the fashion show. Bothered by Jason's memory lapse the night Alison disappeared, Aria presses him in a way that makes him feel like he is being interrogated. He recoils, and it seems that hopes for a romance between these two are doused. However, they make up later at the fashion show when Jason stops Noel from intimidating Aria by snapping the CD Noel claims is evidence against her. He drives her home that night.

Surface Tension

Jason looking at Aria

Both Jason and Ezra are invited to the Montgomery household for a formal dinner with Aria and her family. Aria finds out about Jason's invitation at school, when Aria meets her mother in her English classroom. There she sees Jason talking to her mother. When Ella lets Aria know that Jason is also invited to dinner that night, she gives him a half-smile. She expresses her surprise to her mother after he leaves, but does not let on exactly what her reservations are about him coming.

Jason meets Ezra

At dinner, Aria's two suitors confront one another. When Officer Barry arrives to inform Ella and Byron that Mike has been arrested, Jason and Aria exchange knowing looks, at which Ezra raises an eyebrow. Byron and Ella leave to pick him up, along with the couple, who cannot wait to return to their newborn, leaving Ezra, Jason, and Aria alone in the house. In the kitchen, Ezra questions Aria about Jason, asking who he is. She answers that he is Ali's brother, to which Ezra responds that he knows, clearly expecting a more specific answer.

Aria and Jason talk about Mike

Aria goes back out to the living room, where Jason is sitting, under the guise of wanting to offer him coffee. But Ezra isn't oblivious to the fact that the two are whispering privately. Aria and Jason discuss Mike's arrest; she lets him know that he promised her that he wouldn't repeat his mistake, and he wisely lets her know that he probably meant it at the time. He also tells her that if this is his first time getting caught, he has probably raided multiple houses before. Aria then leaves to go check out Mike's loot, leaving the two men downstairs. While making casual conversation with Ezra, Jason asks if Ezra had Aria... as a student, and Ezra eventually stammers a yes. After Aria tells Ezra and Jason to leave, Ezra is surprised that the instruction is meant for the two of them and not just Jason. So they leave, pausing briefly at the doorstop for an awkward stare-down before going their separate ways.

Save the Date


Aria drifts from Ezra due to Jason, without Jason even knowing what he is responsible for. While Aria is at pottery class, Ezra stops by, trying to engage her, but Aria barely spares any kisses for him and asks him not to put his arms around her. When she mentions that Mike had tried to break into Jason's place, it dawns on Ezra that that was why she and Jason were privately whispering to each other at the failed dinner party. At this, Aria only gives Ezra a half-smile. Just before Ezra leaves, he impulsively asks if Jason is a threat to him. Aria gives a little laugh and denies it. When he leaves, she doesn't bother to turn her head to watch him go.

Aria lying about getting a call from Jason

At the end of the episode, after Aria blows off her evening plans with Ezra, he tracks down Aria in the hospital to talk, though Aria is again subdued. He invites her over, but before she responds she gets a call from Jason. Instead of picking up, she ignores it and tells Ezra that it is her dad. She then lies to him that she has to get home, and Aria gives Ezra a demure kiss goodnight.

Picture This

Jason in one of Aria's dreams

Aria dreams that she is in bed making out with Ezra under the covers. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, and Ezra leans over to stop the beeping. Then, the guy who rolls back to face Aria is Jason. Just before they kiss, Aria shoots up out of bed, no longer dreaming.

Jason in another of Aria's dreams

The next dream she has involves Aria lying in bed with Ezra. This time, she gets up to fix her hair in the mirror, and Jason is standing beside her, whispering over her shoulder, "you just can't stop thinking about me, can you?" Just then, Aria wakes up.

