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We all have a past, Hanna... aren't you curious what she plans to use against you?
Melissa to Hanna in We've All Got Baggage

Melissa Josephine Hastings (formerly Thomas) is the older paternal half-sister of Spencer Hastings, Jason DiLaurentis, and Alex Drake. She is portrayed by Torrey DeVitto.

Melissa is often portrayed as being antagonistic towards Spencer and the Liars, but has since been revealed to be protecting Spencer the whole time.

In "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me," Melissa reveals to Spencer through a videotape that she was the one who buried Bethany Young alive. Melissa was in the DiLaurentis backyard when she heard Spencer arguing with Alison. Melissa then saw Spencer walking back to the barn with a shovel in hand. Melissa says that she thought Spencer had killed Alison with the shovel, and after seeing the body, she pushed it in the ground and covered it up because she didn't want anyone to know what Spencer had done. She knows now that it wasn't Alison, and that she buried an "innocent" girl alive.



Melissa is first mentioned by Hanna and Spencer when they meet in the mall.


Melissa is first seen complimenting Spencer for her job in renovating the barn. She tells Spencer that she and her fiancé will be moving into the barn which angers Spencer because their parents agreed for Spencer to move in. Wren comes out asking if everything is okay and Spencer leaves angrily. Wren says that Spencer doesn't seem to happy with them moving into the barn, but Melissa tells him that she'll get over it.

Melissa is also seen in a flashback when she and her boyfriend at the time, Ian were in the Hastings home. Alison tells her that Spencer has something to say which Spencer quickly denies. She and Ian leave after that.

The Jenna Thing

Melissa, Wren, Peter and Spencer go out to dinner. When Spencer orders a vodka soda, Melissa tells the waitress she's joking. Melissa orders the same drink as her father. Melissa suggests that they play "High,Low." Wren is confused bit Peter tells him he'll catch on. Melissa goes on to say that it is her first week in class and she's already become President of something.

Later that night Melissa passes by Spencer's room and catches her and Wren kissing. She sees them from the oval mirror but does not confront them. The next morning she calls off the wedding and Wren moves out of the barn.

There's No Place Like Homecoming


Melissa announces the homecoming king and queen.

Spencer steals Melissa's Russian History paper from when she was in school, and the essay is so good, her teacher submits it to an essay contest. Melissa eventually reads the essay and mocks Spencer for her stupidity at the homecoming dance. Melissa has been asked to chaperone Spencer's homecoming dance, and uses the opportunity to drive a wedge between Spencer and her date, Alex, maliciously telling him that the only reason Spencer dated him is to anger their father. Melissa also mocks his economic background and the fact that he works at the club and attends a lesser school than Rosewood High. Alex leaves, and Spencer suspects her sister's hand in it, though she does not know precisely what was said. Melissa is the one chosen to announce the homecoming king and queen, and she unctuously uses the platform to mention that she was crowned queen when she was a student some six years back.

It is revealed in flashbacks that when Melissa dated Ian Thomas a year ago, Spencer kissed him once, though Melissa hadn't found out. Later, when Ian returns to Rosewood, Spencer tries to mend her relationship with Melissa by hooking them up together for coffee. Melissa at first said no because he broke her heart last year and she is still getting over Wren, but with Spencer's nudge, she agrees to coffee. One coffee date immediately turns into something more serious; it seems the two have picked up where they left off. This leads to Melissa making peace with her sister, causing them to become closer and behave kindly towards one another. This bond is evident when Melissa comforts Spencer when Hanna is in the hospital after getting hit by a car.

Moments Later

In the winter premiere episode, Melissa and Ian elope.

Know Your Frenemies

They return from their honeymoon. The episode opens in the middle of the night with Melissa and Ian whispering about a secret.


Melissa and Ian

One day, Melissa returns from shopping, and drops a bag. Spencer picks it up, discovering an ovulation test. Melissa confesses she and Ian are trying to get pregnant and want a big family. Ian overhears and seems a bit unhappy, saying they had "planned to keep it a secret." Melissa tells Ian that Spencer can keep a secret. He replies, "I know she can." Melissa still does not know about the kiss between her husband and her sister, or that they briefly dated after she and Ian broke up. In a later episode, Melissa announces she is pregnant.

Melissa's relationship with Spencer takes a turn for the worst when Spencer comes out with her beliefs about Ian's guilt, although Ian outwardly doesn't show such anger while in front of the Hastings family. Melissa does and accuses Spencer of being selfish, while Spencer argues that not everything she does is meant for her sister.

Spencer brings up as proof of Ian's guilt the fact that Ian stayed at the Hilton Resort, the very same place Ali stayed just before she disappeared. Melissa secretly clarifies to Spencer that she stayed at the resort with Ian when she was getting a secret abortion. Melissa explains that the abortion never happened, as she miscarried, but it makes her new pregnancy so much more important to her. Spencer is stunned at first.

