No, I'm serious, Cait. If you need an alibi for where you were that night I will back you up.
Mason to Caitlin

Mason Gregory is a recurring character in the television series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists on Freeform. He is portrayed by Noah Gray-Cabey.[1]

A smart and athletic fellow student at Beacon Heights University, Mason is a natural-born leader. He can charm his way in and out of most situations, but there is something about him that keeps people guessing.


As a young boy, Mason was best friends with Caitlin Park-Lewis as they grew up side-by-side. He often hung out around her moms and enjoyed spending time with the Park-Lewis family. He was athletic from a young age and began to partake in athletics before high school. Mason began to date Caitlin in high school, and their relationship carried into college. Mason befriended star-athlete and legacy student, Nolan Hotchkiss, and they became best friends.

The men did everything together - but Nolan always came in first with Mason being the all-to-happy runner up. It was during their freshman year when his relationship with Caitlin fell apart. After they broke up, or possibly before, Caitlin began dating Nolan which led to Mason no longer being friends with Nolan.


A natural-born leader, Mason uses his charm to make himself the leader of every group he is in. A classic manipulator, Mason is driven by his desire to be the best everything. He wants nothing more than to be the perfect athlete, with perfect grades, and date the perfect girl.

Mason originally showed empathy at Nolan's funeral. This was later shown to be a facade. He quickly took Nolan's place as the manipulative foreperson of the Perfectionists. Elusive, coy, and dangerously charming, Mason is easily overlooked as a typical jock, when in reality, there is darkness brewing inside him.

After admitting that he was jealous of Nolan, Mason apologized for his actions and showed remorse. So much so, that he was willing to leave BHU to make it right.

Physical Appearance


Sex, Lies and Alibis

Mason made an appearance at Nolan Hotchkiss' funeral, to which Claire was grateful to see him there as he was one of Nolan's best friends the year prior. He was teary-eyed throughout the ordeal, which Dylan pointed out made him seem a little too sad.

After the funeral, Caitlin and Dylan were about to sneak off to find Nolan's stash, when Dylan remarked that her jerk of an ex-boyfriend was coming toward them. Mason appeared and smiled at them and asked how she was holding up. She responded that she was holding up pretty well all things considered. Mason remarked that he couldn't believe that Nolan was gone. Dylan sarcastically asked him if he had tried the shrimp - a nod to his earlier conversation with Caitlin about grief food. Mason shook off the comment and as Caitlin to hang out with him as friends, to which she agreed and Dylan left to find the stash on his own.

The duo sat on a bench and talked about how things were with each of them. Mason admitted that he couldn't imagine a future without Nolan, as he always found a way to push everyone to their limits. Caitlin didn't think that was always a good thing, such as when she and Mason were dating and he wasn't content being Nolan's second. Mason said he learned to accept that Nolan was always going to come in first in everything he did. Caitlin laughed and said that she was way too competitive to accept it the way Mason did, and he agreed with her competitive behavior. He also told her that she had a big heart and they exchanged a smile. He kindly offered that if she needed anything at all to call him. She thanked him but their conversation quickly took a dark turn when he offered to be her alibi in case she didn't have one. Confused, she asked why he thought she needed one, to which he coyly remarked that they all did - at least until the police found Nolan's real killer.

...If One of Them is Dead

Mason arrived at his English class a few minutes late and didn't hesitate to take Nolan's old seat, which happened to be next to Caitlin. He smiled at her while she looked incredulously at him. Ava Jalali, who was seated behind him, looked at him with a serious look on her face. She demanded that he get out of Nolan's seat. Mason was surprised to hear her and twisted in his chair to look over his shoulder at her. He questioned what she was talking about, and seemed as if he genuinely didn't know what her issue was. Ava lept to her feet and her bag clattered to the floor while Mason looked at her shocked. She repeated herself, telling Mason once again to get out of Nolan's seat. Mason scoffed at her and gestured as he remarked that the seat was up for grabs now, which enraged Ava. Caitlin called him out on his behavior, but he refused to give up his seat. Overcome with emotion, Ava aggressively moved at Mason intending to attack him. He coiled backward and raised his hands in defense. Seconds before she could touch him, Dylan Walker grabbed her from behind and restrained her. She angrily yelled at Mason to get out of Nolan's seat, still restrained by Dylan. The classroom erupted in whispers and it wasn't long before Ava tore out of the classroom, while Mason watched her go surprised but with a smirk on his face. He remained in the seat for the rest of the class.

The Ghost Sonata

The Perfectionists were sitting at the Cochran student union discussing that Mason potentially murdered Nolan to take his place. They were talking when Mason approached them and their conversation quickly stopped. A cocky Mason greeted them before leaning over next to Ava. He said that he hoped she didn't mind him putting his coffee on her tab, and smirked as he noted that he knew she could afford it. He quickly asked how the "three musketeers" were doing, to which Caitlin remarked that they weren't joined at the hip. Mason remarked that they were joined at the Nolan as he pulled up a chair and took a seat. He coyly told Caitlin he was thinking of her, to which Dylan made an escape route for the trio. The route was quickly shut down by a serious Mason, who said that there weren't any secrets between friends - or fake friends for that matter. Ava asked what it was that he wanted, and Mason admitted that he wanted what Nolan had - the perfect posse, assumingly (but not directly stated) complete with a girlfriend, a best friend to do his papers for him, and a close friend.

He blatantly told the Perfs that he wasn't above using their secrets to force them to comply with the new arrangement. He stated to them that they should all hang out soon. He turned his attention to Caitlin then with a remark that he missed spending time with her moms, as he hadn't seen them in a while. His comment alluded to Caitlin's secret about her mothers' affair. He stood to leave when he turned his attention to Dylan. Mason informed Dylan that he had been reading Dylan's papers he wrote for Nolan. Dylan tried to deny the allegation, however, Mason already knew the truth. Mason told Dylan that whatever arrangement Dylan had with the deceased Nolan, he would now have with him. Dylan asked why he would do that, to which Mason coyly mentioned Andrew, which alluded to the fact that he knew about Dylan's affair with Nolan. He then left the table moments after with a cocky expression on his face.

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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

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Dylan about Mason: Okay, it was Mason Gregory. He was jealous of Nolan because he was always number one, and when he got rid of him. Mason spiraled into Nolan 2.0 now he's got ahold of Nolan's stash of secrets and he's been blackmailing us to get what he wants.


  • Mason was Nolan's best friend during their freshman year.
  • He dated Caitlin throughout high school until they broke up.
  • The Perfs suspect him of being in the woods spying on them that night.
  • He was Nolan's insurance policy. Nolan told Mason everything he knew just in case something ever happened to him. This way someone would know about his enemies.
  • Mason is the formerly anonymous chess player Bad Bishop.
  • He had sex with Mona in "Hook, Line and Booker" after proclaiming his feelings for her.

Book Comparisons

  • Mason doesn't exist in the books and instead was created solely for the TV series.



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