Jason offering help

Later, the man on Aria's mind comes over. Aria goes downstairs to find Jason standing in her kitchen. He slips her the card of a guy from a youth center, suggesting that he might be able to help Mike. When Aria expresses her concern for her brother, Jason puts his hand on her shoulder. Alarms ringing in her head, Aria makes up some excuses about studying for non-existent tests and practically shoves Jason out the door. But Jason sees Aria put the books back that she just pretended to be using and realizes something is up.

The first kiss

Later, while walking outside, Aria is stopped by Jason, who lets her know that his shed has been broken into. Aria immediately mentions Mike being home all day, but it was not Jason's intention to accuse him. He apologizes if he was out of line in suggesting Aria contact someone on Mike's behalf. He finally confesses to Aria that he cares about her and kisses her, but after a few seconds, Aria admits that she’s already in a relationship and hurries away.

Touched by an 'A'-ngel

"A gift, for you"

Emily tells Aria about the photos she and Spencer found in Jason's shed, so when Aria spots Jason in school, she confronts him. He tells her that Alison had taken those pictures, and he had only figured out what they were when he developed them in his darkroom. He is upset Aria jumped to the wrong conclusions, especially because he was having the photos of her framed for her as a gift. She doesn't apologize for the accusations; she only says that the whole situation looks bad. Jason leaves put off by the way Aria and her friends acted, typical of people in Rosewood.

Jason and Aria at The Grille

Later, Jason approaches Aria at the Grille, first making sure she's not still scared of him. He joins her and presents her with the framed photos, which she accepts graciously. They discuss where he found the film and what other things of Ali's he has come across. He invites Aria to come over as see some more of Alison's belongings since she is curious about them. Aria seems nervous during their conversation, and Jason picks up on it. Aria is still not completely trusting of Jason, but not as distrusting as her friends. He makes a joke and she smiles.

Jason bringing Aria Ali's box

Aria goes with Jason to his house but opts to wait outside while he retrieves the box of Ali's stuff from the shed. While waiting, Ezra pulls into Jason's driveway. He reveals what Spencer told him and that he is here to 'rescue' Aria from Jason. Aria assures Ezra that Jason is not a threat in that way, but Ezra still does not like the situation for a different reason. Jason is a threat to their relationship, even if he isn't a threat to Aria's well-being. Liking what Ezra is saying, she kisses him, and Jason finally comes back, just in time to witness the liplock. He gives Aria the box of belongings to keep and stares intently at her, acknowledging that Aria is "unavailable". He watches enviously as Aria enters Ezra's car.

The Naked Truth

Aria is suprised to see Jason

Jason is a volunteer at Aria's school event Truth Up Day. Aria is put in the group that Jason and Mrs. Hastings are in charge of. Aria is pretty surprised to see him. He smiles at her and looks happy to see her. Later, after Aria receives a text from "A" and looks around the room to see if she could tell who sent it. She notices Jason's back is turned to her.

Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the beholder 099.jpg

Jason is at Spencer's house with Spencer and Emily when Aria shows up. When she comes in Jason looks at her, but she doesn't seem to acknowledge him.

Jason and Aria at the hospital

Later, after the fire at the DiLaurentis House, Jason and Aria sit next to each other in the hospital waiting room. She tells him how Jenna was in his house, but he tells her that he was on his way to Scranton when the police called him; he had no idea why Jenna was there. She asks him how badly the house was damaged. Aria says she is sorry about his house before getting up to talk to Spencer's mom.

Season 3

This Is A Dark Ride

Jason looking at Aria and Ezra

Jason waits on the train because the police want statements about Garrett. He sees Aria come out after she hurt her wrist and he has a concerned look on his face, worrying about her. But when Ezra comes onto the train and Aria hugs him, he looks down with a sad look on his face.

Dead to Me

Jason informing The Liars about "Ali's" remains

Jason informs Aria and her friends about "Ali's" remains getting released to his family. He also arranged for The Liars to have some time with Alison, to say their good-byes. Spencer comments on not going and leaves. Jason gives Aria a concerned look as she tells him they'll be there.