Monsters in the End

When Melissa, Ian, and Spencer are chatting with Mrs. Ackard at the Rosewood Founder's Festival, the Hilton Resort is brought up by Mrs. Ackard, and based on Melissa's initial responses, it seems that Melissa and Ian stayed in different rooms while they were there. Spencer finds this very suspicious; Spencer had been the one to bring up the fact that Ian stayed there in the resort, after being annoyed by the attention paid to her as a person of interest.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Spencer is driving Melissa home from the church, where she has been making plans for the christening of her unborn child. On the way, their car is hit, and the sisters are taken to the hospital. Melissa is kept longer, as her foetus needs to be monitored carefully, though it turns out to be fine. Veronica and Spencer try to get in touch with Ian to let him know what has happened to his wife, but he is preoccupied with hiding his involvement with Alison before she died, so he opts to ignore the messages instead. Spencer goes to the church to find Melissa's phone that she accidentally left there, but finds Ian instead, before the battle between the two ensues.

Melissa is completely distraught when Ian disappears. At first, she, like most people in Rosewood, including her parents, believe Ian to be a missing person and distrust Spencer's story. However, after a while, she reveals to Spencer that she doubts this, because he has left now that she is pregnant and especially after they had planned to name their child Taylor. She softens a bit towards Spencer, but later is seen doing mysterious things and not including Spencer on her whereabouts.

Spencer discovers someone claiming to be Ian texting Melissa, and she suspects that her sister is secretly keeping him alive. Spencer asks her sister to protect her over Ian, but Melissa snaps back angrily. The Liars later find out she has been meeting with Wren after they spy on her taking something from Wren in Hastings' parking lot. Spencer correctly guesses the merchandise to be pain killers for Ian.

In the meantime, Melissa removes her ring by the toaster one day when her fingers feel swollen from pregnancy. Spencer finds it, pockets it, and pawns it with the intention of redeeming it later and returning it to her sister. "A" buys it back before Spencer returns to the pawn shop, however. After, Melissa is seen looking around the house for Ian's passport; she claims it's for the insurance company and needs it to make a claim. However, Spencer scopes out the barn when Melissa is in the shower and finds a suitcase packed with things for Ian, including clothes, pain killers, and his passport. Spencer enlists Wren's help in stopping her sister from helping Ian flee the country.

When Melissa goes to visit Ian in his barn hideout with Wren (with the liars secretly following behind), she finds her husband sitting dead with a bullet wound, beside a gun and a suicide letter. Melissa is in total agony, and Spencer comes out from her hiding place to comfort her.

The Devil You Know

And then she transformed into the Incredible Hulk

"I will never forgive you!"

Melissa is silent and withdrawn after this, so Spencer convinces her parents to stage a funeral for Ian in order to give Melissa closure. Spencer tries to reason with her sister, but Melissa will not speak to her. After the funeral, Melissa finally softens and apologizes for picking Ian over her sister. Just as she is about to reveal something to her sister, Spencer pulls out Ian's phone, which has been planted by "A" in her purse. Melissa is beyond livid and accuses Spencer of tricking her, pretending to be Ian. She is more furious than she has ever been with her sister and exclaims that she will never forgive her for what she has done.

Never Letting Go

Melissa goes on a much needed vacation. Her father mentions to Spencer that she could have gone as well, which probably means that Melissa didn't tell her parents about what happened between the two of them.

In later episodes, Melissa is not seen in Rosewood, but is mentioned occasionally.

The First Secret

Melissa is dating Ian. She seems oblivious to Alison's attempts to steal her boyfriend, though she does kiss him just as Alison is trying to strike up a conversation with him at Noel's Halloween party. There, Ian and Melissa are dressed in couple costumes as Bonnie and Clyde. Earlier in the episode, Melissa is seen helping Spencer with her class presidential nomination speech. When she is gone, Alison accuses her of being insincere and trying to outshine Spencer in the eyes of their parents with her own success.

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares

Spencer tells Toby her parents are with Melissa in Philadelphia. She has an irregular heartbeat and is being looked at by specialists.

The Blond Leading the Blind

We learn that Melissa was a counselor at a horse-riding camp in 2006.

The Naked Truth

During a flashback, we learn that Jason once gave Melissa a ride home from Philadelphia and her father caught them kissing in his car. It is later revealed that Spencer and Melissa's father, Peter, is also Jason DiLaurentis' biological father. Veronica says Melissa does not know.

