Katherine Daly is a character in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars. She is the daughter of the Senator of New York in the series. She is portrayed by Emma Dumont.



Mona contacts Katherine in order to try and get her to wear some of Hanna's designs to an upcoming fundraiser. She meets them at The Radley and she tells Hanna she thinks her designs are terrific.

Later, Katherine looks at some of Hanna's dresses and happily agrees to wear one to the fundraiser. Katherine is mistaken in thinking that Mona is the boss of Hanna's company, asking Hanna to have Mona call her to sort out the details.

Hanna later asks Mona to call Katherine and explain to her that Hanna is the head of her company, which Mona does.

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Season 7 (2/20)



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