Jason, Aria and her friends at the mausoleum

Jason, Aria, Emily, and Hanna all attend the service to say their final good-byes to Ali. During the service, Aria and Hanna comment on it being creepy in there. Jason mentions his parents could hardly stay in there. When Spencer shows up and starts spilling the beans about Ali being pregnant, Aria tries to get her to stop knowing Jason is there.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

"Is Jason okay?"

Jason gets into an elevator accident and winds up in the hospital. Emily texts the rest of The Liars informing them of what happened. When Aria shows up, she asks if Jason is fine.

Season 4

She's Come Undone

Ezra's notes about Jason and Aria

When Aria reads the notes from Ezra's book about Alison, she stops to read that one of the pages contains information about Jason and her.

Season 5

Surfing the Aftershocks

Spencer tells Aria that she thinks Jason implied that Mrs. DiLaurentis was writing a letter to Peter Hastings, Aria looks surprised.

Over a Barrel

Jason and Aria talking outside The Grille

Jason and Aria run into each other outside the Apple Rose Grille while Aria is waiting for Holbrook. He invites her to have lunch with him since he was supposed to meet Ashley but she canceled and he would like to talk to someone about everything that has happened with Alison. During their meal, Jason fills Aria in on Alison’s case. When Aria asks him if their father believes Alison is innocent, he tells her that their father will do anything to protect her, even lie on the witness stand, even if he knew what Alison was capable of. He says he has seen Alison's ability to talk people into anything and points out how the Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna used to worship Alison, to which Aria points out that they used to.

Jason and Aria having meal together

Jason then reveals to Aria that the police have a theory: they think that Alison had help in loading Mona’s body into Alison's car and dumping it since she could not have done it by herself. Aria explains that since Alison passed the lie detector test, she must have had help from the inside, who she thinks is Holbrook. Aria asks Jason if she has noticed anything strange between Alison and Holbrook to which Jason replies that although he hasn't, something could have been going on since Alison is very good at getting away with things right under their noses. Jason thinks that Alison has probably cut Holbrook loose by now since there is nothing more he can do for her now that she is in jail.

Aria reading Jason's card

Later that day, Aria is in Hanna’s house and she reads a card from Jason to Ashley: “Last night took me by surprise. Glad I stayed for dessert”. Aria is confused so she starts asking Hanna questions about him, but Hanna tries to avoid telling her about Ashley and Jason.

The Melody Lingers On

Aria at the courtroom looking at Jason

Jason is brought to testify for the prosecution, and when the prosecutor suggests that Jason and Ashley had an affair, Aria is confused and she asks Spencer if the prosecutor is actually asking that. When Jason finishes answering questions about Ashley, Aria makes a disappointment face probably because she feels sorry for him. Outside the courtroom Aria affirms to The Liars that Hanna knew about the affair between Ashley and Jason, and Aria mentions she thinks that Hanna's mom convinced Jason to change the history.

Season 6

Songs of Experience

Aria looking a picture of Jason, Charles and Jessica

Spencer mentions to The Liars that Charlie was Jason's imaginary friend, and Aria asks her some questions about Jason, Charlie and Jason's dad. Later, Aria is searching the DiLaurentis house, dumps out jars full of buttons she comes across. Deep inside a jar, at the bottom, she finds a folded up picture of Jason and Charles with Jessica. Later that night, Alison is talking about Jason feeling something in their family was missing, and how she used to tell him that it was him. Aria exchanges a look with Spencer.

O Brother, Where Art Thou

Aria behind Jason at the arcade

Jason is trying to meet Charles at an abandonated arcade, and Toby goes after him to protect him and unmask A. The Liars, including Aria, follow them because they want to protect Toby and Jason too.


"Why would Aria care if you had a photo of Jason on your phone?"

Hanna shows Emily a picture of Rhys Matthews while saying "don't tell Aria". Emily asks Hanna why would Aria care about her having a picture of "Jason" in her phone.

