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Will you tell her to stay away from that girl? That blonde girl...
Louis to Toby

Dr. Louis Palmer was Marion Cavanaugh's doctor in Radley Sanitarium. He is portrayed by Nick Tate.


He has a wrinkly face and grayish-white hair due to old age. He lives in Saratoga, New York in a medical center. He researches the air there but doesn't experience a breakthrough because of his old age and forgetfullness due to his dementia.


Season 4

Face Time

4x4 Face-Time.jpg

Toby goes to see him in Saratoga, New York for information about his mother's suicide. Palmer repeats that she had troubled air that kept pushing her down and it was too heavy for her. He briefly forgets that Marion is dead and asks Toby to bring her around sometime. As Toby leaves, Palmer tells him to keep her away from "that blond girl" because the air around her is "very troubled".

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Toby visits him again this time with Spencer for more answers about the "blond girl." Spencer starts absentmindedly playing the piano, causing him to hallucinate that she is Toby's mother. Spencer decides to roll with it and asks him again about the blond girl. However, the nurse comes to take him away before he can answer. Before leaving, however, he asks the nurse to tell "Mrs. DiLaurentis" to come to his office.

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Season 4 (2/24)