Mona's Army is a group of people who were bullied by Alison DiLaurentis prior to her disappearance and are trying to stop her from rising to popularity again. Mona's army and the A-Team are different because the A-Team wants Ali to stay, but Mona's Army wants her to leave. 


EscApe From New York

Mona calls a meeting to form the group. Paige McCullers is among the recruits but declines to join.

Thrown From The Ride

Two of the members, Cindy and Mindy, stand by Mona when she taunts Aria and Hanna about Shana.

Miss Me x 100

They stand behind Mona's story when a video of Alison slapping her is shown.

Taking This One to the Grave

Mona came to meet her army in a coffee shop. No one but Lucas Gottesman was there because Alison got to them.



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