Breaking the Code

Spencer tells Melissa about Jason, and she feels betrayed by her parents. Caleb sends Hanna a video and tells her to open it immediately. When she opens it, the girls see who was coming into Alison's room the night she was killed. While Garrett, Ian, and Jenna think it's Alison, it's really Melissa who runs in yelling "Where is she!?" and the video ends. Devastated, Aria, Emily, and Hanna want to give this to the police but Spencer tells them she needs to talk to Melissa first. When Melissa was supposed to go meet Spencer, Spencer sees her leave with Garrett, but at the end of the episode Melissa asks Spencer to come with her so they can talk alone.

Father Knows Best

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.40.10 PM

Melissa is frustrated with her parents' lies

Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.31.48 PM
Melissa and Spencer are sitting in the car talking. Melissa tells Spencer that she went to talk to Garrett about Ian. Melissa claims that has been very supportive and has helped her a lot but she is worried that she told him too much. She tells Spencer that she was a wreck after noticing that Alison was flirting with Ian and sent her texts telling her to "Back the hell off." At first, Spencer worries that Melissa is 'A' but her belief is quickly disproved. They also talk about how Alison might have blackmailed their father and Melissa confirms that she doesn't trust her father.
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Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 5.36.29 PM

Spencer gets a gift.

Later in the episode, Spencer finds a gift for her on the table with a note that says "Looking forward to the dance." Melissa quickly dismisses the gift by saying "It's called overcompensating. He still believes that he can use his money to shut people up." Then, Spencer says that she doesn't think that their father paid Ali, but Melissa is still insistent that both of their parents have been lying and still are.


She is here as the Black Swan and among the people outside Emily's house as the coroners remove Maya's body from the scene.

Kingdom of the Blind

Tumblr m6aafq2SEH1qf8qs2o2 500

Spencer confronting Melissa with the feather in her hand

Melissa is not pregnant anymore. Melissa's mother says that Melissa has a dilemma, but it wasn't stated what. It was also stated that for sometime Melissa had been faking her pregnancy due to the fact she had a miscarriage although we are not told when. Therefore leaving the question if she was ever pregnant.

Birds of a Feather

She is accused of being "The Black Swan" because of significant evidence which was found in her closet. (The Black Swan's dress feather) Melissa then was confronted by Spencer, and Melissa admitted to the fact she was the "Black Swan," but "A" blackmailed her, or else he/she would tell everyone that Melissa was faking the pregnancy since Ian's death.

Misery Loves Company

Byron has a flashback and  Melissa is seen talking to an unknown person on the phone, out on the patio, on the night Ali died. She says "Do I need to call 911 to get your attention?" and seems upset and frustrated with the person.

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

Melissa is making dinner for herself and Spencer, since their parents
3x23 blog8
are in London, when someone knocks on the door. She goes to answer the door and is surprised to see Wren. They have an awkward talk before she leaves to go eat her dinner in the barn. Jason would tell Emily that on the night Ali died, he saw Melissa talking to Ali. However, when he yelled Ali's name, CeCe turned around. Melissa would call Spencer to see where she is, but Wren would answer and say Spencer has food poisoning.

Hot Water

Melissa walks past Spencer's room and notices that she still there. She tells her that she's tired of covering for her (about skipping school) and the next time mom calls she's going to tell her. Melissa is on her iPad when Spencer, returns from her date with Wren, happy. She asked about what made her happy and that "No company is better than bad company". Also stating that she bought Wren that cologne, before leaving. CeCe would reveal that Melissa took the photo of Ali, CeCe, Wilden, and that she wanted them videos.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Melissa and Principal

Have you seen Spencer?

Melissa and the principal are looking for Spencer at school and ask the girls if they've seen her.  Later in Radley, Melissa is apologetic because she was responsible for looking after Spencer while their parents were out of the country.  She says it didn't occur to her that Spencer could be crazy, she always thought she was just being cruel.

A DAngerous GAme


Answer your door Jenna

Emily sees a suspicious looking Melissa enter Jenna's House. Inside, Melissa and Jenna seem to be arguing with Jenna saying that "they have the tapes" and Melissa tells her that "those bitches will be at the lodge at nine." She proceeds to give Shana a copy of the invitation to Spencer's "party". The night of the "party" someone sets the lodge on fire using a copy of the invitation, trapping Mona, Hanna, Aria, and Emily inside.  It is implied that Melissa, Jenna, and Shana were there and responsible for the fire, however the assailants faces were not shown.

'A' is for A-l-i-v-e

Mona mentions to the girls that Shana and Jenna were afraid of Melissa. She would later show the girls a video of Wilden and "Melissa" in the Queen of Hearts costumes. However, before Melissa's face is shown the video abruptly ends.

