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  • Hi, welcome to Pretty Little Liars Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the ABC post first 2 mins of s6:ep10 page! Be sure you take a read through our policies [[1]] and chat guidelines: [[2]] to avoid getting into trouble. It'll help you know what's allowed and not allowed on this wiki. When editing, make sure you use reliable sources(i.e. Netflix, ABC Family themselves or tweet and/or post from the Cast and crew). Unreliable sources are anything not coming the aforementioned websites(examples include: Wikipedia, imbdb or accounts on twitter,facebook,snapchat,tumblr and instagram not being from someone from the cast or crew). Thus, if you make a new page for an upcoming character or an episode title or an actor's appearance we need concrete proof. Have an issue you need to bring to our attention? Or simply have a question to talk to us about? Leave us a message on my or another admin's wall or my Twitter page. You can also leave a message on the forum. Need more privacy? Don't be shy and request our presence on chat and we can talk via private message.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything else! ;)


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