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I figured now that you're starting a family of your own that... It would be a good time to make amends.
Jenna to Toby

Joby is the complex pairing between step-siblings, Jenna Marshall and Toby Cavanaugh.


Their relationship is extremely tempestuous, especially due to the fact that Jenna pursued and blackmailed Toby into entering a sexual relationship with her during their younger years.



Jenna arrives at Alison's funeral, led by Toby.

To Kill a Mocking Girl

At school, Jenna walks by with Toby. Later, after Emily thanks Toby for saving her in the locker room from Ben, Jenna asks him why she thanked him. He answers vaguely, leaving Jenna completely dissatisfied.

There's No Place Like Homecoming

Toby meets with Jenna who warns him that Emily will hate him when she finds out his secret.

The Homecoming Hangover

Jenna is seen crying in front of the Cavanaugh house, maybe suspecting he's dead due to his smashed up motorcycle.

Salt Meets Wound

Jenna tells Toby she was the one who turned him into the cops in order to keep him close. He rejects her, so she angrily slaps him.

The New Normal

Jenna is rebuffed when Toby accepts Spencers offer to give him a ride to the station instead of riding in a taxi with her.

Monsters in the End

Jenna calls Toby to drive her to school.



Jenna: There is nothing wrong with us, Toby. We're not really related.

Jenna: Do you like my costume?
Toby: It's nice. But you know... [he covers her one eyes so she can't see] I liked you better like this.

Jenna: I figured now that you're starting a family of your own that... It would be a good time to make amends.
Toby: Yeah? I remember we tried that about three years ago and it didn't go so well.
Jenna: Yeah, maybe not. But I would really like to try again.

Marco: Not sure how much threat a blind girl can be.
Toby: You haven't met Jenna.

Jenna: Toby? I know this may seem weird, but... I don't think Spencer's-Spencer.