Kendra is a minor character first introduced in Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. She is portrayed by Kanya Iwana.


I'm a Good Girl, I Am

Pretty Little Liars S05E24 Kendra
Drinking out of a water fountain, Kendra is confronted by Emily and Spencer in the halls of Rosewood High. Emily introduces herself and Spencer, before saying that they noticed the patch on Kendra’s jacket and were wondering if she’s part of the youth group. Kendra asks why, and jumping in, Spencer questions if Kendra’s ever spent time at the River Road playground, before Emily adds that they’re looking who might have been there on Thanksgiving. Saying that she wasn’t, Kendra turns to leave, and as she’s walking down the hallway, Emily stops her, saying that one of her friends was, and she thought she might have heard someone who might have seen her that night. As Emily says she just wants to ask…, Kendra spots Ella walking through the hallway and rushes over to her, “you told her. You promised you wouldn’t and you told your daughter”. After asking how else Emily and Spencer would know, Kendra storms off.

Knocking on the Hastings’ French doors, Kendra peers through the glass. When Spencer, followed closely by Emily, opens the door, Kendra says that Mrs Montgomery called her, “we need to talk”.

Sitting at the Hastings’ kitchen counter, Kendra listens as Rebecca, Alison’s lawyer, asks how long she was out at the park, and when she suggests 1:00pm or 2:00pm, Kendra tells her it was “something like that”, before settling on 2:00pm. Rebecca asks whether Kendra was in the pipe the whole time, and when Kendra nods, Rebecca wonders if she saw anyone walk by. Kendra tells her no, and it’s then that Emily jumps in and says that she heard a voice. As Emily asks Kendra to confirm that she heard a voice, Rebecca tells Emily that she’s got this. Listening as Rebecca asks if she heard a voice, Kendra says that she did. Spencer asks if it was a girl’s voice, before stopping herself and apologising to Rebecca. Rebecca asks who she was talking to, and Kendra explains that it sounded like she was on the phone. When Rebecca asks if Kendra can recall what was said, Kendra tells her not really, “my heart was pounding”. Rebecca then thanks Kendra for stepping forward, and if she needs anything else, she’ll call. Picking up her bag, Kendra leaves the Hastings’.

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