It's never too late to say congratulations!
Missy to Emily

Melissa "Missy" Franklin is an American swimmer and four-time Olympic gold medalist. Her only appearance was in "Will The Circle Be Unbroken?" in a scene with Emily and Shana at The Brew.


Missy was born in Pasadena, California, and started swimming at a very young age for the sole purpose that her parents wanted her to be comfortable in the water. She began taking swim classes at the age of five and instantly excelled at swimming. In her later years, she tried out for the United States National Swim Team. In 2012, she competed in the Olympic Games. During the trials, she broke the previous record that was held. During the London Games, she won four medals which consisted of bronze and three gold medals. She also broke and set a number of records during her time there. At the 2016 Olympics, she won another gold medal in the freestyle relay for swimming in the heats.


Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Emily enters The Brew to meet up with Shana Fring, under the pretenses that Shana wanted to talk to her. She said she couldn't stay long, and Shana admits that she only called her there to introduce her to someone. The figure she is talking to stands up and turns, showing herself to be Missy Franklin, Olympic gold medalist in swimming. Missy greets Emily and extends her hand, and Emily is shocked to see her, and Shana introduces them to one another. Missy states that Shana told her that Emily swims, and a nervous Emily confirms. Shana informs Emily that she met Missy at the airport in Colorado, and had to introduce herself. Missy was heading to Philadelphia, and Shana didn't want to miss the opportunity to introduce her to Emily. Emily and Missy sit while Shana goes to the counter to order Emily's green tea. Missy asks if the Rosewood Sharks are a good swim team, and Emily says that they are and then congratulates her on winning the gold. She asks if it's not too late too say that, but Missy assures her that it's never too late.

Later, Emily takes a picture of Shana and Missy before Shana takes one of Missy and Emily. Missy says that she has to go, but reminds Emily to send her a video of her swim meet. Emily assures her that she will and that she will try what she said about the cross over-turn. The girls say goodbye and Missy leaves.

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