Game Over, Charles

Aria in shock looking at Jason's body assuming he's dead

The Liars get to see Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis apparently dead, Aria is completely shocked. After Charlotte explained she drugged Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis, Aria says she feels bad for what's Jason going through.

Season 7

Original G'A'ngsters

Jason and Aria at The Brew

When Aria is planning to elope with Ezra, she receives a text from Jason: "Can you meet up? It's important". Later, they meet up at The Brew. Aria mentions he looks fitter and he says she looks great, but after a couple seconds without talking she tells him that she is engaged to Ezra. Jason congratulates her and says he thinks Ezra is a lucky man. Aria asks Jason if he told anyone about their relationship but he denies it.

Jaria (7x07).jpg

Aria says she didn't either, and Jason proposes to keep their relationship as a secret. Then, he says he didn't ask her to meet because of that, and confesses he met with her because he needs help with Alison, because she is trusting Mary more than she should and he is worried about her.

Jaria (7x07) 2.jpg

He also mentions that the Carissimi Group had been completely drained of funds. Aria asks if it was Elliott's fault, Jason affirms it and says he took everything. Aria says she is really sorry, and that she knows how important is the Carissimi group for him. Jason says he is trying to prove that Mary is involved but in the meantime he needs her help.

Aria holding Jason's hand

Jason invites Aria to have dinner with Alison and Mary, when she arrives, Alison looks at her with a confused face. When Mary is going to serve the main course, Alison takes the chance to ask what is Aria doing there, and Aria explains that Jason is just worried about her trusting too much in Mary. When Mary comes back with the food, Jason notices she is wearing his mom's necklace so he confronts her about stealing it, until Alison confessed she gave it to her. Jason gets angry but Aria comforts him taking his hand and asking him to relax, Alison notices and she frowns.

The Wrath of Kahn

Aria trying to lie to Jason about the fire

Jason goes to Aria's house to inform her about the fire in his aunt Carol's house. He asks Aria if she knows who started the fire, but she denies knowing anything about it. Then, Jason shares with Aria that he thinks that Archer is in the country, he followed Ali to her aunt's house and tried to hurt her. Aria lies and says she was with Ali and the fire was an accident.

Aria and Jason talking about Mary

She also reveals to Jason that they found some paperwork that confirmed Jessica was in charge of Mary's care in Radley, and she reveales they also found out that Mary had a second child. Aria says she owes Ali so she was trying to found out everything she could about Mary's second child, and she is going to the courthouse to get the adoption report. Jason says they won't give her any information because she is not a relative, but Aria answers "No, but you are".

Aria showing the ticket to Jason

They later go together to the courthouse, Aria gets the ticket number #67, and when she shows it to Jason he says "Not bad", but she answers "Not bad? They're on number five". Jason says he has been places where it takes a week to get an appointment, Aria chuckles. Jason gives Aria a coffee and he asks if the coffee taste is fine.

Aria and Jason in a flashback discussing a possible trip to Ethiopia

In a flashback, we can see Aria waking up and Jason bringing her a coffee to bed. They kiss and then Aria asks him if he's not gonna be late for training, but he says his finished his training the day before. Aria asks him if he is going back to Ethiopia soon, and he answers he is going to be back next week, so Aria makes a sad face. Jason proposes her to go to Ethiopia together and Aria looks happy due the offer, but then she asks what could she do there, and Jason answers she could help people who have bigger problems than they do. Aria says that travelling was not part of the plan for her right now, because she has some job interviews.

Aria and Jason in a flashback discussing the plan

Jason says she has the rest of her life to work, and Ethiopia would be a nice experience to share, and she agrees just before mentioning she is not independently wealthy and that she needs a job. Jason comforts her saying the charity will pay for it, and she only has to stay as long as she wants. Aria smiles and he asks her to at least think about it, and Aria says that she will. Then, Aria gets out of bed to get ready for an interview. Back in the present, Aria starts drinking her coffee and Jason asks her if it has too much sugar, Aria answers that the coffee it's perfect while she is smiling.

