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  • Hey, guys! Here are some of my theories for season 7! There are also some spoilers from Marlene King and the cast.

    1. A.D will become deadlier

    2.The Liars will have 24 hours to find Hanna and when they eventually find her, she's in a bad way

    3. Mona will finally become one of the liars

    4. There will be a love triangle between Hanna , Caleb and Spencer.

    5. Aria will become pregnant.

    6. The Liars will kill someone important. It will probably be Jenna.

    7. Season 7 will be more fast - paced and romantic than any other PLL season

    8. There will be more murders and twists and turns than ever before.

    9. A.D will be a team, but led by a member of the Drake family

    10. Charlotte's father is Peter Hastings. Jason isn't Peter's son.

    11. Mary Drake will have an emotional side.

    12. Emison will happen.

    13. Ezria will go on book tour at the end of the season as a couple. They will become famous.

    14. Hanna will walk down the aisle with Jordan, but say no and end up with Caleb.

    15. Mona, Melissa and Ezra will die.

    16.Emily will crack under pressure from A.D and try to committ suicide.

    17. Secrets about Veronica will be revealed and she will lose her job as governor.

    18.Maya is A.D. Her father is E. Lamb and Mary Drake is her mother. When Eddie recognised Aria from behind, it was because she looked like Mary from behind. "Maya Knew" was about her knowing everything about her cousin Ali and her mother and her family. She faked her death to go undercover. She killed Mrs. D. Her real name is Amelia Bethany Drake.

    19.There's an awkward family dinner between Mary, Jason and Alison. They won't know that she is Mary. There will be questions, and the audience will hate Mary because of how happy and relieved Jason and Ali are.

    20. Rollins isn't a doctor. However, he drugs Ali and keeps her in the mental hospital. The liars will try to break her out. Rollins only did everything for Charlotte. He will kill himself in 7x10 and Ali will be blamed for it. 

    21. There will be a fight scene between Ali and Mary. A quote from the episode is " Burn in hell, bitch".

    Hope you enjoyed.

    Kisses, bitches


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  • As we all know, the bitch is returning to Rosewood this season and let's face it. It's going to be cray. It is my opinion that Jenna will return and the liars will suspect her of being Uber A. Why wouldn't they? They caused her to blind, found out about her abusing Toby and brought back the person she feared. Maybe she was secretly working with Charlotte in some ways than others. 

    Anyway, these are my reasons to support my theory:

    Marlene King said the liars will do something back in episode 3 " The Talented Mr. Rollins" and let's be real here, they're not going to kill off Rollins when things around him, Mary and Charlotte are getting interesting. Also, he's the only link to the Real Charlotte Drake. With Jenna returning right around this time, it does raise some eyebrows and gives just the right amount of shock factor that the fans want.

    Jenna has always been suspicious so it wouldn't take the liars long enough to really suspect her of being Uber A. Also, the black hoodie figure that Marlene posted on istagram has the same stature as Jenna.

    The storyline of killing Jenna Marshall would also give the writers another way of incorporating an intriguing character into the final season along with bringing back other characters like Jenna's friends; Sidney, Melissa, Lucas, Noel,Paige, Nigel, etc. 

    In reference to the girl hanging in the bell tower, I honestly think it's a decoy. It could either be a cadaver or maybe a dummy or even Hanna since we can see in the promo that the girl hanging has flowers taped to her hands and in the end of 6b we see Hanna being dragged with the same clothes on and flowers tapped to her hands...concidence????? However, she is not dead and will be locked in a mental hospital with Ali.

    What do you guys think??

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    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything else! ;)


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