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Jenna's House, also known as The Cavanaugh House is located at 47 Serenity Lane in Rosewood.

Jenna lives here with her mother and stepfather, Toby's father, although they are yet to be seen on screen and not much is known about them. Toby also lived at this address during Season 1 and Season 2, although it was clear that he was in a hurry to move out. He subsequently moved out of the house and into the loft above The Brew in Season 3. Jenna's room is adorned with neat rows of snow globes and other trinkets on her shelves, some of which the young artist probably created. Toby's room was shown in a flashback in 'A' is for A-l-i-v-e.


  • Toby was forced to spend a lot of time here when he was under house arrest. He spent it mostly on the porch steps while tinkering with his motorcycle.
  • The mailbox has been vandalized many times.

  • The girls see Jenna is seen in a compromising situation with Garrett Reynolds.
  • In "UnmAsked," Jenna looks out of her window when receiving a text. Some presume it is from A. Later, she is seen with Melissa Hastings and Shana Fring inside the house as they appear to be discussing the liars and A.

  • In "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e" is shown a flashback of Toby and Alison in Toby's room.

  • Aria visits Jenna after school and finds Jenna in her bedroom, mourning the loss of Shana.
  • At the end of Miss Me x 100, A causes an explosion inside the Cavanaugh home and the house goes up in flames.

  • Book Series

    • After Toby and Jenna die, their house is sold to the Roland family, who move in shortly after.
    • The Cavanaugh house is directly across the street from the Hastings' Home.

    Known Residents

    Location in Rosewood

    • The Cavanaugh House is across the street from the Reynolds' House.
    • The Cavanaugh House is next door to the Fields' House.
    • In "Miss Me x 100 " we learn that the house is located at 47 Serenity Lane.