Aria and Jason talking to the clerk

Eventually, a man calls number #67, Aria is too focused watching the news about Colombia to listen, but then Jason calls her and they go to reception together. Jason explains to the clerk that his cousin was born in Radley 23 years ago and the court facilited the adoption. He asks the clerk how could he get a copy of the adoption records, but she says he can't because he is not the adoptee or parent of the adoptee.

Aria insists

Although Jason insists, the clerk just says "I wish there was something I could do". Aria says there is something she could do. She explains that Jason has lost most of his close family so he is really desperate to connect with some family. The clerk mentions how lucky is he to have a fiancée who cares so much, neither of them corrects her and Jason pretends to be his fiancée by holding her hand and saying "she's really special", Aria smiles. The clerk says she can't promise anything, but she will see what she can find by the end of the day, Aria thanks her and then she exchanges a smile with Jason.

Aria in Jason's house talking about what happened at the courthouse

Later that day, it's raining and Aria pays Jason a visit to see if he heard about the county clerk. Jason says he hasn't received anything yet, but the clerk says she has to fax over the report and she can't without the power. They sit on the couch and he thanks Aria for convincing her to send report by acting, but Aria says it wasn't all an act, and that her life has been a little complicated lately and that's why she can easly channel her frustration.

Aria and Jason talking about Ezra and Nicole

Jason admits that Emily told him about the chance of Nicole being alive and that Ezra went to Colombia. Aria sighs and tells Jason that Ezra hasn't called her since that morning and she is worried about what would it mean for her relationship that Nicole was alive. Jason comforts her saying she's engaged because Ezra loves her, and that's not gonna change. Aria answers that if Nicole hadn't gone missing, they'd probably be together, Jason tells her that she couldn't know that. Aria asks Jason if she was Ezra's consolation prize, and Jason says he wouldn't believe that for a second, and that her and Ezra were always meant to be.

Aria and Jason in a flashback discussing their futures

In a flashback, we can see Jason showing Aria how much she could help by travelling to Ethiopia, but Aria admits she got offered a job in Alan B & Lawrence and she accepted. Jason recognized the name of the company for being the one that published Ezra's book, and clearly suspects that Aria accepted that job to cross paths with Ezra. Aria says it's just a coincidence but Jason doesn't answer anything.

Aria and Jason talking about their feelings

Back in the present, Aria confesses he was right about why she took that job. Jason comforts her and takes the opportunity to make his feelings for her known. After a few seconds of silence, Aria tried to leave but Jason apologized for making her feel uncomfortable and asked her to stay. Then, Jason goes to the kitchen to make her something to eat.

Pretty.Little.Liars.S07E09.1080p.HDTV.X264-DIMENSION 2444.jpg

Jason and Aria have dinner together off-camera, and when the power came back on, Jason received a fax from the clerk but the entire fax had been redacted, and when Aria asked him what does that means, he said that every important piece of information had been blacked out. When Aria reads the report, she notices that the name of the judge (Steven Kahn) is not blacked out. Jason doesn't recognize the name so Aria explains it's Noel Kahn's dad, and Aria says she thinks he adopted Mary's baby.

Dating Timeline

Jaria Kiss.jpg

  • Happened in: "Picture This" (2x09)
  • Reason: Jason admitted that he had feelings for Aria and they kissed. However, she stopped him and says she is "not available".


  • Started: Time Jump
  • Ended: Time Jump
  • Reason: Jason wanted to travel the world and help people in foreign countries, but Aria accepted a terrific job offer in the city.

