Liam Greene is Aria's former boyfriend who works with her at a publisher in Boston. He is portrayed by Roberto Aguire .


Season 6

Of Late I Think Of Rosewood

Liam is mentioned in a conversation between Aria and Byron where he gives Byron a book in order to impress him.

Charlotte's Web

He makes his first appearance at Aria's workplace and is caught in the middle of Aria's dealings with their boss over Ezra Fitz's potential second book.

The Gloves Are On

Where Somebody Waits For Me

We've All Got Baggage

Liam meets and finds out Ezra and Aria had a relationship during Highschool, as Aria wasn't truthful, he leaves in an elevator. Later on at the wedding, Aria spots Liam standing at the back of the event. They then sit down and he asks where her parent will be going for their honeymoon. Aria thanks him for coming to the event, she then also apologies to Liam about her history with Ezra. Liam asks why she is holding back for Aria to respond about her not being completely honest with herself. Liam wonders if that is who Aria is writing about, which Aria says she wasn't but then says maybe she was. Liam asks if she has worked it out and Aria replies "I think so," To end the wedding event, Liam asks how it ends and Aria smiles, answering "I didn't know 'til right now," Then they go in for a kiss. Finally, Liam and Aria are kissing on Aria's sofa when somebody knocks on the door. They knock again, louder. When Aria opens the door, she is met with Alison and Elliot. They also want to get married. After awkward chat, Aria turns around to face Liam.

Burn This

Liam and Aria are having Lunch, Aria says she is now a co-author to Ezra. Aria goes on to say that they both had no idea but Liam cuts her off, saying that he did have an idea. He then says it wasn't an accident. After a pause, he apologies and says it is a great opportunity and he is really happy for her. After Aria’s burn accident, Liam walks in the hospital room apologising and saying his phone died. He thanks Ezra for being here for her and shares the good news about Jillian approving the book. Liam tells Aria she’s going to be an author before kissing her. Ezra congratulates Aria before leaving the room and Liam asks if Aria is Hungry.

Season 7

Tick-Tock, Bitches

While Aria is at a bar, Liam rings her but she declines.


Aria receives a text from Liam saying "Sleepless nights and big news. Be there soon!" She reads this, then places her phone back on the table. Later on, at Aria's house, Liam is sitting on the sofa and Aria is standing infront of him. She is telling him how they both saw this coming. Liam then says "One of us saw it before the other,". Aria apologies. Aria then begins to open up about this situation about her coming home, seeing her friends, the Ali situation. She also realises she has a lot of unresolved things, adding that it wouldn't be fair to him. Liam thinks Aria is wanting himself to thank her but he doesn't want to, but Aria just wants him to understand. In addition, she states that it is not about the book or Ezra. When Liam hears Ezra's name he looks up at Aria. She then says it is just her. Liam questions her about it being just them two, with Aria replying "yes," She apologises once again and attempts to hold Liam's hand but is stopped because he stands up and tells her not to say it anymore. After a pause, he then tells Aria that he has a surprise for her too. He tells Aria he is back on the book. Editing and a "creative gatekeeper." He also has a duty to make everybody reasonably happy. He asks Aria if she has a problem, which Aria replies that she doesn't know. Liam then sits back down praising that she had worked hard for this and Liam wants to see Aria get something she has always wanted. After another pause Aria says she is almost there. Liam replies "yeah...almost,". Aria says that they will do it and make it work. Prompting Liam to want to cross the finish line together.

Liam is in the car watching Aria and Ezra on the bench. He also spies that Ezra puts his hands with Aria's. Liam gets out the car still looking at the both of them. He shuts his car door before walking away. The scene jumps to when Liam and Ezra are working on the book. He notices a problem with Ezra's backstory, Ezra queries it but Liam shuts him down by saying the nature of his actions. Ezra asks if Liam thinks the character is predatory, to which Liam agrees. He then talks about the older man and the young girl which makes Ezra uncomfortable. They start to bicker but Ezra then asks if they are looking at the same pages of the drafted book. He explains that they are not that far apart in age. In the intense conversation, Liam says that the character in the book is his 'hero'. Ezra then says that they all want the best book, to which Liam agrees. Liam also points out that there is friction between Ezra's and Aria's chapters in the book. Liam takes it to the next level by saying "neither one of us want Aria to look foolish, right?" Ezra asks if he means book Aria. Liam then mentions he wants to protect the book which also meaning protecting both authors. Ezra asks what he is protecting them from and Liam says "loss of perspective" and "poor judgement" and "avoidable bad choices". Ezra says he can see that.

Aria is at her house talking to Liam about how he said they could all work together. Liam responds "I meant it when i said it". Aria asks what happens and Liam explains his 'way of words'. He used to admire it but he doesn't anymore, he is suspicious. Aria demands why he doesn't admire it anymore. Liam says it's a lot of unconnected things that he doesn't want to connect anymore. He says that Aria and Ezra's history, what they both have been writing, how they have been writing it and what changes in a room when they are alone together when somebody else walks in, all clicked together. Aria stops him before he can say anymore and asks "what do all these connections mean?". Liam thinks Aria was suduced by her English teacher, Ezra, when she was in Highschool. Aria pauses to try and think what to say next. She then says "That is not how it happened.". Liam looks upset and walks behind her. Aria turns around and says there is no possible way for her to explain this to him. Liam wants her to try and explain it to herself. Aria talks about the button that she could push to make all the complicated things in her life not to happen. She carries on explaining about if she had pushed it, all the people who have died would still be alive, she wouldn't of hurt anyone or disappoint them and nobody would of hurt or lied to her. But Aria then says if she pushed the button, she would of be gone to. She describes that she is herself because of what has happened to her, what she has done and who she has loved. Aria explains that she likes herself because of it.

The Talented Mr. Rollins

Aria reveals that he when back to Boston. They also broke up.

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