Lisa Chochran Nielan is a producer. She was the co-executive producer, producer, and line producer of Pretty Little Liars. She is currently the executive producer of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists.

Life and Career

She started her career using her full name, "Lisa M. Cochran", which she kept for some time. She then started going by, "Lisa Cochran" in 1989, and was credited as such on some shows, although others still credited her as "Lisa M. Cochran". When she married later in life, she hyphenated her name making it officially, "Lisa Cochran-Neilan".

Her career jump-started in 1984 when she joined the popular TV show, The A-Team as a production coordinator. She was a part of The A-Team crew for twenty-nine episodes which aired from 1984-1986. Around the same time, she became a production secretary for the show, Hunter for nine-episodes.

In 1985, she booked a job as a coordinating producer for one episode of Handcastle and McCormick. She was then moved to production coordinator in 1986, for an additional two episodes.

After exiting The A-Team in 1986, she joined onto the series Stingray as a production coordinator for a series of eleven episodes. These episodes aired from 1986 to 1987. She was still working on-and-off for Hunter and was moved to being a production coordinator, which did from 1984-1989.

In 1992, she was a production coordinator on a TV movie titled, Ladykiller.


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