Threats to Jaria

  • Ezra Fitz - Ezra is in a romantic relationship with Aria. In Season 2, when Jason had a crush on Aria, she rejected him because she wanted to be with Ezra. In the time jump, when Aria and Jason were in a romantic relationship, they broke up because Aria accepted a job offer hoping to cross paths with Ezra again.
  • Alison DiLaurentis - Both Jason and Aria are close to Alison, as Jason is her older brother and Aria is her best friend. Alison seems upset that Jason and Aria are friends, and she is even more upset when she sees them flirting. This is notorious in "Original G'A'ngsters", when Alison seems upset to discover that Aria is the friend Jason invited to dinner. During dinner Alison seems annoyed to see Aria staring at Jason for a few seconds while Mary is the one who is speaking, and her annoyance is much more noticeable when Aria takes Jason's hand in order to relax him.

Music For Jaria Scenes

  • "Hawk Eyes" by The Kicks (Played while Aria looks for Mike at the basketball courts but finds Jason. He tells her that he misses her pink hair and she smiles at this in "Blind Dates").
  • "Could've Had Me" by Lex Land (Played while Aria has a sex dream about Jason in "Picture This").
  • "What Are You Waiting For" by Foreign Slippers (Played while Aria has another dream about Jason in "Picture This").
  • "Living In Twilight" by The Weepies (Played while Aria and Jason talk about Ali's box and he gives it to her in "Touched by an 'A'-ngel").
  • "Bones" by Ms Mr (Played while Aria shows up to the hospital after Jason has an accident in "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted").
  • "She Devil" by The Knot - (Aria gets a text from Jason asking to meet in "Original G'A'ngsters").
  • "This Never Happened" by Nevada Wild (Played while Aria and Jason meet up at The Brew in "Original G'A'ngsters").
  • "Sex and Candy (Marcy Playground Cover)" by Unions (Played while Aria had a flashback of her and Jason's past romance in "The Wrath of Kahn").
  • "Don’t Let Me Go" by Bandit Heart (Played while Aria was in Jason's house and she receives a text from Ezra in "The Wrath of Kahn").

Memorable Jaria Places

  1. The Basketball Court - Aria runs into a shirtless Jason while searching for Mike. His basketball rolls over to her and she hands it back to him. The two begin to talk and Jason tells her that he thought it was cool that she had the pink hair and he also tells her that he misses her pink hair. This makes them both smile.
  2. The Rosewood Cemetery - After Ian's funeral, Aria spots Jason sitting on a bench alone and goes over to talk to him. Aria thanks him again for not calling the police on Mike. Jason tells her that he blacked out the night Ali died and shows her the note that Jenna and Garret put in his pocket saying "I know what you did". He also tells her that he thinks his parents feel like they "lost the wrong kid" in which Aria tells him not to think like that.
  3. The Apple Rose Grille - After their confrontation in the hallway, Jason spots Aria at The Grille and asks if they can talk about the photos of her. Jason sits down next to her and he gives her the photos that Ali took and they discuss how Ali was into photography.
  4. The Rosewood Hospital - After Jason's house burns down and Spencer gets in the hospital, Jason goes to the hospital and Aria sits next to him and fills him in about how his house burned down. She finds out that Jason didn't text\call Jenna. Aria also says she is sorry about his house burning down. In Season 3, Aria shows up to the hospital after Jason falls down an elevator.
  5. The Brew - Aria and Jason meet up at The Brew in Season 7 and they promise to keep their past tryst a secret then Jason asks for Aria to help find evidence that Mary was involved with Elliott and selling Carissimi Group funds.

