Madison Strickland appears in Burned when Hanna goes to a college bar and meets her there, then Hanna sees that she is very drunk and offers her a ride home in her own BMW. In the way to Madison's home a car appears out of nowhere and they crash, Hanna then calls her friends and when they come she asks them to help her move Madison to the driver's seat because she doesn't want to get into more trouble. Although she wasn't drunk she drank a margarita and they could blame her for the car crash. She then goes with her friends pretending that it didn't happen and later forgets about it. In Burned while she was on the eco-cruise ship she discovers by playing with fake IDs that Madison is Naomi Zeigler's cousin and thinks Naomi is A. Naomi later reveals that her cousin isn't dead, and just badly injured. In Deadly, Hanna aplogizess to her with her father's company and talks about the accident. They try to figure out how to contact Jackson (the bartender who served them the night of the car crash) and Madison shows them a picture of him that she took while he was preparing a margarita. She then leaves because she has an orchestra practice.


  • In Burned, her last name is Strickland. In Deadly, her last name is Zeigler.
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