Turn of the Shoe

The Liars discuss The Black Widow and they ask Spencer about Melissa's whereabouts. Spencer says Melissa is in DC interviewing for an internship, to which Hanna replies "With Who? Satan?". It is implied Emily thinks Melissa may be The Black Widow.

Cat's Cradle


Melissa returns to Rosewood with a vengeance. Melissa and Spencer run into each other at The Brew. In a brilliant display of passive aggression they discuss Melissa's interview, potential position in San Francisco or London, along with Wilden's murder, and the fact that Melissa thinks they both need to get out of town. Later, Hanna finds what seems to be a cast of Melissa's face at Hector Lime's studio when Hanna, Aria and Emily investigate the origins of the Alison Mask. Melissa says she was interviewed by Detective Holbrook about Wilden, but she doesn't know how helpful she was since she didn't really talk to him after high school. Melissa intensely presses her sister to know if it was between her and someone else who would Spencer choose protect.

Face Time


Aria and Spencer plant the mask inside of Melissa’s suitcase and spy on her. Melissa finds her mask and looks worried. She leaves the house quickly and Aria and Spencer quickly follow her. Spencer confronts Melissa. She asks her about the Halloween train if Melissa if she tried to kill her on the train, but Melissa says that it was Wilden who tried to kill her. It is revealed that Melissa and the others were afraid of Wilden. Melissa didn’t know Spencer was going to get hurt. As Spencer continues to press the situation, Melissa explodes and tell her that she has been protecting Spencer since "before it started" and tells her to let it go before leaving.

Gamma Zeta Die!

Veronica mentions that Melissa is in London for her internship. Melissa finds the city beautiful but cold, which Spencer thinks is an appropriate comparison to Melissa.

A is for Answers

Having bumped into Toby in London, Melissa returns to Rosewood, surprising Veronica as the police execute a warrant on the Hastings house. At Rosewood Police Department, Holbrook questions Melissa, but she doesn't give much away. Out in the waiting area of the of the Station, Melissa confesses to her father that she knows who is in Alison's grave, now they know Alison is alive. In a flashback, Melissa is seen at Hilton Head confronting Ian about his relationship with Alison, telling him that he needs to end the relationship, or they're over.

EscApe From New York

Melissa 5x01
Having arrived home from the Rosewood Police Department, Melissa wonders how long Spencer has known about Alison being alive. She believes that Alison is a “walking time bomb” and when she explodes, everyone around her gets hurt. Struggling with what she told told Peter at the Police Station, she starts to tell Veronica, but before she can, red and blue lights flash at the window, cutting her off. Later, Melissa tells him that she can’t keep what she has a secret anymore and she wants to tell Holbrook the truth. She adds that when Spencer finds out, she’ll have a reason to come home. Finishing his drink, Peter stands, towering over Melissa as he reaches for the bottle of alcohol behind her, and tells her, “your mother can never know what you told me”, before walking away.

Whirly Girlie

Although not seen in this episode, Veronica mentions to Spencer that Melissa and Peter are in Philadelphia retrieving Spencer's car which has been impounded. Veronica warns Spencer not to expect any souvenirs from London, because all Melissa "brought back was attitude... and secrets".

Surfing the Aftershocks

Pretty Little Liars S05E03 720p KISSTHEMGOODBYE NET 3067
As Spencer is staring out her bedroom window, Melissa comes up behind her and warns her not to let the DiLaurentis' catch her watching. Spencer accuses Melissa of thinking that Jason killed his mother, something Melissa does not deny. Melissa wants to know why Spencer sent Toby after her to London. Spencer says that she didn’t, he went on his own. Melissa thinks that Spencer bringing Ali home safe and sound was a mistake and that she should stay away from that family. Spencer reminds Melissa that they are both related to parts of that family.

Spencer and Peter are talking about the email Jessica sent hours before she died, when Melissa walks in telling Spencer to leave their father alone. As Spencer goes to reach for the email in Peter's hand, Melissa manages to grab it first. After reading what Jessica tried sending, Melissa rips the piece of paper up telling Spencer that Jessica was crazy as Spencer yells back, Peter steps in and tells them to stop acting like "cranky little five year old's on the way back from the beach". Melissa proceeds to tell Peter that maybe they should just tell Spencer what they've been hiding, but Peter won't have a bar of it and sends Spencer to her room.

Thrown From The Ride

Although not seen in this episode, Spencer mentions to Veronica that Melissa wanted to tell Spencer something, but Peter stopped her. Veronica tells her the only thing Melissa has been hiding is the fact that she and Wren are back together.

Miss Me x 100

Although not appearing in this episode, Veronica tells Spencer that was working with a private investigator and discovered that Peter and Melissa lied about their whereabouts the night Jessica was killed.

Run, Ali, Run

Although not seen in this episode, Emily finds out from Paige that Melissa is working with Mona and Lucas to fight against Alison's return.