Notes and Trivia

  • Jason and Aria ranked #25 The Top 50 TV Kisses of 2011.
  • Jason is six years older than Aria.
  • They are both close to Alison and Spencer.
  • They are both older siblings.
  • They are both interested in photography.
  • Jason confessed to Aria in "Blind Dates" that he greatly admired that she dared to be different and did what no one expected her to do, since he was the opposite.
  • They are confidants. In "The Devil You Know", Jason opened up about his past with her and in "The Wrath of Kahn", Aria opened up with him about her problems with Ezra.
  • Jason stuck up for Aria when Noel attempted to intimidate her in "Never Letting Go".
  • Aria had two dreams about Jason in "Picture This" and at the end of the episode, the two had their first kiss together.
  • In "Touched by an 'A'-ngel", Emily reveals to Aria that Jason took pictures of her sleeping. Jason denies it and says that Alison took them, and since Aria thinks it's true he says the same to Ezra when he worries because he thinks Jason is a danger to her, and Ezra apparently thinks Aria is right about him.
    • However, in Season 4 we can see that one of Ezra's notes about Alison's book says "Aria recently learned that Jason was taking voyeuristic pictures of her", which could mean that Ezra thinks that he did take them.
  • Aria and Jason meet for the first time after the time jump in "Original G'A'ngsters", when he returned from a charity trip to Ethiopia and asked Aria for help with Alison and Mary.
  • Jason and Aria were in a romantic relationship during the time jump.
    • This relationship was revealed in "Original G'A'ngsters".
    • According to a flashback from “The Wrath of Kahn”, the relationship happened a year before Season 6B when Aria had just graduated (or was about to graduate) and Jason was doing a training program.
    • The relationship lasted at least three weeks, the period of time in which Jason did the training program.
    • In another flashback of "The Wrath of Kahn", it is revealed that Jason and Aria broke up because he offered Aria to go to Ethiopia with him but that same day she accepted a job offer from the company with which Ezra was associated with the intention of cross paths with him again.
      • Although in the last flashback it is implied that Jason and Aria ended up on bad terms, we can assume that they later fixed their problems since when they met in "Original G'A'ngsters" we can appreciate that Jason and Aria maintained their friendship.
      • In "Charlotte's Web", when the girls point out that Aria should stay in Rosewood while Charlotte's case is solved, she says that "This wasn't an easy job to get, I can't lose it". That could be a reference to Aria having to lose Jason to get the job.
    • We can assume they both kept in touch after breaking up, because in "Original G'A'ngsters", when Jason and Aria met again, he knew that she had been in a relationship with Liam.
  • They were mistaken for, and later pretended to be, fiancés in "The Wrath of Kahn".


Jason: You know what I do remember? Your pink hair.
Aria: Really?
Jason: I thought it was cool.
Aria: Really?
Jason: Really, I mean you always did the unexpected as opposed to me, which I also thought was cool.

Jason: Hey, I miss that pink hair. (They both smile at each other before leaving)

Jason {In one of Aria's dreams}: You can't stop thinking about me, can you?

Jason{In another one of Aria's dreams}: Where were we?

Jason: The truth is I do care about your brother but I also care about you. And I wanted to tell you in the off-chance that you might feel the same way.
(He leans down to her and they kiss)

Aria: Thank you for not calling the Police.
Jason: Don't worry about it.

Jason: Look, I said some things after the funeral that I probably should have kept to myself.
Aria: I thought that you'd felt better knowing that...
Jason: So did I, but I don't want people getting the wrong idea, you know?
Aria: I won't say a word, and plus the way you handled things with my brother, I kinda owe you one.

Jason: Look, from now on I need to figure out how to be happy and I'd like to do that here. Um... can I drop you somewhere?
Aria: Yeah, I could use the ride.

Aria (About Jason): I'm just trying to be civil Spence, he lost his sister. Who knows what he is thinking.
Spencer: Well, apparently you do.

Aria (After Jason falls down an elevator in What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted): Is Jason okay?

Jason: You look great.

Aria: You haven't... Told anyone about us... Have you?
Jason: No.
Aria: I haven't told Ali or Ezra or anyone.
Jason: Then let's keep it our secret.

Clerk: You are lucky to have a fiancé who cares so much.
Jason (pretending to be Aria's fiancé in "The Wrath of Kahn"): Yeah, she is really special.

Jason: I can't imagine that there's anyone better than you.


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