Look, someone paid me to drop off this bag and to pick up a package! My name is Logan Reed!
Logan to Garrett

Logan Reed is a character in Pretty Little Liars. He is portrayed by Tilky Montgomery Jones.


He was the delivery boy hired after Ian received a threatening text from the girls to pay a bribe or face having his relationship with Alison before she died exposed.


For Whom the Bell Tolls


Logan brings over the bribe money to set the location hoping to exchange for the videos for Ian. However, when he arrives, Officer Garrett seizes him before letting him go. He tells Logan to keep quiet.

The Devil You Know

Emily encounters Logan working at a package delivery company called Speed Demon Express.
EmilyFields Teenage Detective

Emily recognizes Logan

She figures out that he was the messenger and gleans from him the fact that he was hired by a woman (probably Jenna), not a man, i.e. not Ian. He says he would remember the voice if he heard it again, although he doesn't know the person's name. However, before Emily can quiz him again, Officer Garrett pays him off to keep quiet, thwarting Emily's investigative attempts.

Appearances (2/140)

Season 1 (1/22)

Season 2 (2/05)


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