The Silence of E. Lamb

Pretty Little Liars S05E07 053
Walking out of the barn, Melissa is greeted by Spencer who asks her when she got back, and when Melissa says last night, Spencer asks where Peter is, to which Melissa tells her “my apartment. I thought I’d give him some space, and come here. Maybe talk some sense into mom”. When Spencer asks if Peter is okay, Melissa tells her he’s okay, for the moment. After asking if Spencer has been in the barn lately, and Spencer telling her no one has since Veronica fired her sober buddy, Melissa comments that he may have been sober, but he was a lousy housekeeper, “he left food out”. Spencer tells Melissa that Peter wants to sell the house, and Melissa thinks maybe they should, but Spencer tells her that the house is their home. Lifting up a garbage bad, Melissa tells Spencer she’ll put the garbage away, “then we can talk”, and as she starts to walk past, Spencer grabs the bag off her and after asking what is in there, Spencer drops the bag after finding a dead rat in a trap. Shaking her head, Melissa picks up the rat trap and garbage bag, “I told you, he left food out”, before dropping the dead rat into the garbage bin, “I have to go wash my hands now”.

As Melissa walks down the stairs having taken up food to Veronica, Spencer asks if Veronica ate anything, but Melissa tells her “just some salad”. Melissa mentions that she tried to coax Veronica into eating, but she doesn’t have any appetite, to which Spencer tells Melissa that Veronica knows whose side Melissa is on. Melissa says she’s not on anyone’s side, but Spencer doesn’t believe it, reminding her that she’s letting Peter stay in her apartment. Melissa asks what she was supposed to do, “send dad to a hotel because you’re mad at him?”, and Spencer defensively tells her that she’s not mad at Peter, she’s just trying to figure out who he is, who Melissa is, and what she and Veronica are up against, before Melissa questions, “now whose taking sides?” Melissa tells Spencer that the two of them fighting isn’t helping anything, and that it’s bad enough between Veronica and Peter, “parents are not supposed to stop loving each other”. Spencer tells her that this isn’t about love, because if it were about love, there wouldn’t be dead bodies buried in backyards up and down the street, instead, it’s about lies, and whispered conversations that stop when somebody walks into a room. Spencer goes on to say it’s about Alison, and what really happened to her, and what happened to that poor girl who ended up in her grave. Getting emotional, Melissa tells Spencer she’s right, but it’s still about love, “sometimes people do things they can’t explain. Things that they regret. But it is still about love”.

A Dark Ali

Pretty Little Liars S05E10 Melissa
Walking into Spencer’s bedroom, Melissa asks Spencer, who is crawling around on the floor, if she needs any help. Spencer says she thought Melissa had left already, and Melissa tells her that they forgot the grocery list. When Melissa wonders if Spencer is looking for something, “or just redecorating”, Spencer tells her she just dropped her pen. Spencer asks what Melissa wants, and Melissa tells her that Veronica wanted her to try and see if Spencer would like anything special for dinner tonight. As Spencer’s phone starts ringing with an incoming call, Melissa picks it up off the floor and hands it to Spencer, telling her to “take it”, and she’ll wait. As Spencer ends the call, Melissa asks if something is wrong, and instead of answering, Spencer tells Melissa to tell Veronica that they’re out of peanut butter.

Melissa is waiting in the shadows of the kitchen as Spencer tries to sneak into the house, and asks if she found what she was looking for, “you were certainly in there for long enough”. Spencer mentions that she’s missing her blue sweater and she thought it may have ended up in the barn. Melissa asks if she had any luck, and Spencer tells her not really before telling Melissa that she saw her computer, and she knows she’s looking up flights. When Spencer asks if she’s planning a vacation or running away, Melissa questions how that is any of her business, before Spencer reveals that she knows Melissa is helping Mona. Spencer wonders if someone is making Melissa do something she doesn’t want to do and if she’s trying to run away. Unfolding her arms, Melissa questions if “is this what this has come to”, searching each others rooms, looking for answers to questions they’re too afraid to ask. Melissa explains that she only helped Mona because she wanted Spencer to see that Alison hasn’t changed, “she is as toxic as ever”. Melissa says that both know Alison wasn’t kidnapped, but sooner or later she is going to get what she deserves, “and I do not want you standing too close when that happens”. Spencer questions if it’s all sisterly concern, and when Melissa asks if that’s so hard to believe, Spencer asks what Melissa did, and she’s asking her to her face this time. Shaking her head, Melissa says that she can’t tell her, “not yet”. As Melissa begins to walk off, Spencer comments that Melissa is her sister, and questions if that means nothing to her, but Melissa tells her, “you should know that honesty does not come easy for this family”. Spencer tells her that they can improve upon their genetics and they should at least try, to which Melissa tells her she’s trying. Opening one of the great room doors to leave, Melissa turns back to Spencer, “it is not safe for me here. Or for you. Maybe you should come with me”.

