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I know what our deal was, but this was a lot more than I bargained for!
Martha to A

Martha is the owner of the doll hospital in Brookhaven. She covers up for "A," lying to the girls about the voodoo burlap dolls. It seems her grandson Seth wishes to be more forthcoming with information, but she shuts him down. She is an accomplice to "A", letting him/her use her shop to terrorize the girl in exchange for cold cash.

The girls go to the doll hospital in Brookhaven. While Martha, the owner, is opening the shop, a little boy inside blends in with the doll faces and watches the girls from the display window. They ask her if she could share some information about a doll she sold, but she says that she doesn't keep very good records, and she repairs more than she sells. All the same, she leads the girls down to the basement.

The girls ask if anyone had ever bought a voodoo doll (the same as one Alison received), but Martha claims they don't sell those. The boy, named Seth, tells them that Alison was in the store two summers ago looking for a voodoo doll. His grandmother, Martha says Seth has a "gift" that allows him to see things that haven't happened yet, Seth says he warned her against it, since a man and a woman with dark hair were trying to hurt her. Martha keeps trying to get him to keep quiet. She finally sends him upstairs, but on his way out, he says he's sorry for what happened to Alison, specifically her being buried alive, a detail not made public. Martha stares at them with beady eyes, and the girls stand shifting their weight, trying to avoid Martha's gaze, while seeming to smile nonchalantly.

When the girls go back to the doll hospital, they uncover a box full of the burlap voodoo dolls and exclaim their realization that Martha was lying. After the barrage in the doll hospital and the Liars flee from the shop, Martha is seen sitting on the floor of the basement telling A that while she kept her deal, the giant mess she has to clean up was much more than she bargained for. However, "A" hands a smiling Martha an envelope full of cash and a lollipop to creepy looking Seth.