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Mindy, along with her twin sister, Cindy, were formerly members of Mona's "Army" of people who were once tormented by Alison DiLaurentis. According to Emily, she and her sister where nicknamed "Gayrons", or "Gay Morons" by Alison. In "Taking This One to the Grave," Mindy and her twin sister, Cindy, defected from Mona's Army and joined Alison's side against the Liars.


EscApe From New York

Mindy and Cindy are present at Mona's meeting of people whom Ali hurt in the past and whom also agree with Mona that Ali returning to Rosewood is a bad idea.

Thrown From The Ride

They hang around Mona while she subtly torments Aria about Shana's disappearance.

Miss Me x 100

Alison goes up to them and apologizes for all that she did to them. Later, they are seen back with Mona's group after seeing a video of Alison trash talking Mona and slapping her.This implies that they are still in alliance with Mona at this point.

Taking This One to the Grave

In the bathroom at school, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer have gathered to meet Mona. After they finish talking, Cindy and Mindy walk into the bathroom, and Mona greets them. The twins come back out of the stalls, exchanging mischievous smiles. In the evening, as Paige drops by the Fields' house, she notices Alison getting into a car with Cindy and Mindy and driving away. Paige gets into her own and heads out to follow them to an abandoned farm where at least a dozen cars are waiting. They are now part of an army Alison is creating for unknown reasons.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Ali gives Mindy and her sister a makeover and they both attend the Ice Ball with Ali, Sydney, and Jenna. Later, they pretend to be Ali and CeCe to distract the Liars so CeCe could escape.

Game On, Charles

She and her sister are among the crowd during Ali's press conference.

Last Dance

She and her sister are mentioned to be getting their pictures taken by Clark Wilkins.

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