Setting up a camera to record, Melissa sits down in front of it, “Spencer, you’re right. I have to tell you the truth, before it’s too late”.

No One Here Can Love or Understand Me

Pretty Little Liars S05E11 Melissa
Having sent Spencer the video recording she filmed, Melissa explains in the video that Spencer was right, “I have to tell you the truth before it’s too late”. Saying that Peter is taking her to the airport, Melissa mentions that she is going back to England and that Peter has been wanting her to go back since she told him what she told him in the police station the night Spencer was gone. Mentioning that maybe Peter was right, and that there’s nothing to do but keep quiet, Melissa says that she can’t just leave Spencer, “not again. Not like this”. Melissa says that she’s going to tell Spencer the truth, and Spencer can do whatever she wants with it, “maybe it’ll help you. Maybe it won’t. But at least you’ll know”. Melissa tells Spencer that she saw her the night Alison disappeared, “I heard you fighting with her”, and that she saw Spencer, “I saw you with a shovel in your hands”. Going on, Melissa says that it felt like everyone that ever made the mistake of touching Alison was there that night, “what’s that line from the Tempest? This island is full of noises. Then I saw the body”. Melissa explains that she thought Spencer had killed Alison with the shovel, and now she’s not sure what happened, but standing there that’s what she thought, “and I didn’t want anybody to know”. Melissa says that she couldn’t look at her face, so she pushed her in the hole in the ground and covered her up, “and I wouldn’t tell anybody what I did. Or what I thought you did”. Saying that she now knows that it wasn’t Alison, and she wasn’t dead when she buried her, Melissa goes on to say that she was a stranger and she buried her alive, “because I thought I was protecting you”. Getting emotional, Melissa tells Spencer that their family has a gift for self-preservation, “but there’s a point when you go from survivor to predator”, and shrugging, Melissa says that she guesses that’s what happened to them. Through tears, Melissa says goodbye to Spencer, “I love you”.

To Plea or Not to Plea

Pretty Little Liars S05E22 Melissa
Arriving home, Melissa finds Spencer sitting at the table, and her suitcase half packed, “I thought you weren’t leaving ‘til Thursday”. Spencer tells her that she’s sticking with her original plan and she’s going back today, to which Melissa comments that she’s barely had a chance to see her. Questioning that Veronica changed Spencer’s flight last night, Melissa listens as Spencer tells her that she’s changing it back. Melissa mentions that Veronica went out of her way to track down her friend that works at St. Andrew’s, “it wasn’t easy getting you that interview”, and when Spencer says she doesn’t want another interview, yesterday was embarrassing enough, Melissa comments that it’s not like her to run away, “the Spencer I know would stay and nail it just to prove a point”. When Spencer says she’s not running away, now’s just not a good time for her to be here, Melissa questions, “why?”, to which Spencer comments that there’s a lot going on with her friends, and Toby… Taking a seat, Melissa asks what’s going to with Toby, and Spencer admits that she doesn’t know, they’re not really talking right now. As Melissa and Spencer share a look, Spencer explains that Toby became a cop to try and protect her, but now his job is ruining their relationship. Saying that it sounds as though being in London is what Spencer needs, Melissa adds that sometimes relationships run their course, “but you can’t see it until you have a little distance”. When Spencer mentions that it’s not just about Toby, Melissa questions whether Spencer knows what the best part of her living in London has been, and when Spencer just looks at her, Melissa says, “getting a fresh start, away from all the Rosewood drama”. Spencer comments that it must be nice, to which Melissa tells her that this could be her future as well, “don’t miss out on the opportunity”.

Listening as Spencer says that she packed so fast she’s either going to look as though she’s going to her interview or on a 10km run, Melissa rifles through her wardrobe. Commenting that neither will do for a night out on the town, Melissa offers Spencer a dress, “how’s this?”, to which Spencer tells her that it’s great. When Melissa questions that isn’t this what sisters are supposed to do, “share clothes and makeup tips”, Spencer just looks up to her before saying that they never did. Saying that it’s her fault, Melissa tells Spencer that she should never have held onto that secret for as long as she did. Spencer asks why she did, and Melissa explains that at first she was protecting Spencer, “then I was protecting myself”. Sitting down on the bed, Melissa listens as Spencer asks how she gets over something like that, to which Melissa says that you don’t, “I think about it every day”. Listening as Spencer says that she doesn’t know if she could have done it, if the roles were reversed, Melissa tells her that you never know what you’re capable of until you’re in the situation, “doing something wrong can seem like the right thing when you’re trying to help someone you love”. Spencer mentions that she hopes they can start over, to which Melissa tells her that she’d like that. Spencer adds that if it’s going to work there can’t be any more lies between them, and laughing, Melissa says that it “sounds refreshing”.

