aka Natalie

  • I live in New York City
  • I am a vampire
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  • *1962 - Marion Cavanaugh was born

    1965 - March - Jessica DiLaurentis was born

    1988 - CeCe was born

    *Merideth was born

    1989 - Jason & Ezra were born

    *1992 - Bethany was born

    1993 - Caleb was born

    1994 - March - Toby was born

    October - Mona was born

    November - Emily was born

    1995 - March - Hanna was born

    April - Spencer was born

    June - Alison was born

    July - Aria was born

    *1997 - Sydney was born

    2007 - October - Marion died

    2009 - September 1 - Alison disappeared

    September 6 - Bethany ran away from Radley & was murdered

    2010 - September 6 - Bethany was found dead

    2014 - Now

    **October - Jenna was born

    *by deduction

    ** no year

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