You're doing the math, aren't you? Yeah, I was a teen mom way before it became a reality show.
Maggie to Aria

Maggie Cutler is a character on Pretty Little Liars. She is Ezra Fitz's ex-girlfriend from high school and Malcolm Cutler's mom. She believed that Malcolm was Ezra's child, but he was actually the result of a one night stand with another man, which she claimed was a mistake. She is played by Larisa Oleynik.


The Kahn Game

Maggie is first mentioned by Wesley Fitzgerald. Ezra then explains to Aria that Maggie was his high school girlfriend whom 'he' got pregnant. He then reveals she is the reason he's estranged from his family, and hasn't spoken to her since hearing the news of the pregnancy.

What Lies Beneath

A fight with Aria prompts Ezra to reattempt to locate Maggie; he later reveals to her that he has located Maggie living in Delaware, and that he has not yet made contact.

Single Fright Female

Aria goes to visit her under the guise that she is an undergraduate student named Amy. Maggie is a kindergarten teacher and reveals that she has a 7 year old son named Malcolm and jokes that she was a teen mom, long before it ever became a reality show.

The Lady Killer

She visits Ezra in his apartment while Aria was there. Ezra is unaware that she kept the baby, and Maggie persuades Aria to keep this a secret. Aria agrees, and Ezra is left clueless as a result.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

She and Malcolm stay at Ezra's Apartment after his mother takes away the condo where she stayed.

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e


Maggie attends Wilden's funeral with Ezra. She appears to be growing her hair out and sporting a school marm style.

Into the Deep

Maggie 409

Maggie is seen at the Grill talking to Ezra about going to Washington to teach. That leaves Ezra uncomfortable because that means that he will see less of his newfound son. Later Maggie tells Ezra she is going to Washington to look for a place to live. Ezra asks if Malcolm can stay with him so Malcolm doesn't have to miss school. At first Maggie agrees, but then they argue about his role in Malcolm's life and how Maggie kept him from his father for 7 years, and Maggie leaves.

The Mirror Has Three Faces

Ezra confronts Maggie about a shocking truth: he is not Malcom's father. She admits that she went to a party when she was mad at Ezra, had too much to drink, and made a mistake by sleeping with someone else. Maggie didn't know who the father was, but gave herself the answer she wanted; she told herself, and Ezra, that he was the father. 

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