Walking out of her bedroom, Melissa finds Spencer packed and ready to leave, “hey, where are you going?” When Spencer says that she’s going home, Melissa asks why, to which Spencer explains that Hanna was arrested. Questioning what Hanna was arrested for, Melissa listens as Spencer says that the police think Hanna had something to do with Mona’s murder, but she didn’t. Melissa asks if Spencer has spoken with Veronica, and when Spencer tells her no, she doesn’t want to wake her and she’ll call from the airport, Melissa says that she knows Spencer is upset, “and I get that you want to help Hanna”, but she thinks it’s better that Spencer stay in London. Listening as Spencer says that she can’t, she has to be there for Hanna, Melissa wonders what Spencer can do. Spencer comments that she doesn’t know yet, and saying she wants to reschedule her interview, Spencer asks Melissa for the number of Veronica’s friend. Melissa admits that she doesn’t know, and when Spencer says that Veronica had said Melissa was coordinating the details, Melissa comments, “not exactly”. Spencer then questions who is, and when Melissa concedes that the interview isn’t completely set up, Spencer questions her. Explaining that Veronica doesn’t have a friend at St. Andrew’s, Melissa notes that Wren’s been calling everyone he knows and he’s trying his best to get Spencer in there. As Spencer questions that Melissa and Veronica pretended that she had an interview, Melissa explains that Veronica found out that Alison was offered a plea bargain and part of the deal was to name her accomplice, “we were afraid she might name you”. Listening as Spencer questions that they lied to keep her in London, Melissa comments that it was to keep her safe. Spencer notes that they two just had a conversation about this and they agreed they wouldn’t have any more lies between them, Melissa exclaims that she was just trying to protecting her. Spencer comments that the last time Melissa tried to do that somebody ended up killed, and after Spencer’s phone rings, Melissa listens as Spencer says that her cab’s downstairs. Watching Spencer walks out, Melissa calls after her, “I was trying to help”, to which Spencer tells her that she’s not.

The Gloves Are On

She catches on to the fact that Spencer has feelings for Caleb even though Spencer denies it.

We've All Got Baggage

Spencer walks into her living room, where she sees Melissa who just returned from her trip. Spencer notices that Melissa has a new piece of luggage and asks who's it is, but Melissa says that it's her: her old one was broken and she tossed it.

Spencer sees Melissa on the phone in her car. Melissa walks over and tells her that her trip was more successful than she thought: there was a 12% gain in the poll numbers. Spencer reminds Melissa that Gil needs the luggage tag if she wants a refund, but Melissa says that the flight has been paid for so she can put the funds towards their mom's victory party. Caleb asks how Melissa broke her suitcase; she asks him why he thinks she broke it, but he just asks when she noticed it was broken. She says when she pulled it out of the cab at the airport because the driver took every bump to avoid baseball traffic and walks away.

In a flashback, Hanna is on the phone with Caleb when Melissa walks in and awkwardly greets her. Hanna asks what she's doing there and Melissa replies that she lives nearby, but Hanna clarifies that she meant the event. Melissa says she came with a friend who ditched her because she was on the phone, then finishes off a martini. Hanna asks how Wren is, causing Melissa to admit that he left her and that the scheming nut-job who made their lives a living hell as moved on to mess with hers. Hanna asks if Charlotte called her, but Melissa says that she called Wren and confided in him; now he's looking at Melissa like she should be locked up. Hanna asks if that's because of Bethany Young; Melissa says that if Charlotte can tell Wren, she can tell anyone. She snidely adds that everyone has a past and rhetorically asks Hanna if she's curious what Charlotte will use against her; she grabs Hanna's phone and tries to call Charlotte, saying that someone needs to shut her up for good. Hanna tries to stop her, before grabbing the phone and throwing it at the mirror before saying that she doesn't want to hear her voice. Melissa, who is now smirking, says that Hanna has a funny way of forgiving people.

Spencer walks into her kitchen where she sees Veronica and Melissa. Veronica and Melissa share a look and Veronica says that, while she was recording her speech, a story came out to crush her opponent. Spencer says that that's politics, causing Melissa to say that that could destroy the goodwill Veronica just earned. Spencer asks how anything about Yvonne's mom could affect Veronica's speech, but Melissa says that it's about Yvonne: she got rid of an unwanted pregnancy in high school. Veronica says that someone found a report of it, which is embarrassing when you're running on a pro-life platform; she adds that the opposing campaign believes that the leak came out of their office, so there will be an investigation. Melissa asks Spencer if she knows anyone who would have put it out there, and they both look at Spencer waiting on an answer.

