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Nice boyfriend. When I was in High School I couldn't afford a pinhole and a lightbulb!
Laurel to Aria

Laurel Tuchman is a photographer who captures Jenna's birthday in "That Girl is Poison."


She first appeared in "That Girl is Poison". Laurel and Jenna are seen at the brew doing finishing touches for her birthday party. Emily is working and Jenna introduces her to Laurel. Emily overhears laurel telling Jenna she had to fire a student in her photography class Lucas because he demanded the negatives.

Later at Jenna's party, Aria and Ezra walks in. Aria later spots Laurel who apparently knows her from her photography class she took over the summer, along with Lucas. Laurel then tells Aria that her projector is in the back where Emily is and Aria destroys it.

Later, when Aria and Ezra are making out, Laurel walks in and find her projector ruined. Aria decides to go back to the Studio for her.