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Jesse Lindall is a character in Pretty Little Liars that first appeared in "Bite Your Tongue." He is potrayed by Wes Ramsey.


Jesse is the new guidance counselor at Rosewood High School.


Bite Your Tongue

After Aria discovers that Jesse, the new guidance counselor at Rosewood High encouraged the friendship between Mona and Mike, she goes to have a chat with him. She tells Jesse that her brother has befriended a certain individual who is bad news. Jesse guesses that Aria is talking about Mona. She tells him that it would be very helpful if Jesse did not encourage them being together anymore. Jesse thinks Aria is angry with Mona and asks her to join the counsel group. Aria declines, saying that she is just concerned. Jesse explains to her about how two people bond when they find common ground. Aria then leaves.

Hot for Teacher

Aria decides to make another session with him, and he nearly catches Ezra snooping around Spencer's files.

Appearances (2/160)

Season 4 (2/24)


  • The actor played Holly Marie Combs's oldest son Wyatt in Charmed.