'Til Death Do Us Part

Melissa tells Spencer she is thinking of staying in town for a while and Spencer smiles saying she is glad and that they are just starting to get to know each other again. Melissa asks Spencer if she would let her have the barn back and Spencer shakes her head. Melissa playfully slaps Spencer in the arm and walks off with a bucket.

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Notes and Trivia

  • Melissa is the only biological daughter of Peter and Veronica Hastings.
  • She dated Jason DiLaurentis when they were teens, and they shared a kiss. They were later revealed to be paternal half-siblings and shared the same father.
  • Melissa a member of The Alliance and wanted Alison to leave Rosewood permanently.
  • "A" once sent the Liars a text saying, "Melissa is not 'A' material" hinting she was never officially on the A-Team.
  • Melissa took the picture of Alison, Wilden, and CeCe on Wilden's boat at Cape May.
  • According to Garrett, Melissa was talking to someone the phone and seemed upset the night of Alison's disappearance.
  • Melissa was forced to dress up as both the Black Swan and one of the Queen of Hearts after being blackmailed by A.
  • Jason thought he saw Melissa and CeCe talking the night of Alison's disappearance. However, this was later confirmed to be part of Jason's drunken stupor.
  • Melissa may have known about the fake party at the Lodge.
  • The night at Thornhill, Melissa sent Jenna and Shana to protect Spencer and the Liars from someone.
  • As a child, Melissa threatened to break Spencer's thumbs for using her hairbrush.
  • Melissa unknowingly buried Bethany Young alive because she mistook Bethany for Alison and thought Spencer killed her.
  • She temporarily lived in the barn after Spencer converted it to a loft.
  • Melissa has been engaged twice, once to Wren Kingston and once to Ian Thomas. She was later widowed by Ian.
  • Spencer believed Melissa had killed Charlotte DiLaurentis, due to her unexpected arrival in Rosewood and missing luggage handle. The handle matched the shape and size of the murder weapon. However, Melissa was later exonerated.
  • After the two-year skip, Melissa is seen helping Spencer at the stables and they have formed a closer relationship.

Book Comparisons

  • In the books, Melissa has ash blonde hair and blue eyes. In the show, she has dark hair and brown eyes, which matches Spencer's and Veronica's.
  • In the TV series, Melissa was married to Ian before his death. In the books, they were only dating.
  • Melissa dated Darren Wilden in the books. In the TV series, they never dated. Instead, she dated Garrett after Ian's death.
  • In the books, Melissa dressed like her mother even at her young age. She later changed her style, by request of Spencer. In the show, she has a classic sense of style but dresses more youthfully and stylish than her mother.
  • In the books, Melissa was never with Ian's child. In the TV series, she was pregnant but miscarried. After losing her second baby, she lied to Spencer and every one by continuing a fake pregnancy for months until she claimed to have had a stillborn.
  • In the books, Melissa was always a suspect but was never actually involved in the "A-game". In the show, she's a suspect and had some involvement in A's plans.
  • During "This Is A Dark Ride", Melissa was one of the Queen of Hearts. She denied trying to hurt Spencer and her friends but admitted to knowing about the plan once she got on the train. However, she planned to stop it before it got that far. In the books, Melissa had been victimized by Alison like the Liars.


Melissa: I don't feel like I need to be the best and the first anymore. All those things that used to matter just... don't seem that important.

Spencer: What happened to Alex?
Melissa: He left.
Spencer: What do you mean?
Melissa: He. Left. Do you need me to tweet it to you?

Spencer: I made some pasta if you're hungry.
Melissa: I'm not eating pasta. I don't need to be depressed AND fat.

Alison: I guess that's what happens when you've got a perfect older sister.
Melissa: No, Alison, that's what happens when you're a Hastings. I didn't make the rules. Besides, Spencer deserves to win. Her agenda is top-notch.

Melissa: I was hoping you'd be happy for me.
Spencer: Well, you know what they say about hope. It breeds eternal misery.

Jenna: You don't understand, they have the tapes and that can't—.
Melissa: No, I do understand but those bitches are gonna be at the lodge at nine. Do you understand?

Melissa: People are capable of all sorts of things under the right pressures.

Melissa: So I'm going to tell you the truth, and you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe it'll help you, maybe it won't. But at least you'll know.

Melissa: Our family has a gift for self-preservation. But there's a point when you go from survivor to predator.. And I guess that's what happened to us.

Melissa: Blood is thicker than water … it can also be very slippery.

Spencer: We’re like the Hatfields and the McCoys.
Melissa: Nothing so rustic. More like the Borgias and the Medicis.





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