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Happy Bday to my sweet Sashy bear. My life in PLL would never have been the same without you and your supportive, kind soul. I’m excited for all the amazing things in store for you!
Lucy's birthday message to Sasha

Lusha is the real life friendship pairing between Lucy Hale (Aria Montgomery) and Sasha Pieterse (Alison DiLaurentis).


They met during Season 1 of PLL, and became friends. They have been friends since, although they haven't been seeing hanging out off-screen as much as other costars.


  • Lucy refers to Sasha as "Sashy bear" on social media.
  • They did a photoshoot together in 2017 for PLL Season 7.
  • They did 2016 Winter TCA (Teen Choice Awards) Portraits together.
  • Lucy took Sasha to Barney's in New York for the first time, and introduced her to the store.
  • They support each others music, and are the only two main stars to release music. They have also said that they are wiling to do a collab together, even though they have different genre's of music.
  • To this day, one of Lucy's favorite scenes in PLL is Sasha doing the "Ali Tell All".