Well, soon is soon. It's not the same as now, is it?
Marco convincing Spencer to stay at the bar.

Marco Furey is a character on Pretty Little Liars . He is Rosewood's newest detective making his debut appearance in Season 7.

He is portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez.

Season 7

Hit and Run, Run, Run

Marco makes his first appearance in this episode. While at The Radley, he buys a drink for Spencer while the two were at the bar. She tells him that she has to leave soon, but he tells her to stay because 'soon isn't now' He small talks her, as she gives away that she was burying a body, but he thought she was being sarcastic.

The two start talking about things like 'charm school' He then insists on paying for their drink, but she goes ahead saying that she wouldn't want him to get the wrong idea. which leads into Spencer throwing him into the elevator and making out. As the two were undressing, Spencer then realizes that she is cheating on Caleb, and stops the elevator. Marco then apologizes, and lets her out of the elevator.

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Season 7 (12/20)


Furey is, arguably, the only competent detective on Pretty Little Liars.

Darren Wilden was a sleaze who blackmailed civilians, whilst Gabriel Holbrook also connived to benefit himself.

Even though Marco had a relationship with Spencer, he still put his duty ahead of her and withdrew himself from the case when things got too personal.




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