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Her visits need to be supervised, but you won't even know I'm here.
Lisa in "Crazy"

Nurse Lisa was one of Mona's nurses at Radley Sanitarium. She first appears in Season 3.


Birds of a Feather

She appears when Hanna comes to visit Mona. She tells Hanna that she is not allowed visitors and that she didn't know for how long.


She appears again when Aria goes to visit Mona. She checks to see if Mona is allowed visitors and it says allowed (After "A" changed it at the end of "Birds of a Feather") and walks Aria back to Mona. She sits while Mona and Aria talk and goes to get Mona's medicine. She comes back and informs Aria that visiting hours are over.

I'm Your Puppet

She tells Spencer that her friends are leaving.

Scream For Me

When Aria is snooping around Radley looking for Eddie Lamb, she points out to Aria that Eddie no longer works at Radley and tells her to stay in the day-room. Later Lisa catches her talking to Rhonda. She gets mad at Aria for giving Rhonda soda pop and crisps, because Rhonda's a diabetic.

Appearances (4/160)

Season 3 (3/24)

Season 5 (1/25)