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This is a comprehensive, chronological list of deaths that have occurred within Freeform's Pretty Little Liars, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and Ravenswood.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Body Count: A total of 20 real deaths and 4 fake deaths that have happened over the course of 160 episodes.

# (episode) Victim's Name Episode Cause of Death Killer and Motive
1 Alice

Prior to "Pilot"

Stabbed with a knife
*Blood loss
Alice's Twin
*Had a feud over their dolls
2 Teddy Carver

Prior to "Pilot"

Unknown Jessica DiLaurentis
*Presumably; blamed it on Mary
3 Marion Cavanaugh

Prior to "Pilot"
(Oct 24, 2000)

Pushed from Radley Sanitarium's roof Bethany Young
*Mental illness
4 Carol Ward

Prior to "Pilot"
(While the Liars were in tenth grade)

Unknown Natural causes
5 Bethany Young Prior to "Pilot"
(Sept 1, 2009)
Hit with a shovel,
then buried alive
*She wore Alison's yellow top, stolen from Charlotte
Mona Vanderwaal (attempted killer)
*Thought Bethany was Alison
and Melissa Hastings (burier)
*Thought Spencer was the killer
6 Esther Potter After "Careful What U Wish 4"
(Early 2011)
Heart attack Natural Causes
*Old age
7 Ian Thomas "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
(Early 2011)
Suicide by gun Himself
*Crime scene and suicide letter planted by Mona
8 Maya St. Germain Before "UnmAsked"
(Apr 13, 2011)
Broken Windpipe Lyndon James
*Was her ex-boyfriend and stalker
9 Lyndon James "The Lady Killer"
(October 2011)
Stabbed in the
Emily Fields
10 Garrett Reynolds "This Is A Dark Ride"
(Oct 31, 2011)
Shot by gun Darren Wilden
*Garrett found out about Wilden's corrupt behavior
11 Darren Wilden "'A' is for A-l-i-v-e"
(November 2011)
Shot twice by gun Charlotte DiLaurentis
*Wilden betrayed Charlotte and was willing to hurt Alison to get his way.
12 Jessica DiLaurentis "A is for Answers"
(November 2011)
Heart stopping caused by a dose of Losartan Mary Drake (killer)
*Was angry that Jessica lied about Charles being dead, so she switched Jessica's medication.
Charlotte DiLaurentis (burier)
*Could've buried her to protect Mary or did it to say goodbye to her.
13 Shana Fring "EscApe From New York"
(November 2011)
Blood loss caused by severe head trauma
*The fall was due to a gun hit
Aria Montgomery
*To save The Liars from being murdered themselves
14 Wayne Fields Prior to "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood"
(Around 2014–15)
Unknown N/A
15 Charlotte DiLaurentis "Of Late I Think Of Rosewood"
(September 12, 2017)
Accidentally impaled neck with a metal rod whilst fighting
*The body was thrown from the bell tower
Mona Vanderwaal
*Tried to protect herself and The Liars from her and end up killing her in self-defense.
16 Archer Dunhill "The Talented Mr. Rollins"
Hit with a car
*The body smashed into the windshield
Hanna Marin
*Unintentionally hit Archer while searching for him and Alison
17 Sara Harvey "Wanted: Dead or Alive"
Trauma to the head
*The body was left in a bathtub at Radley
Noel Kahn
18 Noel Kahn "The DArkest Knight"
*Fell on his own axe, head left rolling down the stairs
Hanna Marin and Emily Fields
*Tried to fight him off, causing him to trip and fall onto the axe
19 Yvonne Phillips "Hold Your Piece"
Complications from car crash
*Awoke from coma, yet later died
20 Wren Kingston Prior to "'Til Death Do Us Part"
Hit with a pipe
*Cut his windpipe; later turned his ashes into a diamond[1]
Alex Drake
*Wren always saw Alex as Alex and not as Spencer, so she killed him in anger

Type Victim's Name Episode Cause of Death Killer and Motive
Symbolic/Fake death Charles DiLaurentis

Prior to "Pilot"
(Around 2004–05)

Suicide via pills Himself
*Faked his death to become Charlotte DiLaurentis. Jessica "buried" Charles at Aunt Carol's
Fake death Alison DiLaurentis Prior to "Pilot"
(Sept 1, 2009)
Buried alive
*Saved by Carla Grunwald
*Missing for 2+ years
Charlotte DiLaurentis (attempted killer)
*Thought Alison was Bethany
and Jessica DiLaurentis (burier)
*Protected Charlotte
Fake death Toby Cavanaugh "Out of Sight, Out of Mind"
(November 2011)
Suspected motorcycle accident
*It was a motorcyclist's body and Toby was alive the whole time
Fake death Mona Vanderwaal "Taking This One to the Grave"
(Thanksgiving Day 2011)
The police wrote it as "blood loss"
*A plan made by Mona and Big A
Charlotte DiLaurentis
*Took her to A's Dollhouse

The Perfectionists

Perfect Little Body Count: There has been a total of 2 deaths and 1 faked death over the course of the series.

# (episode) Victim's Name Episode Cause of Death Killer and Motive
1 Nolan Hotchkiss "Pilot" Impaled: blood loss or trauma
*Pushed off the roof of Throne Hall: impaled by spikes
The Professor
2 Peter Hotchkiss Prior to "Pilot" Shot to death
*Involved in a mugged: DOA
Random attacker

Type Victim's Name Episode Cause of Death Killer and Motive
Fake Death Taylor Hotchkiss One-year before "Pilot" Jumped off the Haskell Road Bridge Herself
* Faked her death to further investigate Hotchkiss Technologies


Body Count: There has been a total of 10 deaths that have occurred over 10 episodes.

# (series) Victim's Name Episode Cause of Death Killer and Motive
1 Max Before "Pilot" Unknown Unknown
2 Miranda Collins "Pilot" Trauma
*Car drove off the side of a bridge and into a lake: died on impact
3 Miranda Collins (ancestor) 1918 Drowned Victim of The Curse
4 Caleb Rivers (ancestor) 1918 Drowned Victim of The Curse
5, 6, 7 Rachel Willis, Jeremiah Jones and Caroline Sehlegal 1918 Drowned Victims of The Curse
8 Gabriel Abaddon (1900s) Unknown Unknown
*Presumably old age
9 Charles Matheson Before "Pilot"
Stabbed in the chest Murdered by Dillon Sanders
*Charles knew about the curse and planned to break it. Dillion murdered him to keep that from happening.
10 Dillon Sanders "My Haunted Heart"
Trauma Hit by a train/Staged suicide
*Max lured Dillion to the train tracks where he was hit and killed by an incoming train